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  1. demi Augur

    ok confirmed like Winn and Velisaris said Zoning bugs out overseer decreasing the amount of agents available.. doesnt matter if you use I s B xr or not or use the patcher if you zone you'll get bugged and you will have to log out and back in to reset the avail agents ..

    which might i say is just Ludicrous , ridiculous , unacceptable .. this needs fixing .. ive got a ton of xp that needs to happen on 6 toons (different accounts) not to mention collecting for collects .. so atm my overseer is on OVERdrive .. having to log out and back in every few hours due to me zoning is just annoying .. if it was just 1 toon on 1 account I could prolly deal with it but when you have 6 toons on 6 different accounts its a bit of a hassle ..
  2. demi Augur

    ok there has got to be some bug problem related to Failures .. you peeps that dont have any failures or very few over 6mo to a year , I'd like to know how you are achieving this .. I'm getting failures all the time and my quests are above 80% I just had 4 failures in the last day in a half .. so basically 3 rounds of overseer @12 hour quests.. and 1 of them was a Crit failure see below picture also if you go back a few posts and see the picture of my stats page you can see my failure's was at 27 at the time .. now its at 31 ..
    this is ridiculous that I'm seeing so many failures vs everyone else .. !!!


    and the below pics show the quest and failur of 2 of them .



    so I'd like to know why I'm failing soo much when like i said my quests are above 80% and i'm not bugged as my avail agents is not in the negative .. I do believe I'm bugged with a Failure bug or something .. I hate to think its just bad RNG cause if you look at my failures then thats one hell of a bad RNG rate..

    I'll add in my previous stat page so you dont have to go back a page or 2 ..

  3. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Are you paying to finish quests early? That's where I've seen most people get their failures, as opposed to just letting them finish normally.

    Since they made changes to Overseer a couple of months ago, I've had 1 failure across 3 accounts. I run quests practically every day (never doing one that's below 82-83% success), but I never pay to finish them early.
  4. Winnowyl Suffering is optional.

    I've seen more failures since the new agents and tasks came out than I saw in the entire time previously combined on 3 accounts. By that, I mean I've failed more on a single account since they came out than I did on 3 accounts combined prior. And that's true for all 3 accounts. I do not (often) pay to finish a task. I DO have a higher failure rate when I do, it seems, but even without paying them off, I'm still failing more than ever before. And I *usually* have a success chance of 88%. That's my new normal, instead of the 92% I was getting previously.
  5. demi Augur

    no I do not pay to finish tasks , not saying that I have never , but sense you can fail even after paying to finish I feel its not worth it so i stopped paying to finish a long time ago .. I have failed more often now sense they supposedly fixed the missing quest bug (which i still end up with on occasion ) and added the extra agents ..

    I could understand if i was failing more if my success rate's were below 80% but all my quests now are 80% and above .. and mostly 85% above .. the max success rate that i can seem to get now adays is 88%
  6. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I primarily do the collectible quests, with some research quests thrown in for materials and merc AA.

    One of my accounts has all agents (other than Fippy...I ain't paying for that). If I have no incapacitated agents, there's one collectible quest I can get to 91%, one I can get to 90%, a handful that get to 89%, and everything else is 88%. Of course, that goes down if an agent is out of action and I'm not using "best in slot".

    If I have all agents, all of them being available to use, putting best agents available in all slots to meet all requirements, with max xp in trade/diplomacy/exploration categories, and the BEST I can get on a single quest is 91% success rate, then there has to be something broken in the code preventing it from going any higher. The over-reliance on common agents in the majority of slots is what's doing it, I think.
  7. Winnowyl Suffering is optional.

    Previously, I was getting about 92% on most of mine. Now, I can get Can I Pet the Puppy? to 90%, as well as Auraline's Admirerer. There's a couple of others that I can get to 89%, and recovery tasks I can still get into the mid-90's on.

    I am also pretty sure it comes down to the common agents being used. Previously, we rarely used them at all, and got the higher percentages. Now we use them (which is good!) but end up with lower chances of success. =\
  8. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I seem to remember a discussion early on when Overseer first came out about the agent rarities and the percentage of success they all added, regardless of matching traits. I think it was pointed out that you could fill out the non-required slots with common agents (to avoid incapacitation on the better agents) that matched all the traits, but the common rarity added almost nothing to the success rate.

    I think forcing common agents to be the best available in those non-required slots is a mistake. If a party slot has 3 traits to match, throwing in an elite that only matches 2 traits should still give a better success rate boost than a common that matches all 3 (assuming no negative traits), which is how I think it used to work. Otherwise, what's the point of having the rarities if there's no bonus for using the "better" agents.

    There are some quests that get to 85 or 86% before filling that last slot, and the best available agent that matches all traits (a common) only boosts it by 1 or 2%, while other quests get a 7 or 8% boost by putting a common in that last slot. I think the code that calculates it is completely fubar.