Oveer seer Quest not reaching 100%

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mazame, May 6, 2020.

  1. Mazame Augur

    When you took away the double traits it has left a void causing a number of quest to not get to 100% success.

    These are level 2 and 3 Common quest that I having to use elites and rares to up the job level bonus and matching all the traits and still not getting to 100%

    With 172 different agents it no longer a cause of not having the right agent to send but the fact that 100% is just not an option for the quests

    Example with matching every Job type and bonuses.
    Exotic Foods I get 96%
    Gathering Ghosts I get 94%
    Who is What? I get 95%
    Morning Dew i get 98% with Elite agent on a level 2 common quest
    Light in the Darkness I get 98%
    Bloody Ears I get 96% with an elite agent on a level 2 common quest.

    Cauldron Lilies (level 2 common quest) I have to use an Elite agent to get 100% ( seams silly to require an Elite agent for a level 2 quest when most people wont have them)
    Who is what? I did get 100% again using a Elite agent for a level 2 common quest

    There are many more and at first I thought I was missing the required agents but I am down to only missing 7 agents and (3 Elites, 2 common and 2 uncommon). The fact that I can't get 100% on level 2 and level 2 Common quest is just wrong.

    If these quest were created with the double bonus traits to make it simple to get a higher % when you remove the double trait bonus you also made it impossible to get to 100% ..

    Seams like yet another way overseer was nerfed
  2. Gidono https://everquest.allakhazam.com

    There are caps on how much matching agents add onto the success percentage even with their job skill. Only bonuses will take you above that cap. At least that's what I've gathered so far on the level 1 common quests, I just got into the level 2 myself. But ya they seem to calculate different on certain quest types.

    I've been keeping track of them on the level 1 quests and posting them on the allakhazam overseer wiki.
  3. Mazame Augur

    I understand how matching job work. a level 1 spy adds x amount and a level 3 or 5 spy adds more .. I am matching all the bonus traits and the job type . in most cases i have to use a higher level agent with a higher job type to get closer to 100% and even with that I not able to get 100% any more after the changes to the removal of the bonus double trait.

    I can get 100% on level 1 and level 4 and level 5 because they where not alter or if they where i have not see much change.

    the level 2 and level 3 quest were the biggest change .. the fact that i have to use an elite agent with level 5 job skill to do a level 2 quest and still can't get 100% is the issue i am talking about
  4. Sokki Still Won't Buff You!!

    Yeah, I've noticed that as well. Matching all the jobs and bonus traits for every slot and I only get up to mid 90's usually. Using the Elites in a slot that commons can do gives a slight bonus but even with that bonus and all traits matched I still don't hit 100% most times. Research is my lowest lvl one atm (just recently got lvl 3) and that seems to be the only one I've been able to hit 100% on recently and that was when it was at lvl 2. I'm not sure if this is intentional but you would think with all traits matched you would get 100% or at least like 98-99%.

    On another note, I've noticed that the success chance drops after starting quests. While I'm selecting agents for a quest it'll show say 95% chance but after I hit Start and it moves to the Active Quest tab it will only be 94%. It's usually only a 1% difference between but I've noticed it happen on several quests.
  5. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    There is a thread for this in the bug forum.
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  6. ZoomBox Lorekeeper

    Honestly I never expected to see 100% success prediction. Even with maxed tradeskills a trivial combine still has a possibility of failure.
  7. Flat Toad Elder

    Eh; I'm not in OHMYGOD!! mode on the issue...At a piddling 80+%. it's quite rare that I get a mission failure...and have yet to see a crit failure at that level. ...However, I focus mainly on 12 hour collection tasks thus can't critique on other length missions or ornament tasks.

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