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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by VixenRage, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. VixenRage New Member

    Is it even worth making a Enchanter or Shaman to make and sell trade goods? It seems
    everything is given to players or available from merchants.
  2. Zamiam Augur

    run while you still can .. we just had a 2 hour maintenance patch that turned into 17 hours.. but hey GL to ya
  3. IblisTheMage Augur

    Please stop trolling all these threads...
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  4. Zamiam Augur

    lol im not trolling .. I did tell the bloke GL ..
    and I have the right to be a little jaded after a 17 hour patch .. like you've never gotten a little hot headed over something regarding this game ?
  5. Warpeace Augur

    Not a lot in game generates coin other than selling power levels or 24/7 bot farming for rare drops.
  6. Skeetari Lorekeeper

    Not sure about live, since I play on TLP, but shaman alchemy potions are still popular. Enchanter made stuff (viscious mana etc) is still needed for tradeskills. I doubt you will get rich selling the stuff, but you can still make and sell it for at least a little bit of profits.
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  7. Aurmoon Augur

    The majority of valuable tradeskill items (armor / weapons / augments) can be made by players of any class. Don’t pick a class based on which items they can make.
  8. Madmax1939 Lorekeeper

    Yes you can make money doing the lower end tradeskill stuff, Also farming the lower end tradeskill stuff is still good money. I've had to buy spiderling a few times in the bazaar the past couple weeks not many but a few. The prices for it ranged from 200pp per to 400pp per silk. Pretty crazy I think for killing a level one mob. I would still rather buy a few in bazaar then spend the time farming them although I might in the future. Its all about opportunity costs whats the best use of my time. I like how daybreak is bringing back some of the old farm items like tempers and silks in the new recipes I think its a good trend on their part.
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  9. Conq Augur

    Tons of tradeskill items are still viable plat makers on Tunare. Still tons of players trying to max their tradeskills to 350 and constantly offering 20-100k each for rare drop items from lower level zones. There are still people buying the conflagrant gear, though maybe wiser to make per order, just advertise suits and make to order. Slime drops from RoS are on /barter for 20k each, all kinds of stuff still selling.
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  10. Nightops Augur

    The simple answer is -no-.

    You will not be able to sell items consistently enough to make plat unless they are conflagrant (or whatever in the next expansion). Even now at the end of RoS, there will not be a large demand for conflagrant unless the Devs link conflagrant into the combine to create tradeskill items in the next expansion. (think selrach needed to make T1 RoS).

    In general, you can not just make a new toon or re-activate an old toon and expect to be able to make TS items which people will want to buy. For the most part, you will need to get to the current level range (106-110) along with lots of AAs for Tradeskills. Even when you do this, you will still need to work your skill to max at 300, work your TS trophy to max lvl, and then work some of your 301-350 skill.

    Failure to work your skill over 300 with trophy and skill will result in a large amount of failures in current conflagrant combines (think above 75% failure). This high of failure will cost you plat instead of making plat.

    Just to give you an idea, modified tradeskill cap is now 395 and the artisan's earring aug mod reduces failure rate by 5%. With all of that working, I still fail conflagrant visual armor at a rate of ~15%.

    Shamans may be able to make potions which can be sold at different level from earlier expansions. I don't know much about this area. Enchanters however, I believe are a little more limited because their enchant spells require getting to a current lvl to mem. This can be worked around, but can get annoying looking for someone to play or log on an enchanter. The best part about a sham or enc is that both classes are highly desired in raiding guilds.
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  11. Rickate Augur

    Enc or Shm gives you a few extra items but the main thing you're selling is time, people will buy subcombines. I sell about 1000 Gate potions a week at 250pp and unless people have lots of Expedient Trade Vouchers most customers pay 275pp each. Occasionally someone will undercut because they are willing to spend the time to make the potions and use the /trader space but no one has consistently sold Gate potions at a lower price (yet) on FV.

    If you have the Gold account and /trader space you can make 1000 Vegetables and Celestial Essence and essentially price your time, the lower you go the more likely someone would rather buy them from you than auto-combine, the higher you go the larger the profit when someone does. There are various other subcombines, mostly baking and you can also expand your inventory by farming eggs.

    Enc and Shm generally means having to invest to stock your trader, Rubies for Vial of Purified Mana, Fangorth for illusion potions as well as the dropped item, 150ish pp for a Gate potion so not as effective for just starting out.
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  12. VixenRage New Member

    Many thanks all, lots of good advice

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