Only The Blind Will See (Level 80+)

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by sk8jack, Aug 27, 2021.

  1. sk8jack Journeyman

    Greetings, I am currently playing on Coirnav server which just launched VoA expansion. There is a seasonal task called "Only the Blind Will See" which ultimately rewards an ornamentation. The task starts in Misty Thicket from an NPC called Arima Fae. There are various level range of the task, depending on the character's level.

    So I gotten the level 80+ task version as my character is level 95. I reached the part where I need to head to Western Wastes to find a statue. Upon arriving at the mysterious statue (Loc:+1700, -3300), the task updates and I received a quest item on my cursor.

    The next part of the task would spawn 3 mobs called 'ambushing thief' right where the statue is located. But none of the mob spawn. I tried running around the area without any invis or levitate, still the mobs would not spawn. Based on information from Allakhazam, the 3 mobs should spawn at the location of the statue.

    I figured the task might be bugged, and since the task is rather tedious, requiring you to run to various zones for task updates, I did not redo it. Hence, would appreciate if someone is able to confirm if its really bugged at the moment. Thank you.
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  2. Sprooce Journeyman

    I had the exact same experience last night, ran around WW for a couple hours trying to get the ambushing thieves but they just never spawned for me.
  3. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Did this on AB, make sure you are not invis. They poped when I dropped SOS.
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  4. Sprooce Journeyman

    Thanks, did they spawn near the statue?
  5. Sprooce Journeyman

    Just wanted to confirm that I finished this quest tonight on Drinal, no invis, and the ambushing thieves spawned right at the statue. Thanks Yinla, neat looking ornament!
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  6. sk8jack Journeyman

    I believe I was invis when getting the statue task update in Western Waste. Will give it a try again without invis, thanks.
  7. sk8jack Journeyman

    Managed to spawn the 3 mobs in Western Wastes with no invis.
    Continued on with all the tedious running all over Norrath, and after the last fight with the dragon in the instanced Innothule Swarmp I /kickp task, thinking it'll kick me out of the instance back to the NPC in Misty Thicket, not realising I'm on shared task. And now I got to redo it all over again, sigh.
  8. Sprooce Journeyman

    Your expertise of this quest will be unmatched! :D
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  9. SteamFox Journeyman

    Assuming you're going for mission 2 and the +5 Alaran, when you get the range item /reward you need to click it. This spawns a book. Read the book and then go read one of your other quest reward books to get the +5 as just reading the reward book does nothing. Very convoluted.