Opinions on FTP tanks?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Fenthen, Apr 6, 2021.

  1. Fenthen Augur

    I find it unlikely, but do you feel a tank in full snowsquall / CoV T1 gear, 32-hstat type 5 augs and other misc FTP type 7/8 augs, could tank a CoV named mob?

    Assume we get their HP to 350k and AC to 8.5k. Warrior, Paladin, SK your choice.
    The rest of the group looks like Shaman w/ epic, Bard w/ epic, 3 melee DPS of your choice, all FTP. Full spell/disc portfolios, max AA. Let's pretend these characters used kronos until maxed out, then rolled back to silver.

    We gather up 6 people who are not new to the game to play. What are the chances of them getting through current-game progression, namely the hunters, partisans, merc lines? Not missions, I feel some of those are rough for top raid geared folks already.

    It's my opinion that the tank would get steamrolled about half of the time. Snowsquall looks really nice on paper with high HME, but is really light on armor class, and has the typical low-mid 20s in heroics.
  2. Sobmre Augur

    "find it unlikely, but do you feel a tank in full snowsquall / CoV T1 gear, 32-hstat type 5 augs and other misc FTP type 7/8 augs, could tank a CoV named mob?"

    yes, if warr and maxed aa and other special progression aa's would be your best shot for 80% of them named.

    missions depend on if you are in a good group that knows hot play.

    "It's my opinion that the tank would get steamrolled about half of the time"

  3. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    FTP tanks should be just about viable for current partisans & mercenary tasks maybe but that would be about as current as I would go with them, I would not even consider them for current era missions.

    At best they would be useful in prior expansions content that they out-level & out-gear.
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  4. Qimble Journeyman

    Missions? Hell no. And while it might be mostly technically possible, I wouldn't want to try to tackle any of the wings in ToV w/ a FTP tank. A couple of the hunters will be absolute nightmares or impossible because your tank is squishy as hell but the quests are probably mostly doable. Of all the roles/classes in the game your tank is the one you most need to be fully geared / AAd.

    You'd be better served spending time with the group farming up rare drops to sell so you can buy a Krono for your tank. Do that once a month and you'll be in much better shape for tackling current content.
  5. Fenthen Augur

    This was more of a hypothetical scenario rather than an actual group being formed. I whole-heartedly agree than the tank position is the single most important for group content, and is the one that you'd like to have decked out as much as possible. The rest of the squad would just kill stuff slower, but the tank keeps everyone else alive.

    I just wanted folks' opinions on how well off the best FTP gear would be for the required group class archetype in today's game. You wouldn't go low budget on your quarterback and expect to make it to the playoffs.
  6. Kolani Augur

    I'd take a ranger or a mage pet over a FTP tank, and my feelings regarding mage pet tanks are well known.
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  7. Perador New Member

    I think you'd be able to kill Zlandicar for sure. You'd be able to handle CS and WW nameds for sure as well. Being fully decked out like you say in the best non-prestige type 7s and 5s will be the most important thing. I think warrior would be the one to do it. You can sort of punch above your weight with Final Stand and most of these targets will die under it's duration.

    Now I haven't tried this personally but I am basing my opinion on having recently leveled a warrior(subbed) and full group, I was able to complete 3/4 ToV before 115 and being geared/AAd. I was also able to finish Icebound Avatar and go on to do Zlandicar as soon as I hit 115, still on Snowsquall and lacking augs and AAs. I wasn't able to do any of the other CoV missions at that gear level though. I think your f2p tank would be roughly this power level or even slightly greater with maxed AAs. If your group members are all on point and pulling their weight I think you can do it. Don't forget the station store unlock of rank II spells/skills for 750 cash, very useful. (it doesn't show up while you are subbed btw or already have it )

    Making the characters heroic too would be huge as a number of the Heroic augs end up being more or less Best in slot for type 7s as f2p, and for tank even though they lack major stats they actually have a nice competitive chunk of ac.

    Myself I am currently working on non-prestiging all of my boxes so I can run them f2p and I intend to keep only my tank subbed. All in all it's a good time tromping through Velious ! Cheers
  8. The real Sandaormo Augur

    "Top Raid Geared Folks" are not having trouble in any of these missions no.

    Group geared folks with knowledgeable players that have worked on their gear can get through them no problem.

    FTP players on the other hand would have a difficult time getting through these with any ease. The Mobs themselves may not hit that hard but the added in AE damage is going to get alot of folks in this catagory.
  9. Kolani Augur

    I think another thing people need to take note of is that the "best" type 5 augs that a F2P box can use are the ones from the TBM Plane of Health vendors, which some people may not be taking into account.
  10. Kovachs Journeyman

    Non Prestige type 7 augs? never seen any. Any links / names?
    A FTP tank in all T1 CoV armor would have about 300k hp, maybe a tad more. I have my doubts about them tanking a CoV mission, even zlandicar. A few named, probably. Griklor mission they could tank. Mage pet tanks are uber, but they lack abilities like AE taunt that put the group at a major disadvantage.
  11. Kolani Augur

    The heroic type 7 augs from a boosted heroic character are non-prestige, and as someone mentioned, BiS for a F2P tank.
  12. Lisard Augur

    just sub the account its 15 dollars. use some of that stimmy money
  13. Vumad Augur

    If they are maxed on AA then everyone in the group except the tank would do just fine as plenty of people have less AA and are in T1 armor with weak augs. The complete lack of augs would be made up for by the extra AA.

    The tank however would struggle. Not on merc and partisan but named would be tough with a SHM healing. My Raid cleric heals my tank merc or my Mage pet by herself on T1 named. T2 named I bring a merc cleric as a precaution. I think a FTP tank with max AA and the best gear they can get could do it but not sure about a FTP tank on T2 named with a SHM. My merc does it and mercs don't disc so I be the tank could do it just fine if you have enough DPS to beat the disc timers.
  14. Szilent Augur

    Broken Mirror type7s are all non-prestige. 45ac 300h/m/e ones with assorted heroics ~10

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