Old World Evolution Nerfed - All mobs in TBL Enabled?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Smokezz, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Drogba Augur

    Gets people out of solo TT and into groups, it's a good thing for the community, pity it didn't come sooner though.

    It'd be nice if GMM will have mob that give evo xp, but i doubt it will :oops:
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  2. Moege Augur

    It gets people out of TT and into Smoke trials to flag boxes, once 3 boxes are flagged they once again do not join community groups.

    But oh how they tie up mobs 24/7 while running a script. Looking at embers zone on FV
  3. Tucoh Augur

    1. Make all instance chests drop one (or more) Fragment of Legendary Alaran History style items that gives 2% xp per click, make it a 20% drop chance off T1 named mobs and 30% off T2 named mobs.

    2. Make the Type 18s for sale for 20k of the TBL currency.

    Reward players for doing fun group content.
  4. Drogba Augur

    hah, true for some, not all.
  5. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    There was a failure in internal communication.

    A new feature was added that let us restrict item evolution experience by an internal field called "SKU." SKU basically means expansion, but is not exclusive to expansions zones. A good example *IS* Gnome Memorial Mountain, which is marked as the same SKU as The Burning Lands.

    This change was then added to the Burning Lands evolving items, but I didn't know it was (the internal communication failure.) Since I didn't know about it, I didn't remove the restrictions.

    I will remove the restrictions, but unfortunately, that is a full server down patch.

    I have another quality of life change I plan to make to these items such as not even having the claim reward button active if you don't qualify to claim it, thus getting rid of the need for the confusing "same item" in the reward set since players won't be able to claim the reward set and leave themselves without an item if they don't qualify.

    Not really. It was a "theme." A theme of Janns and Elemental types. The armors and spiders didn't fit that theme. Yes, there are arguments for the spiders being lava spiders, and the armors having an elemental twist to them, but it all comes down to choices, and it was the choice I made.
  6. Smokezz Augur

    Thanks for the reply :)
  7. Stephen51 Augur

    Sorry I missed the exact details of the nerf, will nothing outside TBL now evolve the rares? Or did they just reduce the rate of evolution in older zones? Where have mobs strikethrough been raised TBL and/or older zones?
  8. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    The Burning Lande evolving items will only evolve in Burning Lands zones. Currently only with the restricted NPC race list, though that will change. Gnome Mountain counts as a Burning Lands zone (though it has no NPC's that qualify until I remove the NPC race restrictions)

    I'm not answering about strikethrough changes because it is not a project I worked on so I have no useful information to give.
  9. Axxius Augur

    But snails did? :confused:
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  10. Hickers Elder

    So was the creation of this new SKU field at your request, to allow the evolving requirements to fit your original vision? These items are clearly your ‘baby’, you’d think people would consult you before altering them.

    Also, does this mean that Doomfire can be added as an evolving zone? Surely even if it creates an overlap problem with the original PoP Doomfire it won’t matter because grey cons give no evolving xp anyway.
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  11. Allayna Augur

    Still trying to get those HS, assassinate, decap models to work for evolution items, lol.
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  12. Hickers Elder

    Nope, coz Monk.

    Would just be nice to be getting evolving xp whilst hunting type 19s to fill up all those aug slots. At least hunting 19s doesn’t feel like such a fruitless task as “hunting” 18s.
  13. Allayna Augur

    18s for a ridiculous amount of group coin would be a positive change, let you work towards that one you’re missing.
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  14. Xinny Journeyman

    I agree 100% with Allayna's statement above.

    Type 18s are far too rare from named. It is possible to kill 1 or 2 named and see a type 18. At the same time, somewhere else in EQ, there is a group that has been camping for nearly 24 hours killed 15 - 20 named and not seen a single type 18. Compound this with attempting to collect specific ones...….. Look at all the evolving equipment in the game and then see how many items have more than half the type 18 slots empty...………...

    Its not unreasonable to put all the TBL augs, including type 18s, on the group vendor for a varying degree of prices such as 1000 - 2000 coin. You wanted the expansion to have a certain amount of replay time correct? This would keep people doing group missions all year.

    Another great idea is to put the group ornaments on the vendor as well.

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  15. Tsunomi New Member

    When will we see drops that will level your evolving items like example :
    Fragment of Legendary Alaran History

    Random xp grinds in TBL are boring and many don't have hours on end to sit and just grind.
    Or for that matter maybe that isn't the play style of certain players.
    Or as many that like the changes posted we don't like to 6 box our way through things.

    I'm just happy the chosen ones were able to get it evolved pre-nerf of TT.
  16. Kaenneth Augur

    Snails are Jann larva.
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  17. Tach200 New Member

    Adding all TBL mobs to evolution is dandy. But, the XP from the TBL mobs towards the evolution of the items suck.

    How about the XP per TBL mob kill is increased !! These items shouldn't be so tedious, slow, exhausting that the next 5 expansions are released before they are fully evolved for the majority of people.

    I was made aware of the old world XP 1 night before the ninja-patch on Wednesday. I can say the old-world XP eclipsed the TBL XP radically -- it made the evolution of the item(s) feasible, challenging, and do-able with a reasonable game time commitment !!

    There are seemingly many people that have 4 items fully evolved from old world content ... there is -no- way that killing TBL mobs would provide for a full evolution in a reasonable amount of time without a significant boost to the XP granted to evolving items per each and every TBL kill !
  18. Jhenna_BB Augur

    GMM named could drop 18's, as well.
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  19. Jhenna_BB Augur

    Apples to Oranges. It took literally millions upon millions of kills to evolve that Tear. One, maybe two players, tops evolved a Tear pre Tablets. A more fair ask is to increase the item XP in TBL. Spirit Armors and Spiders as an example of mobs that don't give XP now will be a net gain, to boot.
  20. Astral64 Augur


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