Old Iksar looking for Cabilis

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Magus65, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Magus65 New Member

    i'm an old EQ player from the days of the Kunark expansion up till we went into the planes of power.i eventually quit due to Rakarsis dying and the inability in that time to summon my corpse from the deep depths of a god forsaken tomb to retrieve most of my most valuable equipment. Devastated i quit EQ all those years ago

    I quit EQ all those years ago since i was a dedicated player to my Iksar Shadowknight Rakarsis who grew up in the old city of Cabilis.

    My question is can i return to my dear city and the new Iksar Empire or is my Iksar destined to be an outcast force to fight and live in foreign lands forever more. I heard some snip bits of the ability to go to old starter cities like Cabilis instead of going to Crescent Reach but I've seen no information on HOW your able to do that.
  2. Geroblue Augur

    If your home city is already Cabilis, that is where it is. It wil lstay that character's start city. If you want a new Iksar character, it is done at character creation. Look at the Starting city, when you are still doing eye colors, etc. and select it from the pull down menu.

    To see what your character's start city is: /char <enter key>

    First is your bind point, and second is your start/home city.
  3. Magus65 New Member

    I'm confused with your reply since in character creation there is only one starting city Crescent Reach when i was creating my new EQ character... i tried to get a drop down menu of other starting cities by clicking on Crescent Reach on the character creation menu but all that showed was Crescent Reach
  4. Magus65 New Member

    Ill try making another Iksar character to try to see if i can get back to Cabilis but i didnt see any other starter city in the selections when i created my last iksar character last night.
  5. Toquillaw Augur

    By default the tutorial button is on in character creation. Just turn that off and you start in your race home city. Have fun, I love Iksar stew!
  6. Khoza Augur

    I assume (yeah, dangerous) that you're playing on a Silver membership, correct? If so, your issue would be that Silver accounts aren't allowed to use any home city except CR. Even a pre-FTP (or post-FTP Gold created) character will have their Origin point and Return Home point set to CR if your account changes to Silver.
  7. Borek-VS Augur

    You may need to be Gold to select a racial starting city; I'm not sure.

    Certainly new Free characters only give the option of Crescent Reach as your home city; Gloomingdeep/tutorial is separate option that works alongside any starting city, and you can safely ignore it.
  8. Magus65 New Member

    Why isnt information like this isnt posted in the free to play vs silver and gold information page?! An iksar without a home? What am I playing EQII? bah..
  9. Magus65 New Member

    Well I'm not going to go gold membership to relive the good old days. I could simply buy an older version of EQ and go on the 1999 project free sever to do that. (more upfront costs but less down the line).

    Goodbye EQ again...
  10. Magus New Member

    Yeah, I feel you. Cabilis is still my home after all these years.

    I did not know about how the game only let you choose that lame 'player hub' for silver accounts. Fortunately you can still visit Cabilis and bind there, but you can't do the class quests I don't think (You should be able to if you go the toilmaster route and claim you lost your class item, haven't checked since I made all my characters with their proper starting cities set but it seems feasible as long as you are a spellcaster and have gate.)

    Still, you shouldn't worry about it too much. You can still go to Cabilis, hang out there, bind there etc. It has no real effect on your character. The Iksar there treat your Iksar the exact same.
  11. Borek-VS Augur

    You will be able to do the class quests. At worst, you can do the penance quest a couple of times to fix your faction.
  12. Magus65 New Member

    Ya but i have no idea how to get there from Crescent Reach...
  13. Qbert Gallifreyan

    The short answer is that the map was updated about a year ago to help you with your issue. You can choose to have a path generated from wherever you are in EQ, to wherever you want to go. There are some limitations (primarily involving instanced zones), but they should not impact you on your quest to make it to Cabilis.

    The longer answer is to follow this path:

    • Exit Crescent Reach by zoning into Blightfire Moors.
    • Once in Blightfire, hook a right along the zone wall, and it will lead you to the PoK book.
    • Once in PoK, there is a Cabilis stone, which will drop you in the Field of Bone, which is a stone's throw from Cabilis.
  14. Belthil New Member

    Unless you deleted Rakarsis, he should still be around and his starting city will be set as Cabillis. You might need to find what happened to your server since there have been a number of server merges (see here for a list: http://www.paullynch.org/tnzfaq/?page_id=332). This is, of course, assuming you are using your old account and haven't gone and created a completely new one. I would recommend using your old account for a number of reasons - not the least of which is the free silver membership, the 'grandfathering' of any characters you have without the need to buy race/class unlocks, and any veteran rewards you have earned on that account.
  15. Magus65 New Member

    I dont even remember what the name of my account was back then. I dont think i even had a station account during my time with Rakarsis. I dont even remember whehter or not I had him on my sister's EQ account since we both played the game back then.I dont even remember the server i played on. This was like nearly a decade ago you gotta remember.

    No Rakarsis as he was is lost to time as far as I am concerned.
  16. Magus New Member

    Google search 'everquest maps'. You should be able to find a site that lets you download all the games map packs so you don't get lost. From crescent reach you go to blightfire moors, turn right and follow the wall till you find the PoK book, click it and then use 'find' to find the field of bone cabilis book. You should be familiar with that zone I think.
  17. Geroblue Augur

    The NPC that gives you the information so you can correctly answer the 4 questions, to get the adventurer's stone at 15th level, is at your starting city. I took one of my characters a month or so ago where I thought their starting city was, I didn't use /char to check, and got told by that NPC to leave. I went to CR, the correct starting city for that character, no problems.