Old raid mobs with long respawn timers.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Goth, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Tharrg Augur

    yes but if they spawn every couple hours.. the loot is no longer Rare... and thus the price drops... and or becomes no longer the push.... yeah fear golems will be hit fast and hard alot.. but more kills means more epic drops and more people just giving them away. This will fix broken issues like epics. Yeah it will be bad for a short period but it will get better. Right now.. doing nothing just keeps it being bad. If the matter would be fixed with time it would been fixed 10years ago but here we are with same issues... Spawn time increase will fix it.
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  2. Sinestra Augur

    If I understand correctly, we are saying the same thing. A majority locked down the vote for months not allowing the next expansion to open and a lot of people left, and it was the vocal minority screaming about it on the boards. Regardless, for the most part the servers were supposed to open under certain circumstances and a lot of people, once the servers opened, even though it was clear what would be required, thought they were being picked on because the vote didn't go their way and wanted the rules changed to suit them.

    As for whether this would be good for progression servers, I don't think it would hurt much. They required a large number of people to participate in the raids at the time they were current and once they stopped being current, the need for them to have been exclusive is gone anyway.

    Arguing prices for farmers is irrelevant as the cost of an item will almost always drop when there are tons available.
  3. Falos Augur

    Personally I do not think the long overdue revamp of respawn timers on vex thal and other assorted decade+ old zones with desirable clickies should be put on hold or stopped because of the POTENTIAL for another progression server.

    We've already had 2 waves of progression servers, the next wave of special rules set servers most likely will not be a progression server... yet the vast majority of other servers are being 'blocked' from having more acceptable spawnrates on this old content because of the *FUTURE POTENTIAL* for a single server?

    Wow, not cool =I I'll be voting against any progression servers in the future if they ever pop up for vote again. I hope others will do the same in light of the fact that progression servers are indirectly griefing live servers.
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  4. Silv Augur

    So basically the answer was 1) It's too much work, and 2) it would screw up TWO servers so all the rest have to suffer because they're on a normal ruleset.

    If this type of thing is "too much work" then why are we still seeing mass overhauls of lots of OLD content that wasn't broken? I have a feeling the population who want to farm Solteris, Demi, or most of SOD are a much smaller group than those after epics or other antiquated, yet meaningful, quests. Clearly there is some player interest in this area.

    The idea of an up-to-POP progression server just surfaced during the recent dev chat. How about taking time to work on something for all the current live servers instead of just adding on new stuff that will also take a bunch of work?

    The progression servers are already up to SOF and you're also considering giving them autogrant AA (up for a vote ATM). If this isn't far enough in progression or enough of a "disruption" to the general idea of the progression servers to justify long respawn timer adjustments, well, I'm at a loss. It just doesn't seem like a logical argument IMO. Using the TLP excuse seems like just that, a convenient excuse.

    The response should have simply been left at "it's too much work" instead of trying to throw in TLP servers as a reason. I hope the upcoming content releases are sufficient since there is not enough time to revisit these types of issues.
  5. Tharrg Augur

    I still dont think it will really take that long to adjust the timers. I think its really only about the progression servers. I think enough people have been voicing this to actually give it some more than a passing ...well we would but it messes with the progression servers..... Well they made a special server that removes no drops... so why cant a future progression server be designed to remove changes in spawn times? Its a special rule server to begin with so if they change is made then it can be reversed.

    I will say I am happy that they did say in the chat recently that they will be doing something this year in regards to bringing back items that no longer drop. This is at least something.. But I still want to get them to take spawn timers seriously.
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  6. Moklianne Augur

    Are you really saying that you know more about their backend systems than they do?

    We have no idea how antiquated their backend systems are. Remember these timers are in expansions of EQ's hay day. Non of those devs still exist on the EQ team as far as I know. I'm sure if we asked to adjust timers in a later expansion such as TBS or TSS, it would be less of an issue. Probably due to better documentation and commenting as the team grew.
  7. Goth Augur

    its all in the same database. spawn timers for Coth and EQ1999 are all the same adjustment.
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  8. Tharrg Augur

    Just that.. in previous instances where they adjusted the timers before... it appeared from there postings and comments to not take a "long time" to do. I think the key here is that they are making the statement that changing the timers, while keeping their precious progression server free from the change, is what will take the time. I really do not know... maybe it will be horrible headache to do.... I still think it should be done.
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  9. Silv Augur

    They adjusted multiple Luclin (Ssra, few others) and PoP timers well after those expansions had come and gone. It didn't seem to be a huge issue then. They also mess with all of the spawns/timers every year when Fabled go live. I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you though that it may be complicated or take time.
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  10. Ishtass Augur

    Devs back then were cowboys
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  11. Draego Augur


    I wish to address some things that you have said and then offer rebutal concerning some changes that have been made in game in the last few updates.

    Like I have argued already, many of the recent expansions contain little more than simple copy and pasted (although modified, I will grant that) versions of existing zones.

    Recently I obtained a White Silken Bridle from one of the Praesertum's in Sanctus Seru, imagine my surprise when I went to the Bazaar in order to sell the Bridle to one of the Four bridle buyers to find a Single buy back vendor named Galic Amondson. This is an example of how easily SOE is capable of going back and making changes that better the game, so I (like many others here) still cannot see the continued reasoning for such a negative response and non support of fixing issues related to long respawn timers and other broken aspects of the game.

    I also assume that it was not a simple side project when SOE went back and revamped each and every quest related to Mercenary obtaining progression, IF SOE can spend that much time on fixing something that wasn't broken to begin with, then surely they can look into this serious player concern. I am not suggesting that it would be a simple side project, but one definitely worth undertaking.

    Even in your own words you admit that creating instances of the zones, would be far less disruptive and would allow you to avoid interfering with the TLP servers. Yet every argument continues to come back concerning comments such as this one.
    That is why when you make a comment as the following, it negates the reasoning that has been presented to players, and sounds very duplicitous.
    I don't think anyone is asking for SOE to break the bank in fixing some of these things, we just would like to see them fixed ultimately prolonging the lifespan of EQ all that much longer.

    Now if you feel that this has been an attack in anyway, I am sorry for your perception, as that was not the intention. I am simply addressing the comments you have made, provided examples of recent changes that have ultimately affected the game for the better, while addressing the point that this topic is something that really does deserve some considered attention.
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  12. Draego Augur

    Found yet ANOTHER example of how SOE Dev's waste their time fixing things that weren't broken.

    Druid/Ranger Epic 1.0 as of 2 years ago (last time I helped a friend)Faelin in Greater Faydark still had to be spawned via hunting down her roaming Orc Pawn PH. As of today, she was instanced triggerable as soon as my new young druid got in range while being at the correct point of his 1.0 quest.

    So when can we expect the obnoxiously long respawn timers to be addressed?
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  13. Tharrg Augur

    be nice if sooner not later...so far this fable has been a pain as now more than ever people are killing the raid bosses and rares even faster.... I still dont know why they are ignoring this.
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  14. Raluden Elder

    A lot of people farm old world mobs for alts, too. I know whenever I create a plate class, the first thing I do is check Kael. BP from Statue, SBOZ if necessary, and AoW ring and bow if needed and I'm on the way to being . There's plenty more, of course. You get gear wearable at level 1, making the PLing a lot easier.
  15. Tharrg Augur

    I can only hope that the heroic characters stop alot of the alt farming... so maybe I can do some old progression
  16. Draego Augur

    Check out the BP from Seru instead 75AC starting.
  17. ~Mills~ Augur

    Good luck! Heroic and the aa grant are just going to make it so more people want old stuff and the queue for who wants what mob only grows with all the alts, bots and other like minded people coming back. Something tells me you won't be happy until everyone else pays the bills so the devs can simply design the game around you. To help you do exactly what you want when you want rather then working to get the spawn and doing it just like everyone else who wanted it.
  18. Tharrg Augur

    Again...why do people somehow antiquate fixing spawn times to give people a shot at highly contested permacamped mobs to being lazy? These mobs are dead in seconds of spawning.... its not a being lazy that is keeping me from getting them. In fact I can see them up. Its that they are killed within seconds that I am dealing with and so are others. I went to VT after a server patch with my wife to try some progression. We were not through the first couple mobs when several level 100 bots ran in and wiped every named in the zone then left.
    This is the problem others are having as well. The only solution that I feel is the least difficult is to just do what they have done before and that is adjust the spawn times on these rare mobs. Again I am still going to have to compete with people... but when you go from having 1 spawn every 3 days to 18times every 3 days because it spawns every 4 hours.... My chances to find the creature up increase by a factor of 10. I do not want the creature to be given to me, which is what I feel instance zones are. I want to find the creature and kill it and progress. I do not think that keeping things the way they are and allowing people to keep spawns locked down is the right thing to do. Im not being lazy.... I just think the argument that people should level a 100 and do the same is an ignorant statement which is what most seem to post.
  19. ~Mills~ Augur

    They are raid mobs. I would love to farm all raids every 4 hours for what I want I don't think its fair that new raids require 54 people and make me wait 5 days. Lets change the game for the better so I can as a warrior solo all mobs in game in level 85 gear so I can farm any content in game even raids. I pay for it with my sub and I want to progress.

    You can work your way to the spawn point before they pop and wait you already know the approximate spawn time +- 12 hours but you don't want to do that. As you spend your time lobbying on these boards every hour on the hour for a fictional issue to be addressed when the devs already can't handle whats on their plate due to cut backs and time.
  20. Draego Augur

    I feel this is pertinant to the current topic so I will be adding it here as well as starting a seperate discussion for the individual topic:

    Now you just know some Dev is sitting back and laughing their a** off about how this is going to cause serious issues with Seru and Emperor Ssra. I feel sorry for the poor CSRs who are going to wind up being flagged down every time one of these mobs spawns.

    Granted for Pally and Sk this shouldnt be an issue.

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