over 1500 twitch viewers for EQ....

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Dabrixmgp, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Dabrixmgp Augur

    and all they got to watch was people try to log in. I dont think I have ever seen even remotely this many twitch viewers for EQ. Streamers trying to breathe some life back into the game and all people got to watch was a server or character select screen for hours. nicely done.
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  2. SweetLaxTho Elder

    lol i saw that it was brutal. The guy with the most viewers that actually got in appeared to know nothing about the game or what to do to the point I couldnt even watch for more than a few minutes. Just over-reacting to creating drama type streamer. Other guys just staring at a black box for hours
  3. Bento Elder

    Yep this will cost daybreak tons of money. Rightfully turned a lot of people off to the game. It's a shame they didn't have the foresight to make it work for them.
  4. Arog Augur

    I know some You tubers are trying to put on a good image for everquest. They don't want the viewers to see this as a broken system and trying hard to help Daybreak save face. Daybreak is just not interested in saving their image. I begged Daybreak not to break my favorite game. I should get use to being ignored. I feel sorry for Smedly who watches incompetency continue to plague his baby.
  5. Syntax New Member

    I doubt the EQ team gets much resources to work with. I'm just glad we are still getting these servers to begin with.
  6. Forevernecro Journeyman

    Really wish a company or rich individual would buy the Everquest Intellectual Property rights so that this beloved classic can finally be done some justice and run with some brains, and heart.
  7. Toonstring New Member

    I wish I could be this bad at my job and still get paid.
  8. Ceffener Augur

    I mean a rich individual did that already.

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