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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Darchon_Xegony, Jul 22, 2017.

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  1. Prathun Developer

    Good morning. Appreciate you putting together the list of non-instanced OoW events, including even the more obscure ones.
    The team doesn't have plans to instance the open air events in Omens of War. The content guys are working on the upcoming expansion for the rest of the calendar year.
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  2. Barudin_Phinigel Augur

    Please consider making an AOC for just the king and queen events in Riftseekers. The rest doesn't matter as much.
  3. Ryak Augur

    Thanks for at least giving a clear answer on this. Since none of this is progression content, it's not necessarily the end of the world, although it is unfortunate.

    Is DBG still planning on at least instancing all open world progression content in future expansions? Because that would be horrible if Depths of Darkhollow comes along with un-instanced progression content (Master Vule)
  4. Barudin_Phinigel Augur

    I was thinking that. If Vule is not instanced in depths of darkhollow the expansion will be virtually unplayable.
  5. Kaponen Lorekeeper

    Funny, I was going to post that the content team is prolly way too busy working on the live content release, and then saw Prathun's post! No one needs any of the crap other than maybe King/Queen, and if you want it, put a force together and go get it. Its actually good quality gear, with some of the weapon drops being just below anguish quality in terms of ratio etc

    Also, theres a big difference between an open air event for drops, and an open world event that is required for linear progression (hello postorms). I'm sure you'll see future instanced content return with fights like Vule, they are just extremely busy right now working on the live xpac.
  6. Machentoo Augur

    Really, Vule is the only one left. There are no other open air progression raids after Vule. But I agree that they absolutely must instance Vule or DoDH will be a huge show.
  7. Zenshai New Member

    I'm posting for the first time in quite a few years to strongly object to not instancing at least Riftseeker's for the TLP servers. Here are my main reasons:

    1) Anguish is only 6 events for a raid force, leaving raiding guilds with very few raiding options for the next 3 months: Anguish, Riftseeker's, and Tacvi. Eliminating the events in RSS from instanced raiding means that the vast majority of the raiding guilds will lose 40% of the available end game raids for the current expansion...on a normal server that might not be much of a big deal overall, but on Phinny especially we're looking at probably 10 guilds (50-ish paid accounts each minimum) with an incredibly boring raid schedule for the next three months.

    Even without an in-depth metrics analysis, it should be abundantly clear that the large majority of Phinny are raiding guilds that enjoy the flexibility of timing and availability that instanced raiding provides...speaking personally, it's the only thing that brought me back to the game, and I can only assume that many others will become as quickly bored as I know I will be raiding one night a week of new content for 3 months.

    Given that Daybreak has had so many zone conversions to AoC instancing, the development cost of converting just one zone with 4 encounters and some groupables should be very low compared to the risk of subscription losses due to raiding builds not having enough content in the manner with which they've become accustomed. A simple cost/risk/benefit analysis should prove that instancing just this one zone will be well worth the development cost taken from the next release.

    2) As I mentioned above, many of the players on Phinny are here for the relaxed raiding environment. Many of us have already done the "deal with kill steals/guild trains/memblur steals" frustrations in our past or in live, and we're here enjoying EQ again simply because we don't have to deal with that...but recent trends in lack of instancing for some GoD content and now no instancing at all in OoW leads me at least to have lost faith in the future of Phinny as a raid environment I enjoy...and I can only assume from my guild and friend's discussions internally on the quoted post that it's a "last straw" indicator for the long term sustainability of Phinny. We no longer believe that Daybreak will hold faith with us on the selling points of Phinny's server ruleset, and have little interest in being proven right: as of today, now seems a great time to cut our losses and cancel the subs.

    I certainly hope to be proven wrong by having Daybreak re-think and realize that instancing RSS is well worth the development cost, but I don't see it happening in time to save the thriving raid population we currently enjoy.
  8. mackal Augur

    King/Queen is at best side grades to Tacvi, it isn't really needed. Only real nice thing is not needing anguish for ancients I guess :p
  9. Miena Elder

    Would be really nice if you reconsidered King/Queen as they are the only relevant open air content for the entire expansion. Sigh...
  10. Dudeisbeast New Member

    This. Please. Thank you.
  11. Punchu Augur

    What about LDoNs and MPG trials. Also, your argument is really that three months in anguish is going to kill the server because it's more boring than 6 months in Time and 3 months in LDoN? Lol.

    edit: Also, epic 2's electric boogaloo
  12. Evil.Iguana Elder

    So either hire more/better staff, or delay OoW or live expansion launch. Hell if you have to cut the open world repop time down to an hour, or let them spawn in picks. If you guys can't see the ****storm that contested open world content on a server that has like 20 top tier raiding guilds is going to cause then you aren't paying attention.
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  13. Storytimebros Elder

    There is nothing contested about open world trash mobs with runes/time/tacvi quality loots. Plenty of content to do with epic 1.5/2.0, anguish, mpg, and tacvi farming. People who are advocating for instances of this useless content obviously have never done progression. Pretty sure whatever trash casual guild your in will not be killing OMM in era no matter how much gear they have.
  14. Zenshai New Member

    Nice try. Did full OoW progression the first time around, again in a casual guild, and certainly will in my current guild.

    It has nothing to do with loot, progression, or anything else except for enjoying the flexibility inherent in instanced raid content, and having 40% of the end zone raiding in OoW held mostly unavailable to raid forces that don't want to deal with open world frustration. Been there, done that, not this time around.
  15. AgentofChange Augur

    40% of the end zone raiding? FORTY PERCENT? Get outta here dude. Go raid Anguish, Tacvi, your MPG Trials. There's 3 nights for the casual guilds. Throw in an LDoN for the 4th night and you are set. RSS is trash loot at best, you aren't missing out on much.
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  16. Storytimebros Elder

    Sounds more like someone wants to farm runes to sell for krono. Not sure what guilds would want to log in and clear any of the trash in this list on a raid schedule. If it is not about gear or progression then what purpose would anyone want to raid this stuff besides seeing it once. Whatever guild is actively raiding this stuff on timers these would be the ditch nights for sure.
  17. Kaponen Lorekeeper

    You can whine all you want, Prathun has already stated you aren't getting it, and for a very valid reason. "Hire more staff" is not a solution.
  18. Zenshai New Member

    I personally don't consider MPG trials as "end game" content. YMMV...and I can see your argument.

    By definition, Tacvi isn't "current end game content" when OoW is out...and has already been raided for 2 months.

    Anguish is 6 events. RSS is (barely) 4 if you consider King and Queen separate, and each of the dogs as separate. Even if you do add in the MPG trials as "raid farm targets", RSS is still 26% of the targets.

    Personally, I raid for the fun of the raids themselves--loot is just the byproduct of having fun beating events. I realize that I may be in the minority--but if so I still suggest it's a large minority (if we were all in it for phat lewts only, we'd be in live--we're on Phinny to see lots and lots of content).
  19. Machentoo Augur

    If you are considering the dogs as separate events, you ought to consider the anguish minis as separate events too. with this 40% bs.
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  20. Angered Augur

    This is really enraging TBH!!! MAKE AN AOC FOR RIFTSEEKERS !!! THANKS

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