ONE account, ONE character at a time, SUSPENDED????

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Harrison1, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. Harrison1 New Member

    This is a shared account that my friend lets me borrow, But my MAIN account (Ecaiiaw) has been suspended for a ridiculous reason that cant even be proven true. I was looking to sign on around 2pm EST only to notice my account has been suspended for "Cheating". After staring at my screen in complete shock, I immediately signed on my friends account name just to submit a ticket because you're unable to submit one yourself. So after checking up on my ticket I received a FINAL message that this matter has ben resolved and the investigation is now closed. I felt the need to post on the forums to TRY and reach out to a GM over this MISTAKE!!!

    The reason why I was suspended was for violating your "Truebox rule-set". This was said in another Ticket by GM "Woebot". The GM I was dealing with in MY ticket was GM Emwon, customer service director at Daybreak. His explained very little to me as to why my account was suspended. He said.. "We do not disclose our findings in these cases as doing so could enable 3rd parties to better circumvent detection, however we are confident the account was not suspended in error.

    This is complete nonsense. I have ONE account. ONE character being played at a time. On ONE PC.. This is a mistake! I have 3 characters on ONE account, Ecallaw, Echolaw, and Sneaks. I assure you not ONE TIME was any of these characters on at the same time. Please explain to me how your "findings" found that I violated "Truebox rule-set" when I DONT TRUEBOX.... Its ONE account!!!

    What frustrating about this is two things...

    1. Receiving VERY limited information as to why my account has been suspended and not having some sort of conversation with a GM over this matter. You get this quick response stating "this matter was not in error, this issue is now closed"
    2. The other issue I have is in this server, I have encountered many many Necros that have multiple accounts with similar names CAMPING one area over and over and over... to make Kronos for themselves and sell them on 3rd party sites. I've personally seen names like "Necrobot, Bardbot, Pallybot, Druidbot"... just as an example but yet, someone who has ONE account, ONE character... playing the game as a legitimate account with ONE character at a time is somehow violating "Truebox rule-set". This is huge mistake. HUGE!

    This needs to be looked into a lot more then what has been said back through tickets. I need more of an explanation. I have to sit out 7 days for doing NOTHING WRONG! If I cant even have a conversation with a GM then I am completely done with this game. I'm over it. Countless "bots" running around your servers taking advantage of the system with 3rd party software programs and you ban the 'little guy'. What is this nonsense?!

    Please, someone look into this more. Please allow me to explain how I play off of one laptop and use only ONE account. I don't TRUEBOX!!!!
  2. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    #1 you are jeopardizing your friends account right now by admitting you and he share it which is against the rules. You can make a new free account to submit petitions or to post here.

    #2 It was probably your friend signing on your account since you share stuff that popped the box flag

    #3 This is a standard response and very true: "We do not disclose our findings in these cases as doing so could enable 3rd parties to better circumvent detection

    I don't think your going to get much sympathy after that first line about account sharing. :(
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  3. Harrison1 New Member

    We are not sharing this account in the matter in which you are thinking. He let me use this so I can submit a ticket..... You cant submit a ticket on your account that suspended! Im mentioning that this is my friends account so they know this and HE doesn't get banned. for whatever reason. That all
  4. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    You make a new account to submit the petition/ticket!. They even tell you in the help section to do it that way!.

    Under the Rules ( it clearly states:

    Message Board Conduct

    As the Official EverQuest Forums are part of The Station, posting to these forums is bound by Terms of Service that can be found in their entirety here: In addition to these terms of service, we have a few supplemental rules that apply to the EverQuest Forums.

    One of the rule under the TOS linked in that rule is the further rule:
    Any and all stolen, compromised, or shared accounts that are reported to Daybreak Games may be *suspended* in order to conduct an investigation and prevent further malicious acts upon the accounts in question.

    Its not just sharing in game but sharing in forums too
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  5. Harrison1 New Member

    Well I posted in the tickets with this account and they didn't mind it seemed. I was looking for more feedback as to why my account is suspended when I don't TRUEBOX?! They should see my account with its characters in it and notice I cant possibly play these characters at the same time. Put yourself in my shoes dude, how infuriated would you be? You know there's people running multiple accounts that quad box easily and if they got banned, they wouldn't come here and rant about something they know they do. So I need to know a lot more about why my account is suspended. Their reason is totally unjustified. Period!
  6. Harrison1 New Member

    Just to clarify ONE more time, this is NOT an account I use for in games. This was just used today in forums to state my case about my original account being suspended. Which I don't even know why you should have to make a new account, new email, just to post something... You shouldn't be suspended on the forums as well so you CANT make a comment or a ticket. That reason alone doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

    Also P.S... to your #2 comment, my friend has NEVER signed on my account nor have I ever signed on his (in-game) ever. This was suppose to be a game you play with your friend to re-live the content 20 years ago. After seeing these hard core BOTTERS, where they choose to look the other way half the time... makes me really annoyed they somehow found an innocent person who doesn't truebox. Its really hysterical to tell you the truth.
  7. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    smh. Sharing accounts on the forums is the same violation as sharing accounts in the game.

    It does not have to be the account you use in game.

    Although the forum account is related to your game account name.

    And the friend had to give you the password for their forum account for you to use their forum account to post in these forums. Password sharing is against EULA.

    How many posters have you ever seen that say they borrowed a friends account to post? None. Well, one - this one. But how many posts do you see where the poster was upset they had to make a whole nother account to file the petition or post here? Yes you can be suspended from the forums too.

    This is player support where players support other players - it will do you no good to post here or in any other sub forums about your suspension.

    GM have tools we do not and can see what we cannot. If you wish to keep filing petitions then they may take a second look. You don't say if this was a permanent suspension or a 7 day one. If its 7 days then take those days to read the EULA/TOS. If its permanent ................
  8. Harrison1 New Member

    I want to add one more thing to a GM... trying to be productive here as well.

    When you "camp", and then pick another character and hit "enter world"...I've notice sometimes the game to load SUPER quick. Like almost so fast that maybe in their logs it showed two characters on at the same time maybe? Again, I really dont know but im just trying to think on MY end what might have cause this issue from their end. Another thing... when you go "LD", a pop message will appear at the server status page saying "do you wish to proceed anyway even though you have a character in game already and it will be removed if you hit YES" something along those lines. Is that another reason maybe where there was a possibly glitch there that triggered it maybe? Again... I don't truebox lol. One account, ONE character. ONE laptop. That why I keep saying, this is a mistake...
  9. Harrison1 New Member

    Yes... I got that from your original post. Thanks for being a smarta$$. But as of now, too late to switch correct? So why keep pointing that out? I don't need posts after posts explaining the rules over and over like you're trying to get a job at Daybreak. Could have said "hey man, just be careful you can get banned on the forums too for using another account, cheers!", and be done with it. No need to talk down. Good day, CatPaws....
  10. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    "This is a shared account that my friend lets me borrow,"

    This doesn't sound like an account that was just used to post in the forums or to make a petition.

    It would appear they checked things and said the account was not suspended in error. If more then one GM has looked at things (which seems to be the case based on your posting) then I am not sure what more can be done. If its a suspension then it will pass and you probably should be careful not to do whatever it was you did.

    You mention more then once that you own one account and play one character at a time. But if you use anyone else's account at the same time you are still going to get into trouble.

    Daybreak can tell where a character is being played from so even using someone else's account they can tell whether there is a violation of the true box server rules.

    Now if you are still saying that none of this happened I think you need to give some suggestions on how this could have been a mistake. You have clearly told them you only play one account and they have looked at things and clearly disagreed. You will need to provide more ideas or information to get them to look at it again, IN MY OPINION. I am not saying it is fair you have to prove why you were not cheating but that seems to be the case if all you say is true.
  11. Duder Grand Poobah Troll

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  12. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    I can see why the OP might be in a predicament here.

    If he really has only played one account and does not play more than one account, if he plays on no other accounts & nobody elese ever plays on his account then he has no way to contravene the Truebox restrictions on Aradune.

    How would he be able to prove he hasn't - well I don't think that this is possible unless he has a videorecording of himself playing at home on just one PC that is dated to the time he was alleged to have broken the rules - can't see that being available myself.

    Problem is that he used a friend's account to log into the forum however as it means he has his friend's login details which are also the game's login details & that is a clear violation of the rules for both people and undermines the credibility of the complaint.
  13. Harrison1 New Member

    I didn't read the rules before posting. I didn't know you cant use your friends account in the forums which can result to a suspension. I just didn't want to make another email and then an account. I never signed on this account not once until this morning lol. Not once. I didn't realize people were going to nitpick what you say over one thing, and that makes me lose credibility somehow.... Come on... He even made a ticket on my behalf to say this is complete insanity on their part where I was caught "cheating" but wont tell me why really besides saying I violated Truebox rule-sets, which, last I checked... truebox is suppose to be two accounts, two PCs. Where is the 2nd account? It wont be this one. It wont be any account except "possible account name".

    I sent another Ticket on a new name just to get my peace across one last time. The amount of "bots", triple boxing, quad boxing that goes on in this server is over the top. They literally picked a guy who is doing none of that. Am I taking one for the team or something? It's funny but so frustrating because im suspended for that lol. I just want to understand what it was.... Because I'm going to sign on when my suspension is up, and not know what went wrong.

    You're on to something though, how am I suppose to prove my case? How am I suppose to know what I did? this is the problem I have. I cant show them my screen...
  14. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Could your friend have logged in your account and his account at the same time?
  15. Harrison1 New Member

    Naa.. he doesn't know my account. I only know his because he said "here, use my account to post". Because we didn't read the rules. I wonder if its something I inadvertently did where the game incorrectly triggered I was cheating some how.
  16. Harrison1 New Member

    I just wish I can get a response. Someone who can buckle down for 5 minutes, send me an explanation that more then 1 sentence, and we can go from there. What I'm worried with is I feel like this might happen again if I don't understand what happened. I truly believe this is an honest mistake on their end.
  17. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Yeah I have no idea how you can prove it to Daybreak.
  18. Derd Augur

    Your opening post in no way sounds like you used this account only to sign on to post... excuse me while I pile on.

    This is a shared account blah blah

    After staring blah blah,
    I immediately logged in my friends account.
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  19. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    I don't know if its all true or not. I also don't care, honestly. I do know that the possibility of false positives (that we KNOW happen) was enough to make sure I never logged into the most recent TLP servers.

    And no one cares about account sharing, let's get serious. Not even the GMs or devs themselves cared or have cared for literally almost 2 decades.

    Its just a blanket policy to make it easy to cut and dry deny issues that may have been petitioned that are sticky and prone to potential abuse.

    Heck, I have literally been on the phone with customer support (back during PoR era, 2008? maybe?) and flat out told them I was calling about my wife's account and they gave me the exact "account sharing" BS line, then immediately helped me get a character moved to her new secondary account.

    Its boilerplate at this point, it doesn't mean they don't want to help you or can't help you, but with their lack of investment in customer service these days, it probably does. But no one cares about account sharing. It was never meant as a policy to deal with the reality of this game and it lasting 21 years or boxing.

    But honestly, the guy typed "lets" instead of "let" and he gets the third degree from you guys.
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  20. code-zero Augur

    Player support means come here to get advice from players. The players responding here are replying in good faith based on what they know and what they can understand from the OP. This is not a place to rant about CS issues at all.

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