Only 25%?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by CatsPaws, Sep 1, 2020.

  1. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    new guild name for the next TLP! Join Karens of Norrath today, we'll speak to the manager together!
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  2. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    People are probably also disappointed because this discount is their annual Black Friday. They've waited in bated anticipation.

    It's like folks waiting for Costco to sell once-a-year special products (designer bags or watches) around the holidays only to find the items at retail prices.
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  3. NeverPayForLag Augur

    Spoken like a pure addict :p
    Tell me your country. I want to sell my products there. ;)
  4. Redrum_Redrum Augur

    On sale 25% till October 20
    October 21 Pre-sale of next expansion.......
    feel free to spend twice on the game
  5. KermittheFroglok Augur

    Ouch that burned, but I suppose you have a point. As I like to argue on other threads they are a business and need to make money to keep producing content. Well, I guess I see how it feels. :(
  6. SwordandShield Lorekeeper

    Or do what I am doing and don't spend money on either expansion. I am not purchasing either.
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  7. Zamiam Augur

    how do we know we will even get an expansion this year ? nothing has been said or hinted about it .. and with how the first half of this year went I would be very surprised if they were on schedule at all ..
  8. SwordandShield Lorekeeper

    That is a fair comment/question.
    What evidence or support for an expansion release do we have?
    1. Someone posted that pre-sales of the new expansion will start the day after the sale ends. This has been the case before.
    2. There has been at least one expansion every year since launch.
    3. Why have a sale at all without the new expansion? It seems like an odd choice.
    The main reason
    Don't assume that the expansion has to be finished before it is released or put on sale. Even much much better game companies with there insanely more competent developers don't release all the expansion material on launch of a new expansion. Sure, the much much better game companies with there vastly superior and competent developers and staff will release new content over several years that is attached with the new expansion. The release of ToV saw the release of raids in stages because they couldn't finish them in time wanted to balance the content. Even though none of the new features or content was released without several waves of bug fixes and then more bug fixes. I am getting off track. The point I am trying to make is that they don't have to have the expansion finished or anywhere finished to put it on sale. Even the previously mentioned game companies that are not burdened down by incompetent game developers or staff put games on pre-sale without a definitive launch date.

    I expect a new expansion this year. Pre-sales will start shortly after the end of the sale of ToV. It is unlikely that sale will start with any launch date, to give the developers and staff time to figure that out as they progress with the new expansion. Side-note, I am surprised it takes so long to develop a new expansion given the amount of work that seems to be copied directly from previous expansion, and the new armor and gear follows a yearly upgrade formula. Alternate advancement abilities are further ranks in already established skills, i.e. no major class changes.
  9. Visitor Augur

    Well, for a krono, i got an HC in the spring, now at 110max, i either buy in or stay 110 for more then 3 months. I just hope non of the moths escape when i open my wallet for TOV.
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  10. Hellowhatsyourname Augur

    It's hardly a "Karen" moment to express dismay at another nerf from DPG :)
  11. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Hopefully they dont raise the price of the next expansion. 25% is kinda low its always been 50%. They would make more on it at 50% thn 25% as i think alot arent gonna get it now.

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  12. svann Augur

    Some people would kick if you hung them with a new rope.
  13. Eyashusa Lorekeeper

    So taking a look at this....

    The collectors Edition went on Sale from $89.99 to $67.49, but when I went to check on the upgrade, it only gave me credit for the new sale price of the standard edition $26.24. Not quite the discount I was expecting or plan to take advantage of! I did not think this was the way it worked before, if anyone has data to check.

  14. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    I believe this occurred to me when I upgraded my TBL Basic to Collector and Premium (1 account). I was taken aback but didn't bother to follow up since the membership discount applied. However, I believe I was previously credited for the full price of Basic for RoS, EoK, TBM, and TDS. I'll look at my purchase history later.
  15. Tappin Augur

    Not really sure why they nerfed the discount. Many use it to buy the collector’s addition. I guess you’re better passing this year.
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  16. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Not worth upgrading this year just for illusion and mount.

    I've lived without until now and I'm sure I won't miss what I never had.
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  17. Duder Augur

    What's odd to me, aside from what Eyashusa brought up, is the timers counting down for 11 hours on a sale that is supposed to last until October 2nd.

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  18. Nolrog Augur

    Exactly why is that a problem? They still bought the standard pack at full price, so who cares if they bought the upgrade for half price 9 months later. It affects me in no way at all that they get some bags, illusions and portal thingies.
  19. Bobokin Augur

    Before that, we could buy old copies with all the goodies from the discount bin for $10. They are lucky people even look at 1/2 off of their jacked up priced items in the first place.

    Getting less for more is a clear sign the player base is dwindling and the game is dying.
  20. Bobokin Augur

    Yeah, ... adding those extra tiers was another poke in the eye to Everquest players.

    Thank you for bringing that up.

    How about giving Everquest players a better game experience and stop gouging for the rest of it.