Ornaments and Old Equipment

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    Something I have been pondering for a long time, as a hoarder of old gear (and using it to decorate my home), I have a plethora of neat looking equipment that I would love to find a real use for.

    Although player made, and DB currency purchased ornaments are swell, they miss on some great (also awful) graphics from 21 years worth of equipment. I would like to be able to convert old gear into ornaments, want a Fleshbiter graphic? If you had one from Uqua you could do that if we had a converter box similar to that to a tradeskill box.

    As an added bonus if the ornament added the proc of the old gear it would make people go back to that old content to still get something of value (procs are a problem so maybe not the best odea), but either way I would like to be able to get some legs out of those old items and give a reason to go visit old zones.

    Obviously not a priority, but I wanted to put the idea down in the event that others would like to see some use out of all those old toys.
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    This is a longstanding request, and the issue with EverQuest is there is no link between graphics and ornaments. To convert a graphic to a useable ornament takes a lot of backend work because they have to create items, recipes, attachment points, etc. Theres no straight path to take one from the other. Search for the ornament request threads, this is the closest we have come to a solution where if they have the spare hours they will work to create the most voted ornaments. This is where we got the ornaments on the Overseer vendor and the Loyalty vendor from. The threads may not be monitored any more since those rounds went through, but thats the example.

    There's also restrictions on which designs they don't want players carrying around if its not the actual weapon.
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