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    Rainbow Cotton Interview: Lead Programmer Sheds Light on the Dreamcast Remake

    Ahead of the game's release, I chatted with Andreas Scholl, technical director at KRITZELKRATZ 3000 and lead programmer for Rainbow Cotton, about what fans can expect from the remake.

    VGCHARTZ: What was the most challenging part of remaking Rainbow Cotton?
    SCHOLL: The complexity of the original game code was a real challenge. It took a lot more time than estimated and there were some parts that were really hard to understand, analyze, and port.

    VGCHARTZ: What was the most rewarding part?
    SCHOLL: The most rewarding part was playing the game with the enhanced features and feeling how the changes affected the gameplay in a positive way. I played the game so many times during development and when I made the final play-throughs in the mastering phase of the game it still felt fun and addictive to complete the game. There are some parts of the game that are quite challenging, even if you know all the details.

    VGCHARTZ: Finally, how do you measure the success of a remake like this? Is it sales, critical reception, mindshare, or perhaps some combination of the three?
    SCHOLL: I put a lot of passion in the remake of Rainbow Cotton. For me the success is completely measured by the reception of the game by the Cotton fans. I also hope that players that didn't have the opportunity to play Rainbow Cotton on the Dreamcast will enjoy the game and have a lot of fun playing it.