Option to Auto-Sort Bank & Bags

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Drakah, Apr 14, 2020.

  1. Drakah UI Designer

    I know in EQ2 we have the ability to automatically sort a bag(s) by either Item Type, Alpha, etc.but I really miss this ability in EverQuest. Is there a possibility sorting our bags, as well as sorting the entire bank, could be implemented here? Would be really helpful!

    Bag Options:

    1) Sort All Bags (All bags will be sorted)
    2) Sort Bag (Only this bag will be sorted)
    3) Sort Vendor Trash Items (Sort Vendor trash items in this bag)
    4) Sort Tradeskill Items (Sort Tradeskill items in this bag)
    5) Sort Collectible Items (Sort Collectible items in this bag)
    6) Skip Bag (Skip sorting this bag when sorting all bags)

    Add button to Bank window: Sort All Bags
  2. DirtyGurtie Lorekeeper

    This would be amazing. I have a ton of alts, who have a ton of stackable stuff in their banks, that is now stackable up to 1000, or 100, and would free up so much space, and save so much time, if i could just hit a "sort all" button.
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  3. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    We, at original EQ, prefer to do it the "old fashioned way" - hold bag A and hover over bag B then Ctrl-Left Click which will combine all like items. :rolleyes:

    Not really.

    I like your idea. But vendor trash and tradeskill items can be one and the same so I can't see how those could be sorted. Collectable do have their own box you can get thru a quest.

    Alphabetical sorting would rock.
  4. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    We also still don't have a game recognizable definition of "Vendor Trash" It could be anything that doesn't have the quest or tradeskill flag, but that would sort usable gear as vendor trash as well.

    And do you mean sort by item name?
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  5. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    Immediately made me think of the mess that Zone Guide is, where some zones have "the" in front of them or some don't. So am I going to Rath Mountains or the Mountains of Rath or The Rath Mountains.:confused:
  6. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I think most quest & tradeskill items are flagged as such now anything else going into your bag should be what could be termed vendor trash.

    I use a tradeskill component satchel & the collection bag from rain of fear in the top two inventory bag slots which does a lot of the filtering automatically for me.

    I would just wish there was a way to filter forages so useless no-value non-tradeskill ones aren't bagged but destroyed (I don't know why these even exist).

    Having an advanced loot filter choice of "always drop on corpse" when items are rolled would save me hours a week though.
  7. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info

    Once I had to enter zone names into my wiki, I realized zone names were being inconsistent. In one place Darkpaw uses one name and in another place they use a different name. I've mentioned it to them on occasion.
  8. Annastasya Augur

    Do not ruin my subgame of Sortquest (tm).
  9. Drakah UI Designer

    I see what you mean about not having a vendor trash on items, which is too bad but would of been cool and easy to do, but wouldn't be a big deal breaker. I would of liked a way of using the Bank much like how the Guild Bank is used & buy more "space" via the Marketplace like you do in DCUO.

    I would think you would want the option to "Sort All Alpha" ,"Sort Item Type Alpha" or even "Sort Item Type Icon Alpha".
    The example would be, your Bank is full of a whole bunch of mixed up items and you would hit a Button, and it would sort your Bank for you for whatever "Tags" you do have on items that is usable. Equipped items, Consumable Items, Tradeskill items, Collection items, etc. and now you can move all those collections straight into your shared bank without sitting at the banker all day arranging everything. :)

    Maybe have a "Drop Down" to select how you want everything sorted?

    (see example screenshot of how I wish EQ could re-sort my bank, just don't mind my mod from my Krome UI)

  10. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Some very good ideas here. Maintaining options as to how to sort it would be the key I think.
  11. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Hehe Given the generational nature of EQ that is almost inevitable. It certainly could use refining.
  12. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I love the way your UI bank screen has tabs for open bags, that's a good way to quickly navigate it when opening all isn't even possible on my screen.
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  13. Nolrog Augur

    My OCD tendencies greatly appreciates the way this is sorted.
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  14. Windance Augur

    Drakah - Please sort my bank for me !

    Game renamed to EverSort.
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  15. Beardsy Lorekeeper

    Can I add a huge suggestion for the Advanced loot window? Can we have an option of "Leave on corpse always" for certain items? During Secrets of Faydwer on Selos having to constantly click leave on corpse on EVERY single nodrop item was extremely tedious.
  16. Novaburst New Member

    I would be happy with being able to hold ctrl down while clicking by bag on the Auto Bank Button and all the contents would go to the stacks that are in the bank or share bank already. My banks are organized already, so dumping in things with this method would make it super easy to upkeep.
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  17. Novaburst New Member

    I use something similar, completely awesome set up. Wish it had a destroy button, mine doesn't either :(
  18. Zinth Augur

    that UI is very nice... but even just using the "insert three letters of another very popular mmo" that just slaps all the "slots" from inserted bags together into 1 big pile of slots... would be nice to remove all the wasted SPACE each bag has but that UI up there is VERY VERY nice... I have looked at sorting my bank but omg opening all those bags and fiddling with it (on several account and chars.... yes I am a hoarder okay?)
  19. Archery Lorekeeper

    Speaking of Sorting:
    Wouldn't it be grand if the items priced in Barter mode could be alpha sorted on the Right side list (items you are currently buying, your offered prices, and the number of items you are trying to buy) like the left side (Items you own that you own and want to check what others are charging.
    Any consideration in this would be so greatly appreciated. If you multiple have slots of an item being offered to buy, one must search & search to upgrade the prices making it much more difficult than an alpha sort of items you are selling and their respective prices.
  20. Drakah UI Designer

    Just so we don't get off-track, the Thread is about being able to Sort all of the bags in your bank by item type/alpha - nothing to do with a custom UI using a custom bank window showing all of the bags. That picture was just showing what it "could" look like if the game automatically sorted the items in your bags, if 6 of the bags were opened.
    Just want to be clear :)