Order of RUNE buffs on a toon?

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  1. bobokatt Elder

    I have always wondered this -- does it MAKE ANY difference where you have various RUNE buffs on your buffs slots bar? I ask as I noted that let's say as a necro, I have my own RUNE buff (lvl 115 Frozen Skin), and then I have also the Shield of Order (for group stuff), I know it's not a direct RUNE but it reduced incoming spell or melee damage, and then I have the cleric/merc cast portection of Vie, and then I have with my good friend the chanter who casts 5 buffs, 2 Legions and 1 Auspice, and then their Glyph Spray.. and then maybe even their Brimstone Fortitude. I at times get the Reptile on my pet and even Sham slow/heal proc buff (incapacity line). There might be more.

    My question is that I note that my own Frozen skin and eventually shield of order drop FAST when dealing with named. Yet VIE never drops. The others NEVER drop. Even on my pet everything else drops but his Vie is always active or still there.

    I am sorry if this is a stupid question. I get that many of those are a percentage vs an INSTANT absorb X amount and then disapate. Always wondered why VIE is alaways up or the 2 Legions and 1 Auspice and 1 Glyph Spray from chanter no matter how long I XP.

    Lastly at level 115 (getting to 120 soon), are folks still using the SELF Shield of Order instead of the newer Shield of Destiny? Again 115 and NOT RAIDING. I have noted that Shield of Destiny never drops or rarely... so maybe that answers my question.
  2. Cicelee Augur

    So I say this purely by my eye test, so you can assign whatever validity you want.

    My buff bar is along the top of my screen. First buffs I cast appear in the upper right of the screen. Subsequent buffs then are placed to the left of those buffs, so that essentially if I am fully raid buffed and then I hit my burn hotkey.. those burn buffs will be on the left side of the screen at the top.

    So what I have noticed (again eyeball test) is that the rune buffs I receive last are the ones that go first. So as an example, if I cast Shield of Whatever first, Geomantra clicking next, then receive enchanter rune A and the enchanter rune B and then I hit my AA Heart thing that absorbs damage, I believe a spell landing on me will use up (in order)

    Heart AA first. Once that fades, then Rune B. Then Rune A, Geomantra and then Shield of Whatever.

    Now again, if I am wrong, don't shoot me. This is just me casually looking at my buff bar on raids for xyz years and what I guess is correct.
  3. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Shield of destiny only absorbs damage if the hit is 30k+, while shield of order absorbs damage if the hit is 15k+.
    So if the mobs doesn't hit hard(less than 30k) then shield of destiny doesn't absorb anything at all and will therefore never fade. While shield of order would absorb some of the damage that was above 15k and after enough hits of 15k+ eventually fade away.

    My choice of rune depends on what mobs Im fighting and how hard they hit. and what I want to do...Do I want to rune-tank myself, or do I just want to avoid the craziest damage-spikes until a real tank can grab the mob?
    In general(non raiding): for ToV-mobs I use shield of order, for CoV and beyond: shield of destiny.

    For raids I use shield of destiny to absorbs AEs.
    At level 117 you can replace shield of destiny with shield of inevitability.
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