once selos hits live will boxing on 1 pc be allowed ?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by mark, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. mark Elder

    so the title says it all when selos hits live will we be able to box more then 1 account on 1 pc ?
  2. Accipiter Augur

    So far there has been no indication from DBG that TrueBox servers will be anything but TrueBox. They could certainly remove TrueBox but there's no way they will answer your question at this point in time (I'd love to be proven wrong).
  3. Protagonist Augur

    No TrueBox servers have been around long enough to reach live yet.

    I strongly doubt they've planned that far ahead and if they have I even more strongly doubt they'd make an announcement about it this far in advance.

    Worst to worst, though - they allow transfers off TLPs to Live. You could always switch servers if you decided you just had to box.
  4. Baldur Augur

    They've made statements before when this has been asked to remove it that they will never remove it from servers that launched as True Box.

    You can always transfer to a live server that allows it.
  5. Arrk Augur

    It is a solid question. None of the current TLP are in line to hit Live for some time. Other questions also exist.

    They said when it gets to Live it becomes Live. Will AoC still be around? Will True box still exist? What about picks? Will XP revert to Live XP?
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  6. ForumBoss Augur

    Yea, I'm quite curious about the AoC staying, truebox being removed would be great as well when the time comes.
  7. Protagonist Augur

    XP switches to the Live rate when TSS unlocks.
  8. Symbius Augur

    Would be more curious to find out if Selo would keep all of its perks once it hits live. A server with bonuses to loot/faction/xp and reductions on lockouts for a new Expansion would cause an uproar among those that still race for serverwide raid accomplishments.
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  9. Baldur Augur

    Again, they've stated before they aren't removing True Box, ever.

    Also why would they remove AoCs? They only added them for early expansions, makes no sense for them to remove them. And picks exist on new expansions, so they aren't removing those either.

    The only valid question so far is Symbius with the bonus stuff once Selo hits live.
  10. Tornat Augur

    that sever wont make it to live with a population . I give it a year once you get to like 80 cap when the level cap goes up every 8 weeks . population will be to separated I mean house of thule , Veil of alaris , rain of fear all raise levels thats new level cap in 4 weeks . it would be insane not to let people box before that

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