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  1. uberkingkong Augur

    If EQ told all of you this will be their last expansion.
    The highest voted thing wins and they will do it.
    EQ journy is not over, get ready for EQ3.

    What is the thing you would want before EQ stopped working on EQ.
    I was looking at Palworld news,
    MAJOR update,
    one of the listing, many things including Arena,
    [COLOR=oklab(0.899401 -0.00192499 -0.00481987)][IMG][/COLOR]Plunder an enemy oil rig!

    Sparked thoughts in EQ, long overdue thing.
    So ship to ship combat.
    Long promised long overdue.

    Guess what game, give you hint its a game that does not like EQ because EQ killed it, baisically their last expansion? Ship to Ship combat, long overdue in EQ, lets show EQ, how its done. Ultima Online.

    Would you want that as your last thing they go all in and do.
    If not, what is that thing you would want them to do, if we were in a situation of last expansion, last thing, before EQ3.

    Think of this.
    LS, you open a door.
    Zones you.

    You enter a ship.
    Whoa???? What is this???

    The door disappears behind you. There is no going back. Once you zone into the expansion you are here for good.

    You are being invaded help them. Noah's ark theme expansion. You have to save EQ from the horde. The horde ships are closing in. They doing fire arrow tactics, put the fires out. The horde is here. You must survive, Norrath is counting on you.
    The horde's numbers are increasing rapidly you must get to the island the horde encamped on and then get to gate and close their portal of invasion.

    This expansion the raids are expected you to lose. HordeBeast Queen insane regen. The ending is you get knocked out. In EQ3 you continue your story.
  2. Sissruukk Rogue One

    They promised ship-to-ship combat once upon a time.
  3. uberkingkong Augur

    I picture EQ3 starting like this,

    Wake up, we are here, EQ3 time. EQ ended in ship to ship. They deliver but it was overwhelming too much for Norrath. Time to resettle on Norrath, bring Norrath its glory days once again.

    All starts noahs ark EQ's one last expansion.
  4. Sissruukk Rogue One

    If I remember correctly, the lore of EQ2 is that the world of Norrath suffered a cataclysmic event (I think one of the moons was destroyed or something). Basically, it reshaped Norrath as we know it in EQ1 into the world of EQ2. So, in order to do this, you'd have to have another event happen in EQ2 to bring about EQ3.
  5. Lodestar The Undefeated



    We don't need 2 person missions, 2 person raids, or any theming from an unrelated biblical time period.

    If you haven't noticed yet: Daybreak is doing a much better job than your suggestions of incorporating Palworld, Hero Wars, or biblical floods into their expansions.
  6. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    ten-twenty extra levels, with an insane grind requirement to max, like XP required doubling each level. So that smaller groups have the HP/resists/etc to beat the existing content if they work for it.
  7. fransisco Augur

    I'd say the dps dichotemy reverses. Enchanters and clerics become untouchable in the parses!
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  8. Allworth Augur

    The further EverQuest got away from European and Tolkienesque fantasy tropes that were in the original release, the more unpalatable EQ became. For me and many others, the magic of EQ was in the three continents of Odus, Antonica and Faydwer.

    Over the years, all of the racial cities have been abandoned and become ghost towns because of the Wal-Mart zone known as the Plane of Knowledge. POK was the biggest design mistake ever perpetrated in this franchise. I hope the gods awake from their slumber and burn it to the ground. Somehow EQ morphed into a bunch of loot hungry players living a mercenary lifestyle in an absurd plane of existence that was divorced from the realities of the common folk in Norrath.

    EverQuest should have hired a serious lore person from the get go. Instead what you have is a non-cohesive patchwork quilt narrative.

    The last expansion should be EverQuest: Return to Norrath. I think they should refurbish all of the starting zones and starting cities (not like the monstrosity of new Freeport) and make EQ evergreen so it can continue to exist for those who don't want to migrate to EQ3.

    During the recent PAX East question and answer segment in Boston, Ngreth said that "something big is coming" for the next expansion. Hopefully, it will be a return to classic Norrath in some way, shape, or form
  9. fransisco Augur

    Vampires riding space dragons!

    Its actually fits classic lore. Veeshan was a space dragon, and just put mayong on her back
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  10. Eaedyilye More stonehive bixies.

    How come you hate EQ so much? Did someone KS your orc pawn?
  11. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Visit Drinal :)
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  12. Iven the Lunatic

    Return to Norrath does sound great. Fast travelling, including PoK, destroyed the immersion and made so many places less worthy, because everyone could reach them now easily. The spires were a good addition and compromise between slow boat travelling and quick ports. It was better when Old Sebilis and other zones were locked behind key quests, as it made the zones and the players feeling special.
  13. GynekTheElementalist New Member

    Unfortunately I’m starting to think that statement was a pun since they revealed the largest NPC in EQ today
  14. GynekTheElementalist New Member

    Unfortunately I’m starting to think that statement was a pun since they revealed the largest NPC in EQ today
  15. Iven the Lunatic

    Only the second largest, and Quarm might be bigger too. This guy is the biggest:

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  16. uberkingkong Augur

    Was thinking EQ3,
    If EQ did a noahs ark expansion as their last.
    Maybe EQ2 can do a lunar catastrophe expansion for their last.
    Or have they seen the Alarans yet? Maybe the alarans come via spaceship and death star defeat Norrath. But not blow it up.

    So EQ3 starts basically underground via in a secret cave the ship arrives at but was overruned by the horde and they blocked off the cave entrance so the horde cannot get in.
    Was thinking EQ3, could be subway system game.
    Train is like 6 carts long. Like actual metro rail/subway.

    Have to take a yellow line train to get to Antonica
    Have to take the blue line train to get to Velious
    Have to take the red line train to get Kunark

    The enemies on top of very menacing.
    The Horde enemy controls one area.
    The Alaran enemies control another area
    A certain spot in Antonica is not claimed yet but secretly Norrathian army is rebuilding there.
    The enemies are unaware of the subway system.

    Subway system is how people run by each other and what not, see each other and what not again and again build in game reputation.

    The whole point of MMORPG is building your reputation, fast travel kind of defeats the purpose, however, ships, subways, things like that, its fast travel but not instant like todays game, you can build reputation do RPG like stuff.

    EQ3 begins.
  17. Zunnoab Augur

    I understand some people like copy/paste stereotypical fantasy stuff, but EQ would not be "going back to its roots" with such design. From the get go gnomes were a playable race. Meldrath's Mansion apparently was an idea from the start?

    Personally I like it when fantasy and sci-fi are mixed. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's not EverQuest's "roots" or anything. Same goes for Final Fantasy for that matter, which had sci-fi in the very first entry.

    I especially dislike rigid good/evil design. That is the opposite of creativity to me. I'm not saying EQ is guilty of that. The Combine is a great example of subverting that, while not abandoning the whole good/evil thing in the game world.

    Really Guild Wars 2 is a star example of how to do fantasy while subverting copy/paste fantasy world expectations. But again, I know that's not everyone's cup of tea.

    Imagine if another EQ came out and it took place 500 years later, but a faction of gnolls had an industrial revolution and are at the forefront of industrial advancement. That's the kind of subversion Guild Wars 2 did.
  18. uberkingkong Augur

    So guess what.

    EQ has a noahs ark ending the one last expansion.

    EQ2 starts.
    Ahoy its so good to see you.

    You start EQ2 you are on a ship....

    Whats the deal??? Noahs Ark ending with EQ thats the deal.

    The ball is in EQ2s court now, EQ2 will lead us into EQ3 storyline wise.
    EQ just has to make sure its one last expansion is a noah's ark ending so it fits into EQ2's start of game.

    Coincidence isn't it.

    I would like EQ3 to start underground. Metro/subway system to get you to the other islands and what not.
    I would love to see my friends randomly get on the red line, whoa so good to see you, having fun, yes, me too. This is my stop, off on my adventure now, smell ya later.

    When you start EQ2, this is what you see

    So for EQ's one last expansion it makes a lot of sense a lot lot lot of sense to do a noah's ark ending theme.

    One thing EQ needs to do before going into EQ3 is prelude us into it. Living story transition into it. Thats what good games do, for their expansions, for their sequel games. They lead into it story wise, to give you HINT, HINT EQ3 is coming, find out more by playing EQ3. Find out what the ending result was, from playing EQ3.
  19. Zunnoab Augur

    EQ2 is a parallel timeline, split just before the end of Planes of Power. EQ1 doesn't lead into it.

    I particularly like the crossover lore, which I think is just Call of the Forsaken and The Broken Mirror, but I may be mistaken.

    (Lendiniara and Anashti Sul being from EQ2.)

    Wait a quick search suggests Anashti Sul was always there. I got the EQ2 connection from the raid completion date server.
  20. uberkingkong Augur

    This could be why EQ2 wasn't received well.
    Confusion of why does this game exist.

    You would ideally want to prelude the next game via the previous games last expansion.

    Anyways, the first EQ2 is Tasks aboard the Far Journey
    "After recovering from being rescued from the seas, you find yourself aboard the Far Journey and have been given tasks to complete in return for your rescue." -- Everquest II Journal
    After being RESCUED from the seas.

    aka EQ if it does a noahs ark last expansion. You get rescued from the seas say the horde ships overwhelmed the ship you was on that was defending the noahs ark from getting captured and all of Norrath is gone for good.

    • This quest is only available if you chose (Good-aligned) or Outpost of the Overlord (Evil-aligned) as your starting city.
    So if you are the horde you start out in your outpost, life is good.
    If you are good, you in the seas struggling, evil they conquered, you have to help rebuild Norrath.

    Picture this,
    EQ 4 wing dragon.
    goto 5:36 in that video.

    A dragon attacking the ship.

    Thats how you start another game. EQ3 should be about reclaiming Norrath.
    EQ1 EQ2 they need an exceptionally grave damage catacylsm to happen. Talking like Noah's Ark event, something with EQ2 maybe the alarans came in with advanced technology and tossed the moon at the world or something lol.

    EQ3 begins from those bad things. Help rebuild Norrath, evil is everywhere, chaos is everywhere.
    Factions is a huge thing in EQ3.
    Most MMORPGs they lack sense of faction, sense of belonging, RPG vibe.
    If you think about RPGs you have elves for a reason, you have all these creatures for a reason, they all do not necessarily each other either.

    A ton of races in RPGs for a reason, and its not they all get along and what not, there is clashes, faction.