Ogre Slumber Party - FV Raiding Guild

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    Newly made guild from Everquest veterans from all over the game.
    With several world first clears including The Sleeper on The Rathe. 24 years of Raid experience and as much raid leading. Leadership and officers have an abundant amount of knowledge to help new players and old players alike.
    We plan on raiding 2 nights a week once core is filled TILL CONTENT CLEARED THEN 1 NIGHT FROM THEN ON A WEEK. Currently looking for 2 clerics, 1 mage, 1 wizard, 1 monk, 1 bard. 1 Shaman and enchanter. Also, if you're a exceptional player feels free to msg no matter what class.
    Raids will start on schedule and end early most days. We donnt sit and talk about buffing for 45 minutes and we didnt lose everyone to the big Hack ban that wrecked every other guild.
    So if you want a stable place to kill intarweb pixels. Look no further!
    DKP system. 40% attendance to bid on raid days. Off day raids will be handled differently.
    Need to be at least 115 and actively leveling. 120 preferred, type 7 and 5 augs. and level appropriate gear.
    Remember! We will build you up and make you the EQ player you always thought you could be
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    lmao good luck
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  3. Rumdrun New Member

    You all still raiding ??? lol
  4. Anythingtowin New Member

    What day(s) do you raid? Times?
    How far have you currently gotten through ls?
    How will dkp work on the free trade server? Different bid lvls for greed vs need?
    Where did all these raiders come from when the other guilds are dying slowly?

    Honest questions!
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  5. GameKiller Journeyman

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  6. Cadira Augur

    I, too, am curious about these things.
  7. Fenthen Living rent free in your headspace

    Bro's calling himself the best warrior on the server, had me rolling.
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