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  1. SilverNewbie New Member

    ... what happens with AAs earned before becoming Heroic?
    Say I have a level 75 character with a few hundred or a 1000 AA used to tweak him, then I decide to make him heroic. What happens to the AAs he had already dispersed on various skills and stats, is he made 85 and the 4,700 AAs are added on top of what he had already or would it be like he had none?
    BTW, that account became a full access again and already have another Heroic character.
  2. Ofearl Augur

    You get all aa's up to lvl 85 minus the trade skill ones and a few other types. The ones you spent are spent you dont get them back.
  3. SilverNewbie New Member

    Understood, thank you for the reply Zardifo but that was not exactly my question. I don't mean to get them back and I apologize if my question was not clear. The AAs I got before turning Heroic are spent and so they stay, fine with that, my actual question is about the "pool" of new AAs, is this a set number and is it dispersed on all the skills allowed (except trade skills, of course) so this character with 1000 AAs spent ends up with 4,800 AAs versus a newly created character made Heroic at level 1 who turns level 85 with some 4,700 AAs applied?
    Is that how it works or both cases end up with 4,700 AAs as a cap?
  4. Lynnia Augur

    Heroic Characters get a specific set of AAs, whether or not they have previously bought any of those AAs. In your hypothetical situation with the character with 1000 AAs spent before going heroic, how many assigned AAs that character will end up with will depend on if any of those 1000 AAs were of categories that don't get granted with heroic or autogrant (tradeskill, new expansion AAs). It's not that a heroic char gets X number of AAs, but rather that the character gets access to specific sets of AAs.
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  5. Niskin Augur

    They both end up the same, unless the AA's you bought already were ones that aren't covered by autogrant. It's not granted as a number of AA's, but a specific set of AA's that are granted. If you already have them, you don't get anything back for that.
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  6. SilverNewbie New Member

    Thank you..., the more you know! :)
  7. Ofearl Augur

    Also each class has a set number of hero aa's they receive. So a chanter gets say 5000, where as a monk might get 4786, or a ranger might be 5123. You get certain aa's, and up to certain ranks, for the lvl and class. Hope that clears ip a little bit also. I wish you got xxxx amount and you hot to pick where they went....
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  8. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    Also - which AAs (and the other perks you receive) from going Heroic seem to change over time and there is very little support. If the devs make a change to an AA line, it will likely remove the AA from the Heroic grant (not retro-actively, but new Heroic toons might miss out on an ability that previous toons received).

    On a related note: I have two heroic characters whose accounts were created on the same day, the characters were created on the same day, and they went heroic on the same day. Both accounts were All Access in the last 6 months. One can buy rank 3 Apprentice mercs, the other one can not (saying Silver account status is required). DBG support denies that Silver status is still a thing and refused to help (even with screen shots showing the different behavior on the two identical accounts).


    I know this seems like more of an All Access issue (and of course, the DBG response said the only fix was to go All Access). But it should highlight the inconsistent support and implementation of features. Basically, don't be surprised if your experience is completely different from somebody else's. I guess it's part of EQ's charm :)
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