Original '99 yr player missing old characters

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Udaydar, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. Udaydar New Member

    So, I started back in June of '99 on Cazic Thule server and I transferred my character, was in high school and would play on brothers account, and think it was 2003 or 2004 when I got stationed in NC I got my character Udaydar Darkfriend Dark Elf Shadowknight transferred to my own account, but when I accessed and try to play my old account, all of my characters are gone, so was seeing posts about veteran rewards and i know they are account bound, but could I get some help on getting old characters back, at the very least, my beloved Udaydar.

  2. CatsPaws Augur

    #1 All accounts get All veterans rewards now so it doesn't have to be an old account, even one made right now at level 1 gets all 14 of them.

    So it sounds like you were able to log into the old account - did you go thru every server and see if he is on a different server? I would do that because there were a couple server merges and he may not be where you remember - here is a list

    As for Udaydar being missing you could use this link here to file a petition. Although it starts with missing account if you follow the flow it will get you to the character.


    Remember don't say no right off the bat or that none of these apply because this is the process that is in place to help you.
  3. Udaydar New Member

    Yeah, I checked other servers, although even with the mergers he should still be on Cazic Thule, so the only thing i can think of is missing or I'm doing wrong account and the only account name I would've used besides one I did use, would go to an old email that I don't have access to nor do I even remember when I switched from it. But, I put in a support ticket and so my characters will either be found or I can get help if its actually on different name.
  4. Udaydar New Member

    Woot! it's about to be fixed, apparently I had made some other account name, guess think it was after they became daybreak, guess didn't realize so made a new one rather then look for old account cuz didn't realize they use to be sony.entertainment. so getting to use old account.
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  5. Udaydar New Member

    :confused::eek: I spoke too soon. So I did the forgot password and used my old Username, the one that was suppose to be recovered by just taking off old email i don't have access to and putting in one my current email... so after not receiving an email. I did the forgot username and used my current email and I receive the response email saying these are the usernames attached to that email, except it doesn't list any. Now, when I try to do forgot password and input the username it says that username doesn't even exist.... so on off chance maybe they just transferred my characters to the newer account, i logged on and.... nope, nada. Hopefully it can be fixed quickly by replying to old ticket, cuz that's the other thing, the ticket isn't even showing up as closed and still listed, it's just blank as if my newer account never made a ticket. I do realize with everything happening all actions are slowed, but just saying hope i don't get put at end of line with a new ticket asking for help on this which is the fixing of an older ticket.
  6. Krizma New Member

    this is Udaydar, apparently it works now and it was in transition to be fixed... probably wouldn't have been so impatient if we weren't basically on shelter in place... ok probably still would've been. just wish instead of it saying username doesn't exist it would've said you locked out for 24 hr and any redo of this resets timer. well thanks, sincerely, to the help and I am now, if you haven't guessed, on my old account, woot woot. time to start playing some eq
  7. Veteran_BetaTester Augur

    Same thing happens to my one account. Clearly says the username doesn't exist.

    So are you saying that username (that did not exist) was able to recover?
    You are using that account to that username that 'didn't exist' ?

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