Outrider of Karana Bundle

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Beritha, Apr 29, 2021.

  1. Beritha New Member

    I bought this bundle expecting to receive a mount but didn't.
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  2. CatsPaws SMH

    EQ is tricky like that.

    Always read the small print, the * info and the bottom and in the marketplace read the general and inspect info. I will even run a google on many items to see exactly what its about

    But on that one, I see everything it includes all listed right below the buy now button - was yours not showing?

    Edit I don't think this is a bug:(
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  3. Demetri Journeyman

    It WAS giving a mount, contrary to what the website stated a few days ago. But it appears that was erroneous - if the website at one time did, it had been removed before my wife and I purchased on Saturday IIRC.
  4. Derd Augur

    Everything that is included is clearly listed, what made you think it included a mount?
  5. Zinth Augur

    mine did give an sokokar mount which it shouldn't but they fixed it
  6. Beritha New Member

    I asked someone on a baby dragon mount where they got it and they told me it came from that bundle... If it was given to one it should be given to all.. Player shared info is an important part of the game....
  7. Bamog New Member

    So on April 22, 2021 I bought the Outrider of Karana bundle and claimed the pack on my character in the server Aradune. Today I logged on to the character I had the bridle mount that came with the pack and noticed the mount was missing when I contacted customer support about my missing item I was informed this "We are getting back to you about the removal of the Bridle of the Emerald Sokokar. It turns out this item was removed by our development team; as it was put in game due to an error. I apologize for any confusion that this may have caused you. " Unsure why an item I payed for was removed i asked and was told to bring it up here.
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  8. Bamog New Member

    The mount was clearly list as one of the items in the pack Hint the reason i spent the money.
    Now that I can view the packs again I does not seem to appear their anymore
  9. Herf Augur

    Yep, tricky as in misleading, and occasionally even taking away things that were delivered and in use.

    Even when they don't make a mistake, the font sizes they use, and the obscure '++' '*', etc are very hard to read, and not just for people like me who are old and using 2 year old glasses due the the pandemic. They either have UI designers who don't know how to use fonts or they're deliberately obfuscating.

    ...and now the link to that page is gone so it's not even checkable.

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