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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Eric Colby, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. Eric Colby New Member

    I was wondering if there are plans to ever come out with a Omens of War locked progression server will ever be a thing? I have talked to many players from Agnarr and other servers that would love to see an Omens of War locked server, or Dragons of Norrath.... somewhere in that range. To where 2.0's could always remain relevant to the server, and I say Dragons of Norrath due to the fact that dragons being the end content possible on a server would be awesome.
  2. Cidd New Member

    How is the existing locked server doing? Do people stick around, keep making new alts, and/or keep playing even after they've maxed everything and acquired almost all gear they can?

    I kind of see where you're coming from with the 2.0 thing, but I have never touched the locked server and wonder how it's going there. Because if the existing one is dwindling in population, eventually the same would happen to a DoN locked server, it'd just take longer since there's more content to do.
  3. Eric Colby New Member

    Agnarr is not completely dead yet. Could be worse, could be much better. Still can find groups on my many various alts to level most of the time. I think it could take much longer for people to get bored of the server, with trying to get epic 1.5's and 2.0's done, augs to fill each slot. I think OoW or DoN has a lot to offer to keep people on it for much longer past the locked point than Agnarr could.
  4. Iyacc Augur

    Agnarr isn't dead but it was on par with the previous TLP servers that got abandoned by the crowds of people who moved to the new and shiny TLPs when they came out. There's a large contingent of people who just seem to want to start over and see if they can do it different/better/faster/whatever than previous runs. As much as people complain that Classic has very little to do and Kunark is worse given the amount of space to run around in - a lot of you people sure do start over a lot. :D
  5. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    Agnarr is extremely top heavy. In the two weeks or so I've been playing I've seen four people outside of PoK and I just hit 41 last night. There are about 20 people sitting around the Soulbinder in PoK that I don't think have moved once since I started playing there. I've been in a group twice, both with the same guild mate.

    There were 112 people in General last night at 7pm EST.

    I'm having a fun enough time for now, but it's a pretty dead server.
  6. jack of all trades Elder

    I sure hope not. 6 months of Omens on Ragefire was enough for every one of my guild members to get their epic 2.0s, and enough for all of their alts to get 2.0s. Locked servers are absolutely atrocious and should never be considered again.

    As for DoN being the "awesome end content".. when the hell was the last time you actually did those encounters? Yar Lir is boring, Rikkukin and Kessdona are trash, and Vish is just a blah event with annoying mechanics.
  7. Cidd New Member

    wow....I mean, as a selo player i would like to see 2 month unlocks, but, that's more to prolong the overall life of the server than to prolong any individual expansion's time, I'm enjoying the fast exp and the fresh new abilities every month. That just shows 6 months is too long. Or rather, it's too long for some, they should always provide both a fast option and a slow option. Which they've done with Mangler and Selo, but my question is, when should Selo's successor fast server launch? Personally I think maybe at the end of Underfoot, but that's based partially on the fact that underfoot was the last expansion I really played in-era. I liked SoF and SoD and hope Selo can stay alive that long.

    Only problem I've had on Selo is the lack of open trade loot. It really needs that and it just plain makes sense. I saw Holly called it a curse, without further explanation. If it's because implementing no trade loot is hard, OK, fine, but if that's a philosophical opposition to it, I mean, come on, EQ has already had FV for years and Brekt now too, you won't be doing anything by having open loot that wasn't done before, and they need to consider the playerbase that they want to stick around to keep paying, rather than their own personal philosophies. at least for me, I am raiding and getting my own stuff under my own power this time, but for me to come back after Selo drops off, it will have to be at least as fast exp, and to really make sure I come back, open trade loot. I'm getting all my stuff by raiding this time, repeating it all again the exact same way isn't really going to increase my sense of accomplishment or make people who buy lesser players than people who raid for it themselves.
  8. Nolrog Augur

    An Omens locked server, or a server locked at any other point for that matter, would suffer the same problems that Agnarr has now (which many people predicted I might add). After a time, people no longer want to run that Anguish raid again for the umpteenth time. In Dragons of Norrath, that will happen after about 10 days.
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  9. Xeris Augur

    What problems does Agnarr have? It prolly has more players than Coirnav and equivalent to Phinny I'd imagine ? How many active raid guilds do these old/late stage TLPs retain? Agnarr is no diff than any of them.
  10. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    If they ever do a level 70 locked server it should lock at the final expansion for level 70, PoR.

    Even in PoR Anguish has value for Augments, 2.0 Orbs and BPs.

    Extending beyond just OoW/DoN as suggested gives you DoDh which is a lot of content to work on through the about 8 or 9 mission chains in the expansion, a few hundred more AAs, and several new raids. PoR doesn’t really add a bunch of content but no reason to not include it as it provides some new Augments, spells/auras, quests and a few more optional raids to work on.

    I think a nice ecosystem of level 60 (Luclin), level 65 (Agnarr), level 70 (PoR), and level 75 (TBS) locked servers that allows you to transfer up one level server at your choosing would be good. I think some people would stick around on each server for their own reasons and some would like the opportunity to jump between them at their own pace. It would be cool if the transfer process could require X Platinum and Y Krono so that it both helps manage platinum inflation and the huge Krono stores some people are sitting on.

    But really Agnarr should’ve been locked to the final level 65 server, GoD with an extended stay in PoP. Rather than indefinitely sitting in LDoN.
  11. Accipiter Augur

    PoR should just be deleted from their code base forever.
  12. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    You’d lose 8 bank slots, Auras, Circle Clickies, and the only feasible Fletching path for non Karana’s/Tunare elves until RoF though!

    I’m not arguing it’s an amazing expansion but when you’re locking characters indefinitely at a certain level you shouldn’t exclude extra content that’s available to that level range.
  13. Aziuno Augur

    Locking just doesn't work, like normal, people get bored and quit.

    I will totally agree these are GREAT Era's, some of the most enjoyable I have experienced on Phinny.

    I think the real issue is not "we need locked servers" but "we need servers crazy high population to last until these great expansions, or longer than Kunark and Velious"

    And the problem with that is..... People just don't want to play that content, they are Classic > Velious and dip out.
  14. Gremin Augur

    Like I just put on DBGs Twitter feed DoN should be released with OoW, and PoR should be released with DoDH at no extra time cost. Those are two of the worse expansions and have no real substance to fill extra months of our time with. PoR is especially brutal having just finished it up on Ragefire(TSS opens Monday at 2pm.)

    If you are going to lock a server do it in an expansion like TSS where major changes like live xp rates, out of combat regen rates, 5 more lvls, tons of AA and best of all killing dragons and giants.
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  15. Kaenneth Augur

    I just want a chain of locked servers; where once you complete a checklist (like being max level, completing 'x' achievements...) you can *choose* to transfer for free to the next in the chain.

    So you can stop whenever you want, playing with others that are also at that tier instead of competing with overpowered others; no one else getting power leveled/buffed by super leveled characters, etc. You get to pick the era you want to stay at for as long as you want.
  16. Aziuno Augur

    I see your logic behind wanting to fully finish the content before the new set comes out... I guess my question for you is... Are you not able to do that on the current 3 month / 2 month rotation? The last month of an expansion on Phinny is kind of a ghost town as people finished majority of the check lists.

    What is different in your situation that you are not able to do this on the normal 'Phinny Clone' Copy/paste stamp? Do you have a very low playtime? Are you literally wanting to do every single quest in the game and get every single achievement done?
  17. Xeris Augur

    I'd wager that there are less people who want to progress all the way to live than more... so of that's true locked servers are better by definition because they won't get to live.

    The best part about locked servers is that you'll never fall behind in gear. Some new player can come to Agnarr right now and be geared competently to the era we're in after a few weeks of raiding. I don't even know how much time it would take me to start a lvl 1 on Phinny and be geared for the era its in... let alone if I quit for 1 year I'm screwed. Wanna take a long break? Your potime gear of Agnarr will still be bis when you get back.
  18. Aziuno Augur

    What's the desire to joining a server where everyone is already BIS and you are just trying to catch up to them? How will this locked server acquire new people? There is literally no benefit, no challenge, no incentive.

    Who cares if you have BiS gear on your dusty 1 year old toon if there is noone else on the server.

    You are looking at locked as "my stuff will always stay the best" well that won't be true if it's not on a server with other people.

    Also, to catch up on Phinny is only a few weeks as well. Full group gear is viable to participate in raids (low AC so tanks can't really be a main tank), Exp is super fast, gear is easier to obtain on the way, Mercs can help you get to grouping level range, and finally, AA Catch-up is now on, so where others would get 1 AA for a task, low AA characters would get 4-5. Also, don't forget autogrant all AA's not tradeskill related up to lvl 75? Currently.

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