Old maps that you dislike and would want to see remade

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  1. Orbital101 Augur

    Going to remake some old maps in the next couple of weeks and though I would ask around. Since im not really interested to Ragefire I need to stay occupied with everyone gone lol. Some maps are very hard to work with, specially if you zone in for the first time. My first pick will be Castle Mistmoore and Upper Guk. The maps are hard to read and like impossible to find a high and low that is working properly... Considering the hardcore heritage are progressively coming out I may as well aim for those zones first.

    I cant say that I will be able to do all the requests with like 600 possible zones but will take a look at all the options and work my way down from there. So please tell what zones and why you think it should be redone. Also any information about what you like or dislike about a map will be appreciated. What color you enjoy most? do you rather have transparent map or full texture? etc...

    Maps will be on EQR to download eventually.
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  2. Orbital101 Augur

  3. Orbital101 Augur

    Mistmoore: Before



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  4. Slowhand Elder

  5. Kolani Augur

    The Chardok map is pretty bad, Kedge too.
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  6. Kellaer Augur

    Katta Castellum. Whoever decided that yellow was a good color for lines on the map deserves to get punched on the nose.
  7. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Mec Guardian map is incomplete or at least I've not managed to find a complete one.

    I prefer dark lines for the maps.

    P.S. Thanks for asking and doing these. :)
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  8. Soltara Augur

    Those are awesome. Can you do lower guk as well?
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  9. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    Mistmoore has already been remade, as has nearly all of Faydwer. Just Fyi.
  10. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Perhaps, all of you great cartographer's can tackle this crazy task together.
    Been waiting for more MapQuest maps to be released; any ETA on when we'll be able to get the Faydwer set will be done? Did the Heart of Fear B ever get completely finished? I never did find a complete version of it; just the ones that EQR lists.
  11. Vanrau Augur

    The tunnel boundary lines in the bazaar have been off for a long time. It would be nice if we could have that fixed.
  12. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info

  13. Khauruk Augur

    In general, anything w/ lots of grey or white or yellow or neon lines could use some re-coloring. This really impacts the zones for the first few expansions (grey) and a number of the middles ones (neon). Any zones w/ lots of height changes could use a look. Zones w/ huge numbers of labels could use some tidying up.

    A few places that I went through just now:
    *Sarith City - the gridlines, please at least move them to layer 3 away from labels/geography.
    *City of Bronze - labels are split over 2 layers. I'd put all on layer 2, and for the tradeskill guys change it to something like "Cerskel Gorinar (A)" and have a key in a corner w/ that A means. This would clean it up a lot.
    *Resplendent Temple - neon colors make it very hard to figure out what's going on. A key breaking out to what color is what level in a corner would be great also.
    *Tower of Rot - could use more colors for layers.
    *Dead Hills - doesn't need separate lines for the path at the bottom of a canyon and the top of the canyon.
    *Bixie Hills - colors for levels
    *Crescent Reach could use a similar re-treatment of labels to make it more usable.
    *MMM - recolor/key levels
    *Gyrospires - recolor/key levels
    *Riftseeker's Sanctum - gridlines if present should be on layer 3. Zone is open enough that color change isn't really needed, but probably good still.
    *Noble's Causeway is just weird and a bit confusing.
    *Temple of Veeshan - grey
    *Siren's Grotto - grey
    *Skyshrine - grey (I'm seeing a trend going all over Velious here, as I look back)
    *Arcithrex - good overall, but a line showing people how to get to Volska's Husk would be extremely useful. I've had to show people how to get there a ton of times.
    *Kernagir - kill grids
    *Convorteum - I'm not sure how the pyramid can be made more usable, really (Thankfully it's pretty linear). The lava boundaries don't really add much information, though, and can probably be removed altogether to make that map a bit easier to ready (esp. when red is the dominant but least important color).
    *Underquarry has always confused people that I've been around. Maybe make the level colors a bit more distinct and put in a key?
    *The Hole - grey and neon, almost impossible to use the map in base UI.
    *Warrens - grey, but a bit darker. Lower priority imo since it's a simpler zone.
    *Karnor's Castle - coloring
    *City of Mist - coloring
    *Kurn's Tower - coloring
    *Howling Stones - show traps/1-way stuff
    *Chardok - coloring
    *Nurga - coloring
    *Droga - coloring
    *Seb - coloring
  14. Khauruk Augur

    Your changes above look great, by the way!
  15. Geroblue Augur

    I would like old Freeport with new graphics.
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  16. Garshok Augur

    Beat me too it - I was going to ask if he could remake Freeport like it used to be. ;)
  17. Burdi Augur

    Thanks for it.
    The example are looking much better!
  18. Orbital101 Augur

    Chardok was on my list but not on top of it after doing upper guk. It kind of moved down the list. Underground dungeon with over lapping tunnels make my eyes want to pop out and lots of those on my list lol.

    I wasn't thinking of doing it by looking at the in game map it wasn't that bad as upper guk was but thats one of the 2 zones that people keep asking for so guess my eyes will cry again sometime this week!

    Working on it as we speak... will be done with it in a few... Lots asked for it even if I wonder if many people still go there. This is one of my preferred zones...

    and I also just figured out how to get out of the water finally!

    Where does one get those? or knows which zones is done or missing.

    I got a updated version of tower of rot that I still need to work on. I'm the one that mapped the zone with only 1.5 hrs before beta server went down and never got back up untill beta ended. That was including clearing some of the first missions since I dint had a rogue setup. I auto mapped it with a file size of 3 expansions worth of maps lol. Its the heaviest map file atm at 3k727KB, the one I have is at 131 lol. I could always have finished it but then was so much to do that it kind of got left out. I will make sure the updated version is available with EQR soon as I finish it this week.

    Thats when everyone was panicking from not having any map for when it goes live so kind of did it super fast with thought of what would be EQ if no one had maps lol.
  19. Khauruk Augur

    I never noticed the size - that's nuts! Thanks for the quick map back then, though. :)
  20. Bigstomp Augur

    Anything that is coming up via HH, or other reasons for us to go back to old zones would be awesome to have new maps for.