Over 20 years of EQ and I'm getting tired.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Leezard, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. Leezard New Member

    First of all, I'm not going anywhere. I think. Maybe some things can change to convince me that I don't have to guess about that. I realize that any time spent on a video game can be considered time wasted but lets face it … some of the game designs exacerbate this sad situation.

    My Top 10 biggest irritations in no particular order:
    1. ULTRA rare spawns that are associated with place holder MOBs that have no special name and wander the zone.
    2. ULTRA rare trade skill ingredients that are used in multiple recipes.
    3. Tanks that DPS and DPS that tank.
    4. There are no cure curse "clickies" that can be used by classes that don't ALREADY have the spell.
    5. OLD OLD OLD content that cant be completed because you MUST have a group (due to mechanics or whatever) and... you cant find a group.
    6. Kind of connected to number 5. Monster missions that don't scale to your toons level … even a little.
    7. "Grey con" MOBS that summon, snare, stun, etc. I cant recall my level 50 character being able to summon and stun a level 110 MOB.
    8. I know that graphics limit the models that can sit on a horse but: Why cant my Dragorn Illusion stand on a freaking carpet?
    9. Running a bazillion miles to content that has no other way to get there … except run faster. (Bard Merc anyone? haha)
    Just as an honorable mention because its not a time waster but its SUPER IRRITATING::::Random prizes in the Market place (mostly unwanted) for real money.

    Thanks for reading... I feel better now.
  2. YellowBelly Augur

    I will add a couple things that made me take almost this entire expansion off and make me doubt I will be back.
    1. The linking of TLP and live leading to changes in the foundation of the game.
    2. Forum big mouths that yell for nerfs. Not to mention the same 15-20 forum regulars that make it their personal blog.
    3. TBL zones locked behind progression.
    4. Devs who think we are after gold and not plat.
    5. Hardcore raiding reduced to playing simon says GINA edition and being forced to listen to guidmates on discord.
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  4. Duder Augur

    "3. Tanks that DPS and DPS that tank."

  5. Nukester Journeyman

  6. Tucoh Augur

    I feel personally attacked!
  7. Whulfgar Augur

    This one makes me giggle..

    One shows good tanks.. the other shows weak tanks..

  8. Leezard New Member

    Have to agree … sorry to have sounded like a cry baby. Like I said, its just getting old. Like me.
    My point in regards to number 3 is that the incentive to form groups is very low.
    I think its great that there are some bad a$$ pure DPS classes out there who can go toe to toe with a Named MOB. Likewise I think its awesome that there are some bad a$$ tanks out there who can lay down XXXK DPS on a swarm of blue trash MOBs. I just feel bad for the folks in general chat, day after day, looking for a group.

    Edit: P/S. Now I want a mole mount. <FML> :(
  9. Nightops Augur

  10. Nightops Augur

    My opinion for OP's issues:
    1- When was this last time this occurred? I can only think of a few in the history of EQ.
    2- I agree, ultra rare TS items suck when used in multiple combines. Luckily for us, the artisan aug and the 350 skill lvl doesn't require all recipes completed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but each new expansion gives new combines which count towards the 350skill. Which lowers the amount of those ultra rare items needed?
    3- That just the gap between good and bad players who are in a raiding guild and those who are not.
    9- What zones are ya talking about? Between the GH portal vendor, PoK Stones, and wiz/dru TLs, I don't think there is a zone more then 4 zone lines away these days. Everyone has the ability to buy a mount or pick one up via achievements. Not to mention the placeable zone clickies from the special expansion packs or achievement rewards can speed transit up.
  11. Lilura Augur

    OP don't you know that in the minds of the devs there is no game except the last expansion? Never ONCE have the devs gone back through the game and made whole changes spanning multiple expansions, unlike WoW. Every expansion is a bolt on to the game. Anything new comes with the latest give-us-your-money-suckers expansion.

    So if you expect the stuff you mentioned or things like new character models 15 years after Luclin, a better designed GL and Bazaar, raising heroic characters, fixing advanced loot like Windstalker promised, etc, forget it. We have level caps to raise! Hell they couldn't bother to give us more than 6 new zones in this expac. And a few will probably be retreads of old Velious zones.
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  12. Whulfgar Augur

    The sky is falling.. dbg just ruined their every stuff.. cats an dogs LIVING TOGETHER..

    And don't even get me started on the giant twinkie..

    Doom an gloom galor..
  13. Nennius Curmudgeon

    I get tired of EQ upon occasion. Sometimes a good nights sleep or a walk cures it. Sometimes I just need to take a break from it. I have always come back so I suppose I am hooked. But, there might be a time in the future to walk away from it. Boredom, tiredness, etc. is normal.
  14. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    uh, news flash bro...

    Those are never happening, bank on it.

    These could happen someday, but nobody should be holding their breath.

    Server mergers talked about December-ish in the AMA? Nah those are time slipping would be my guess too.

    And we covered this already. The sky IS falling, it's just about how fast.

    Acting like all is good here just makes you look like a boot licker these days.
  15. Lilura Augur

    Oh I know. Like I said, they never go back and fix things. Nerfs, yes. Fixes? No.
  16. Whulfgar Augur

    Umm.. newsflash.. holly flat out stated they are opening up a. Couple NEW.. none tlp servers.. here later this year or next..

    If what she said is true.. about opening up a couple new servers.. why would she then also combine old servers ?

    That logic does not logic.. meenie meenie minee.. mow..
  17. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Thats meaow
  18. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    1) No grow clicky. Dozens for shrink, still none for grow.
    2) No fixed duration invis clicky.
    3) No ability to swap between Trophy Tribute sets, one for Raids and the other for Tradeskills.
    4) Can't recover endurance during raids. Wait, they fixed that.
    4) Monks that are allergic to their Feign Death buttons.
    5) Losing Furious Leap.
    6) No skirth mounts from the CoTF expansion.
    7) No illusions for the new elemental torso models.
    8) Not nearly enough people playing Frogs.
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  19. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    You're starting to show you're out of your depth, and haven't been consuming all DBGs statements.

    I'll go slow so you can keep up.

    -Holly said they were going to merge a few low pop servers December-ish.
    -She also said (later) that they are opening new servers.

    You following so far?

    Because BOTH THINGS CAN BE TRUE. There is no problem with logic there bro.

    They don't need to start a new server, they want to, regardless of the population of other servers.

    And they want to merge older servers that are low pop. Both are true.

    Also if you actually read and understood my post, you would have seen me say they aren't going to be doing those server merges as they stated, at least not when they stated. Because I have the logic and insight to understand that isn't going to fit with the new expansion and server plans very well.

    And just so you know, in the future. You'll be seeing more of these types of posts (the OP). As people make heartfelt posts about this game and how they are moving on. Or posts that express displeasure with things today set against what this game used to be like.

    Logic and fact dictate, that as time goes on this game (like ALL things) is LESS likely to continue to exist.

    So in today's world all the cool kids are laughing at the old timers that call Chicken Little on people. The new epithet is Boot Licker, get with the program. Or do you have too much waxy shoe polish on your tongue?