Old and lost account recovery?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by thunder, May 15, 2021.

  1. thunder New Member

    I played on The Rathe and quit around 2004. I wasn't some major player, but no game ever filled the hole that Everquest left. I want to see my old characters, peruse my old bags of stuff and reminisce.

    Unfortunately I'm old now, don't remember the username or password and have lost the e-mail connected to the account, it's deleted and unrecoverable.

    I've created a support ticket but haven't heard anything in a week. Feeling as though I should chalk it up as a loss and move on. Is there any hope of getting my old Everquest account back?
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  2. Sprooce Journeyman

    I went through this exact scenario a few months ago, hadn't played since 2003, couldn't remember login or email or credit card details, but it came down to being able to confirm the address originally tied to the account and that was good enough.

    Got my old char back and have been having a lot of fun catching up with the game. I agree, no game ever filled the EQ hole. Hope it goes your way!

    Oh also, it took maybe 8 or 10 days to hear back from anybody. I had given up, made a new char on my old server, and then received a support email right after and it was all sorted over a couple days worth of emailing.
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  3. thunder New Member

    That is awesome! I'm so glad you were able to get your old account up and running. Here's hoping I can manage the same.
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  4. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    It can be a while to get a response on something that involves digging into character files or into accounts when they don't have all the info they need to hand.

    On stuff where you have 99% of the answers to give them it can be much faster.

    I had a (unrelated) petition today that was solved in under 5 minutes...but I had given them a lot of detail to work with.
  5. Sprooce Journeyman

    Totally, well said, Skuz.. I've had a couple in game /petition things since then and they were answered same day.

    Thanks! Fingers crossed for ya!
  6. Hegsheoshed Augur

    I wonder if I would remember any of your character names? Anything with Red or Vex in the name? Not even sure if you remember any of your old character names.
  7. thunder New Member

    My main character was a barbarian warrior named Ahrok. Was in a small guild, I believe it was called Avengers in Faith but I could be wrong. To this day I still think about the fun times we had.
  8. Doranur_Aleguzzler Augur

    Whomever is Acting Community Manager needs to put up a sticky post, with detailed instructions on what information you need to recover an account, as well as HOW to get the process rolling. The Newbie Zone is the best place to do this.
  9. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    its under help on the main eq site

    and retrieval can be different for each person
  10. Doranur_Aleguzzler Augur

    There still should be a sticky with the appropriate link. There are so many posts asking how to recover accounts, I'm positive they aren't going to the website first.
  11. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    Unfortunately they would overlook it under new player or player support also. Just like no one sees the post in bug reports that tells them to click like on the first post.

    Its best just to pop in the link when you see the post about it like many of us do. If you can't change the train then change the track.
  12. Toysoldier New Member

    This post inspired me to try and recover my very first EQ account from 2000. After many questions they finally was able to get me into the account. It wasnt to awfully hard to do.

    Thanks for the inspiration OP!
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  13. Mepps Sr. Community Manager