Original EQ player coming back after 18 years

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by 3orcs, May 21, 2020.

  1. 3orcs New Member

    Greetings and well met fellow Norrathians! Its been such a long time and never thought I might play the original EQ again. With the two new Progression Server DLC servers coming out got me interested in experiencing how it was back in 1999. Back then I was a big First Person Shooter video gamer and AD&D player since 1980. I went to a SciFi convention and visited the video game room where they were running a tournament for a new computer game called Everquest. You win a free copy of the game if you could navigate from Freeport to the oasis. I did it and won the game. Played it in countless guilds and raids until EQ2 came out. Also played DoaC.

    Today, I went to the Daybreak webpage and they found my old account! Crazy. Now I got to figure out what to do next and what to expect to play on the new servers coming in a week. Im interested in running two toons at once. I guess you guys call that "duel boxing". I will start another thread on that.

    So, do I have to know which servers my old toons were on? I know my main lvl 65 Wizard name was Claar. He had full Plane of Something armor.

    Do I get some sort of loyalty benefits?
    How do I find out what benefits I do get?
  2. Vumad Augur

    Playing any number of characters above 1 is called boxing.
    Live servers have no boxing limitations, but a number of TLP servers do have specific boxing rules. If you want to play on TLP, make sure you know the rules of your chosen server.
    True box means that you have 1 character per computer. So on true-box servers, you can not play 2 characters on the same computer, but you can use 2 characters if you use 2 computers.
    True-box does not limit how many toons you can box, so you can box more than 2, but one of the new servers does limit the number of toons per player to 2.
    Again, check the specific server you wish to play on for the rules.

    ---old account/loyalty---
    All veteran benefits are unlocked as applicable to the server you are on now, so length of the account no longer matters for veteran rewards. There are loyalty tokens however, and those are earned based on subscription time mostly. This sort of stuff is very low on your priority list right now.

    ---old characters---
    They should still exist if you want them. There is no fast way to find them. You will simply have to log into each server one at a time and check the character select. You will not be able to move the character to a TLP server.

    ---Server choice---
    Live servers are all the ones at the bottom. They are free to play so you wont need a subscription to log in and start looking for your toons. You will need a sub to earn more AA, to wear certain armor, etc and you will need the expansions to play the most recent ones, but there is no content to worry about in TBL and ToV until you get to at 105-110, except to get a power level. I don't think you need to worry about buying expansions if you plan to play on TLP.

    TLP servers have specific rule sets. There are 2 new servers launching this week. You should try one since all toons will be low level like you. They have different boxing rules, so make sure you review those.
  3. CatsPaws Augur

    You may want to go ahead cautiously for a few more hours. Little bit of server issues going on right now.

    Lots of server merges happened and just happened yesterday so you could log into them one at a time and see where your guys are or you can search here if you remember which server you were originally on:

    Yes your loyalty tokens are your loyalty benefits:D You will be at max amount. Can earn 120 a week but not while your max so can spend some when you want. Good for paying accounts as they can buy bags of plat but free accounts cannot

    You also will have all 14 veteran rewards - used to only gain them one at a time per year but now they give them all to everyone.

    Its impossible to cover everything for returning players. But when your questions come up there is usually someone in your chat or here that can help

  4. Dilquan Elder

    Leave now.
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  5. Izzard of Bertox Lorekeeper

    Welcome Back.
    The game is VERY different now but the name of the game is the same; Explore, kill stuff, loot stuff, do quests, and of course...die a lot. In your new quest to play again, you will find lots of information on "Boxing" by talking to other boxers. Between Allakhazam, EQ Traders, EQ Resources, and guild webpages you will find all the other information you will need to quickly come up to speed on most everything. Be aware: you WILL be overwhelmed at first. But it will all fall into place soon enough and it will be tons of nostalgic fun if you are very patient and not in a race to cross that virtual finish line. To help you along the way, the Heroic Character option will cut much of the chase and AA grind out. (You will learn about "AA")

    Its just as easy just to log in to each server to find your toons as any other method. There are not that many servers to check. The in game command for rewards is /Vet and /claim.
  6. CatsPaws Augur

    Just start over with a level 1 character on a live server where its free. Play the tutorial - at least the center area - you don't really need to do all the quests that go down into the rest of the zone.

    Then hop up to POK by saying to Arias "I am ready to leave" and go see Secalna Galnor in POK and finish off the tutorial with the "Out of Gloomingdeep" quest line.

    Most all of these basic quests will teach you a good foundation to start on and do not take long at all - maybe 15 minutes each. You can make the time in the first tutorial last longer by doing every quest but that is up to you.

    You also get free stuff from all those quests.

    You no longer have to claim vet rewards. When you log in they are applied to your account and you will see yellow text scroll past saying you earned them. They are now located under your AA tab - "Special" Throne of heros is a good one since that will port you to the lobby
  7. xmPradah Augur

    Welcome back. My husband and I are also original from 1999 and actively returned last year. We are/currently on Brekt/FV but will be moving to Rizlona next week.
    We each 3-box, and have a VERY SMALL guild of active boxers (NOT botters) who really just enjoy each others company. We are CASUAL and expect to be a mid-tier, friend guild. We'll probably be posting a recruitment thread this weekend, but our current guild is <Radiants>.
    We welcome new and returning players, whether you single or multi-box. We really just look to have a good time and good conversation with the people we see everyday. If you're looking to return and go into a guild racing for server firsts, we definitely will not be the right place for you. But if you're looking to return, chill, and progress with some fun/friendly people - well, we may be a good fit. If you join and decide to move on to one of the higher-tiered guilds... well, we will wish you well and hope to still find you in a group sometime!
    Welcome back!
  8. Prepared Journeyman

    true there were lots of server merges but that merge history is misleading as Firiona Vie was just merged with Brekt and it shows that Firiona Vie was never merged.
  9. Herf Augur

    You will find it a nostalgic experience ;)
  10. Braeen New Member

    I too just came back today after having been gone for many years. Planning on jumping on one of the TLP's but probably will not box. I moved to almost all Mac and only have my 1 old laptop haha. Apparently I came back just a bit too early though as the servers have been down for like 2 days.
  11. Bunghalo New Member

    I created a Druid on my existing account, does he get veteran rewards? Just curious
  12. Bunghalo New Member

    You mean you came back to experience evercrash like the rest of us ;)
  13. Sheebea New Member

    Check your EQ file for char/server info... Computer/users/public/daybreak game co/installled games/everquest/userdata

    that gives chars,names and server they are on
  14. 3orcs New Member

    wow, thank you all for the responses. I am well aware to search the forum posts first and didnt see anything that spoke to me in the last few weeks so I created this thread. It is much appreciated.

    xmPradah your guild sounds fantastic. I am PST west coast.

    Sheebea thanks, I will do that as soon as I do the install. Want to be all setup for the new servers next weds.

    Vumad and Catspaw I will explore that and start over at 1st lvl. Not sure which server to pick yet.
  15. DaBasher New Member

    Stay gone game is horrible now
  16. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    First thing you will want to do is go to Planes of Knowledge using the teleporting book. Assuming you will be on a free account for now and thus starting at Crescent Reach go down the hill slightly to your right, go up the stairs then go down the stairs slightly to your left, go over the bridge on your right and out to the zone. Then hug the wall on your right and a few hundred feet and around the corner there is the book. Teleport and go to the Loyalty person right in the area where you appear and buy three Dolls of Characters for three more character slots that takes your veteran account from four to seven. That was basically the only reason I even wanted me Silver account. Although I am finding other good benefits along with it.

    When I received my Silver, and after checking all servers, out of the twelve or so toons I had, I am down to only three or four.
    This is not an issue for me, as I would of simply deleted them myself anyway and started all over. But I would not be too hopeful all of yours are still there. Surprisingly my highest level character was, but all those directly below it were not and only really low characters that were throwaways anyway were left sitting there waiting for me to return. Some others have mentioned a way to look up your EQ file if you are on your old computer that housed the game to begin with that will tell you what characters and on what server they were on.

    Certain servers have advantages over others. Firiona Vie has quicker exp and a few other things that I forget, something about no drops are droppable or trades ok, something. Right now they are doing an exp bonus on all servers I assume, up until Tuesday if the information I received was right. So it is a good time now to get on if you want to level a bit quicker.

    And personally if you already are familiar with EQ, I'd completely skip the tutorial. I've never liked it.
  17. 3orcs New Member

    Thanks Smoochy. I ran the tutorial on FV last night and got my test Warrior to level 10. Im glad I did it because I dont remember anything. Since im used to modern MMO's now I forgot all the manual stuff. Today my plan is to level up my Shaman to join my warrior and practice running them together the next few days to learn how to dual box.

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