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  1. Indigo Augur

    What does, "start to dig a little deeper after that" mean? The "start" and "little" in that sentence is alarming, if not expected.

    Why does the poll need to be a month long? That was NEVER answered in the other thread.
  2. Lortheus New Member

    I am happy with my current Binden Concerrentia--Plane of Knowledge gate item, a quest that is available year-round from Planes of Power era. I am unhappy with the giving out of things that should be earned through questing. The 5 charge gate item to PoK at first is fine, but the quests that give out such items of power should be reserved to those who complete the quests.
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  3. Yinnie the Pink Elder

    I hope the top of your list goes like this.
    1. Put the Plane of Knowledge vendors back as they were
    2. Put the forums back as they were before for they got messed up yesterday.
    3. Un nerf EXP in Rain of Fear and prior, it makes no sense that once you hit level 101 you get next to no exp for killing in Rain of Fear, especially as some of those zones have higher level mobs than Temples Temple and Katta.

    I have no interest in what else you have planned until those 3 things are fixed....they should never have been broken in the first place!

    While on the subject of Rain of Fear, how about actually finishing it and let us use the final portal, which after 2 years still doesn't go anywhere!
  4. Tobin Augur

    When examining the Nerf to EXP, I think one of the reasons why people are so upset with it is the fact that the game already had a scaling of EXP as you leveled up. As you got higher up in level mobs became light blue and green. This lessened their desire to be hunted after for rapid advancement in skill. I do acknowledge that many people would use light blues to level up. I wonder if the problem SoE saw was the fact that people are gaining levels with light blue and then going on to higher content. If that was the problem, then a compromise to it may have been to place the current Nerf to EXP, but not to AA EXP. Since there are thousands of AAs that must be earned between level 101 and 105, the old system of going from dark blue to light blue, then green works nicely for AA EXP, but not normal EXP.

    Perhaps the dual method of making EXP the old way with older content for AA EXP, and restricted to current content for normal EXP in expansions in current and last generation might be the compromise we are looking for.
  5. Melanippe Augur

    It's known as use the FIND button if you cannot find your way out of your racial home city. ;) No one is ever more than two or three zones from a Plane of Knowledge book, not to mention a Priest of Discord or a Wayfarer Camp Magus.

    Apparently, Holly, you are unaware that there are any number of "Teleport to PoK" items already available in-game.

    Brick of Knowledge http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=74202 (Reward from one of the Anniversary Quests)

    Bulwark of Many Portals http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=117738 (Three different versions, Magician summoned item)

    Philter of Major Translocation http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=48207 (Made using the Alchemy trade-skill)

    Throne of Heroes http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/spell.html?spell=9177 (Veteran Reward)

    Various Faithstones http://www.eqtraders.com/recipes/po...ottery&sub=stone&sb=item&menustr=080090080000 (Made using the Pottery trade-skill)

    This doesn't even take into account the various "port clickies" attached to various pieces of gear (example: http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=2057) nor does it count weapons that can teleport one to various areas close to a Plane of Knowledge book. But you want to put something in the Marketplace? Well, good ole $$$$ , I suppose.

    You mentioned Player convenience. Ironic you would use that phrase as the Plane of Knowledge is turned into a mere shell of its once magnificent self with absolutely NO rhyme or reason evident, no lore to account for the sudden disappearance of NPC's and NO logic whatsoever to the re-distribution of vendor items, not to mention the EverQuest forums being gutted and mutilated with years of information banished from the sight of forum visitors. Player convenience? Seriously?

    In nearly every comment you have made so far you express a "love" for the game. Frankly and sadly, that is beginning to have a false ring about it.
  6. Tobin Augur

    Hey, I find that a little harsh. Expressing love of the game is not a bad thing. I find the employees of DBG sincere when they say they love EverQuest.
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  7. Tantelus New Member

    So what happened to the pvp forum..... I mean its already bad enough we are totally ignored.
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  8. Melanippe Augur

    1: Bad idea. It is no ones business what ones account status, alternate characters etc. is unless a player wishes to share that information.
    2: Bad Idea. Primary and Secondary anchor packages are available to all players and there is no restriction on number in guild. Also Guild Banners are already available not to mention Campfires.
    3. To accomplish what exactly?

    Suggestions on Grouping:
    Artificial means which attempt to force grouping never work.

    Suggestion on helping the casual player or smaller group play.

    1: Just plain no. If you actually do want people to seek out groups adding an additional active mercenary for a single player is contra-indicated.
    2. Just plain no, again. See #1.
    3. Just plain no once again. A Mercenary is neither a Pet nor a Player. See #1
    4. Just plain no once again. You want "buff-bots" See #1
    5. The ultra rare drops are actually random off any mob.
    6. As far as experience is concerned, the recent massive changes made which affect any character level 101+ that hunts in Pre-CoTF zones as well as the massive changes made to the experience gained doing Heroic Adventures assuredly needs to be re-thought. Historically, as one leveled one gained less experience as the level of the mob decreased. One "outgrew" a zone which, to my mind, is the way it should continue. Artificially penalizing players as was done, for example, with the changes to experience earned in Rain of Fear (a level 100 expansion) does nothing to encourage players, period.

    Suggestion for Expansions

    1. Creating revamped versions of older zones, if they have the time and resources, fine. BUT keep their hands OFF the original zones.
    2. Creating another "Franklin Teek" somewhere, if they have the time and resources, fine.
    3. Why? Secondly, the time, resources, effort required simply to create one new player race is astonishing! Get an illusion if you're so intent on looking like a non-player race. ;)
    4. If they have the time and resources, fine.
    5. Turning the legendary one of a kind NPC the Sleeper into a routine, nothing special about it event? No thank you.
    6. As much as I can sympathize with the difficulty involved for many classes who want to complete their Epic 1.0, if someone wants their epic 1.0 they really should make the effort. One thing that might cut down on the farmer aspect would to make the specific epic drop No Trade. If they have the time and resources to manage that, fine.
    7. If you want raid gear, raid for it. Period.
    8. If you didn't maintain an active account for the entire time, why should anyone be allowed to "buy" it. No.
    9. Additional Mercenary AA's, if they have the time and resources, fine.
    10. No. Just another "pay to win" scheme.
    11. See #3.

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  9. Brohg Augur

    I don't want to hear about anything for the future until the apparently past update is addressed wherein the Customer Service department was replaced by a laugh track and a bouncy waving middle finger.
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  10. Melanippe Augur

    Daybreak constricts gamemasters in EQ and EQII

    This is "love of the game"???
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  11. Brohg Augur

    Having to find out about this outrageous change from third parties is particularly galling.
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  12. Grove Augur

    I am somewhat surprised that a kitty baby found herself in Shar Val, and not Crescent Reach. This prompts me to reiterate the complaint that my Heroic Wood Elf Beastlord cannot call Kelethin her home.
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  13. FcsevenXIII Augur

    I have to agree. I'm not sure what line the dev team is using on "Windstalker" about the new XP nerfs but I can offer a little insight. A few beta expansions ago I recall vividly a specific post from an EQ dev expressing his personal hate and frustration about players staying in former content to xp instead of using the newest one. It didn't sound like he wanted what was best for the game. It seemed like he wanted to herd (like cattle) players in new content due to his hard work on the expansion in question. That is the tone I took from the context of his response in that thread. Can anyone else reading this recall it and back me up? That is the reason when I found out about this nerf I whispered to myself "wow the arrogant ***** really did it".

    I believe the nerf itself is based off of a subjective response as opposed to an objective one. I will not buy the new expansion due to this reason.
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  14. Garanle Elder

    I think this is still too little too late, and the attitude of the Twitch stream was enough for me to start looking for something else to waste my time. The sad thing is I am a raider and would have been around till the next expansion if you wouldn't have gone and messed with the old stuff.

    The fix you are putting in is directly related to the lack of EXP pot sales which anyone could have seen prior to your team bubble gum fixing what they perceived is a problem. In fact when you annouced it look at your forums, proof is there with people that day asking how it affected the EXP Pots and if they were now worthless. Another angle on what the bigger guy was saying about zone utilization is: The zones you designed are not fun, if the zones were fun people would play them regardless (Hence non power guilds trying week after week at the same raid with no loot, because the raid is fun). How long till this new exp pots are back give us money gets nerfed, if you still give the HA bonus for competition at the end of the daily tasks with a 50-75% adder on a double exp weekend = 100 AA per 30-40 minute run? Did any of you think of that, or will there be a reactionary reroll back till you figure out a fix?

    Please just come out and say we made a big mistake with the nerfing of exp, we did it because we knew the content of TDS is not what it should have been and we tried to strech out the miles of TDS by forcing people through its small zones (4 -5 group camp sites per zone if lucky)? It is okay to admit the mistake, and that you are learning from it. Reinstate the stuff before, RoF is fun and enjoyable. If you did this you would mend a lot of broken bridges. Get rid of the exp nerf and let the people have fun in the parts of the game they enjoy while still receiving some benefit. Look at how many of us are max AAed when the last 2-4k aa meant nothing for our class.
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  15. Yinla Augur


    EQ seems to be getting worse instead of better

    PoK vendors
    Customer Service

    Oh, but wait we have some new ideas for SC items....how about changing priorities and fixing what is broken before doing anything else? :rolleyes:

    How about finishing what was started? RoF still has a portal to nowhere, CotF in the original beta had more stones than we have currently, what happened to Gnome Mountain and clockwork HF?

    And for the love of all things fluffy add a Dinosaur raid! Make it simple that everyone can do, let us have some good old fashioned fun with a hack and slash raid, with loot somewhere between CoTF T2 and TDS raid loot, maybe use some of that T1 raid loot that never made it to game.
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  16. Tanican New Member

    I would like to suggest an Idea. Certain Player made potion's spell effects should be No Fail. The fail is already accounted for in the attempted making of the item. Such as a Gate potion. I understand the spell gem cast version cast quickly and fail could be a risk the player must prepare for. But the Potion version takes a very long time to cast and would never be viable in a combat situation anyway. It the though of the expense in time gathering the materials, time to make, bought components, and time making with failed attempts and wasted materials involved. the final Crafted version shouldn't fail. It would be like a player made sword or armor suddenly breaking.
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  17. Gregwarrian New Member

    Well hardly any players read the forums.
    Yes, but the ones that do probably have a high percentage of guild and game leaders. People
    that make other players brighten up when they see we are logged on (I know that was my case but I
    haven't been logged on for months).
    Our subscription falloff hasn't been that bad.
    What percentage of one year subscriptions are reupping. What percentage of one year subs
    have purchased the TDS expac and are logging in. I bet those numbers have fallen off from
    previous expansion releases and at a sharper rate than the decline before TDS and the xp
    Sony said they were selling us a great source of residual income.
    Ha ha ha (rueful, by the way) I will let that answer itself.
    Well even though you aren't giving us money or logging in you still keep checking the forums, you must see some value.
    Absolutely! Eq was the best community game I have played! I have 4 accounts with 6 characters
    at level 100. Raided with a high end guild when I had time. Grouped when I didn't . I check the
    forums now because it is almost intellectually incomprehensible to me that the XP Nerf (and a
    bit less incomprehensible, the HA lockout timers) are still in place. I hope,. Oh My how I hope that
    the XP Nerf will be undone. I am starting to think though that some bizarre plan has occurred,
    where 2 sets of Eq management have been injected with some lemming DNA so they are
    programmed to take EQ on The Big Swirlie Ride Down The Toilet. And its a shame :(
    Particularly when it would be so easy to start the other way by just reversing the XP Nerf.
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  18. Tyraxor Augur

    Well i kind of agree with Yinla, this update would be without the Dzarn news.
    Now people talk about PoK ports..seriously? I'm sure there are more pressing issues than taking those by the hand who cannot ask in game how they can get a freaking port item.
    Anything SC related is no news, we know you will keep adding stuff that can be bought for RL money.
    That is the only 100% certain thing for any game right now, sadly....
  19. buffalou New Member

    Hi again,

    It is realllllllllly unfortunate that sometime after I posted this - the forum heading Tradeskills was moved to who knows were. Tradeskills forums is not something you hide so that we can't ask questions and post. There are other forums that have been moved to of all places Archives - which means you can't even reply to the post. SHAME on whoever thought of this Idea. Even doing a combine of forums/posts that don't have much info or relevance and leaving it in the Forums area would have been better.
    again SHAME on YOU

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  20. Hayzeus Augur

    WTB Shabby Door v2.0 (Tattered door?) from SC
    - This item is placed inside your guild hall and, when opened, will send you to the Bazaar zone.
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