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  1. LadyQuake Lorekeeper

    I saw someone using and old skeleton model, looked good standing upright and nice graphics i think.

    Is there a simple way to change to old skeleton models on pet or pet illusions?

  2. Brontus Augur

    Perhaps, the player was a necro charming a skeleton NPC? I'm not sure there is a way to turn the old models on. They should give every player this option.

    I agree with you, the old skeleton models are superior in every way to the amateurish "new" skeleton models. They also had white and red skeletons as you leveled up which was nice, plus the skeletons got bigger which was cool.

    It's interesting that most if not all skeleton NPCs are still using the superior old models.
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  3. Lucentio New Member

    miss the old large red skellingtons
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  4. Iven Antonius Bayle

    Human skeleton models:

    Version 1 - Original
    Version 2 - Kunark
    Version 3 - LDoN

    There are color variations for version 3 (warm white, grey, cold blue white, red). I think they all look pretty good. Version 3 does look evil at most and has the most fluent animation. I like v3 as mobs but not so much as pets.
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  5. Disapointed Journeyman

    RIP Sk pets!

    the old graphic was amazing, sadly now it's a horrible new luclin model graphic/animation.
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