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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Siddar, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Siddar Augur

    Great new feature I love it.

    Worth about half the cost of the expansion all by itself.

    Good job to the devs who made it and the players who relentlessly kept asking for it for years.
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  2. Lady Battlemaiden New Member

    I whole heartedly agree. Thank you so much for this new feature.
  3. Mintalie Augur

    LOVE this feature. Thanks, devs.
  4. Tarvas Augur

    Love it too
  5. Blacksun Elder

    Is anyone else having the problem: search for something in the /baz window, find it, run to physical trader location, search on trader, it's not there, but still in search results (repeatedly found over successive searches, so it wasn't bought by someone else on the run over), buy using mail delivery, item gets delivered? Offline traders in two situations last night.

    Sorry for the lack of formatting.

    I'm not sure how an item gets listed for an offline trader, when it is not in their physical inventory or at least made available when physically browsing.
  6. Geroblue Augur

    When I am doing a baz search I 'update traders' rather often to avoid that.
  7. Blacksun Elder

    Maybe my run on sentence didn't convey it correctly. The trader was there in the bazaar. He was in offline mode. His widget was for sale in the /baz window. But when browsing his wares directly, the widget did not show up. I bought the widget using the offline buy/mail delivery option and actually received the virtual-virtual widget. Odd? Yes. Bug? Maybe. Did the trader sell the same item twice? Did I buy something that was technically no longer available (maybe the trader removed it from the bazaar listing, but the offline mode didn't update). Who knows really.
  8. Traveller New Member

    Did you uncheck the box for "Only show items I can use"?
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  9. Taadieri Journeyman

    This is almost always the issue with "missing" items on a vendor's inventory.
  10. Daislet Augur

    How do you sell offline?
  11. Piestro Augur

    I've forgotten to do that several times and been extraordinarily frustrated. Sounds exactly like what Blacksun is experiencing.
  12. Jondalar Augur

    I can't seem to find any logging of transactions while in offline mode.
    Is this information available?
  13. Rtugok Developer

    Should be in your chat when you log back in if you bought/sold anything while offline. You may have to scroll up.
  14. Elizabeta Augur

    This is the perfect example why the default setting for any merchant or trader should be to show ALL items. If you want to check/press the limit items button then you can press it.
  15. Gythlen Augur

    Indeed, HOW do you sell offline?

    I've been searching for a FAQ on it, and all I find is people talking about it but nothing else. First time I've ever used EQ1 /bazaar and would really like some help on this please.
  16. Fanra Augur

    Set up your trader as usual by typing /trader. If you don't know how to set up a trader, that is kind of another issue.

    When you bring up the Trader window, activate trading (go into Trader mode). There is a new button right next to activating trader that says, "Offline Mode". Click that and you go into Offline trader mode. Then the game should exit and your trader remains up.
  17. Lily Augur

    Unfortunately even in offline mode, someone can still summon items onto your cursor so you can't trade.
  18. Siddar Augur

    Buy trade satchel bags from NPC merchant that is in center of Bazaar near entrance to hallway that leads up trading area port over. Satchels cost 10pp each and hold ten items. You can have as many satchels are you have non bank inventory bag slots. They work as a normal ten slot bag as well but have a large weight penalty. They make fairly decent bank containers as a secondary use.

    Now head up to the trading area and go to the places you see other traders standing. Stand next to them on slightly up raised wooden floor planks.

    Place items you want to sale in trade satchels

    Type /trader to bring up trader window.

    Target items you want to sale in the trade window and set a price for them. The items must be in a trade satchel in order for them to be traded.

    Click begin trading button in that same window.

    Click offline mode button, then the confirm choice box.

    You should disconnect from game at this point but with your trader left behind in the Bazaar as a npc.
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  19. Angahran Augur

    Now, what would make this perfect would be to merge the /trader and /barter (?) features and let us buy/sell at the same time.
    Obviously the merchant would have to a) have available plat and b) have bag space.

    And make the bazaar slots 100-199 available please (and 20 slot 'merchant' bags).

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  20. Synisca Augur

    Yep, this is what happened.

    I love the offline trading, I just wish I could have an offline trader on the account I want to play on. I'm sure that'd be a nightmare to implement though. Or that you could use a free account for a trader, maybe have another tier of accounts that can only have one character in the baz?

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