Confirmed Outrider's & Blackguard's Synergy

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  1. Fintank Augur

    I believe this was reported in Beta at some point in time by someone else however it is a bit foggy of when this was.

    Both Outrider's Synergy and Blackguard's Synergy do not function properly for Rangers. They work correctly off base autos and the base kick skill. However, they do not work off our Archery spells. They DO have counters stripped when we use our spells though. Very easily reproduced. I checked Rogues as well, their throwing and backstab spam skill attack buttons do not proc or strip counters from either ability. I imagine this is some weird cross play between a spell vs a disc.

    It'd be great to finally have these function properly. Removing spells from their trigger list in general seems appropriate and a "silver bullet" for the issue. As that appears to already be in play for Endurance based skill attacks for other classes.

    TLDR; Archery spells consume counters without actually proccing for both Outrider's Synergy and Blackguard's Synergy.

    Spells in question:
    Claimed Shots (Entire Spell Line)
    Focused Whirlwind of Arrows (Entire Spell Line)
    Composite Fusillade (Entire Spell Line)
    Whirlwind of Arrows (Entire Spell Line)
    Arrowstorm (Entire Spell Line)
    Outrider's Synergy (Entire AA Line)
    Blackguard's Synergy (Entire AA Line)
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