Official Rizlona Unlock Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Foaming, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    If the GM enforcement can only be done until PoP? Fine, remove both the GM enforcement & the PoP-Lock.

    Servers are funny animals & sometimes it's how they start that sets the tone for the server, GM Enforced up to an era where most think the population dies off (that's a myth because it doesn't actually happen like that) could work out well & foster a much better start for the server so to end it on LDoN seems rather short-sighted, and by then a new TLP(s) would be on the horizon & the GM that worked on Aradune/Rizlona would then be freed up to work on the new TLP(s).

    A big part of Phinigel's success was that it had AoC, it was also the first Truebox server & that was also a fundamental & crucial part of that success because it took a while for the worst krono-lords & bot-teams to find workarounds for it, by which time the server was no longer attractive to them and is why Mangler had a rougher time due to bots - it had arrived with an old Truebox code that had now been circumvented creating a perfect opportunity as Mangler was then ripe for the pillaging.

    So the Key thing I am saying here is that on TLP, getting the start right matters a lot for the server's success.

    Truebox worked on Phinny but didn't on Mangler & Truebox WITH GM Enforcement is in my view the Truebox 2.0 that would have made Mangler an even bigger success & given it a "cleaner" start. Which only reinforces why PoP-locked is a cut your own throat move, just as the server exits the era of the game where the worst elements on TLP are found.

    Bot-team problem on live - well that won't be solved by a great start I know, but targeted AoC for zones that see massive botting could be the solution to removing content bottlenecks caused by them there.
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  2. biohazard New Member

    Was going to sub 3 accounts for Rizlona now that number is zero.
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  3. Foaming I Drank Bleach IRL Once

    Folks, please do not insult or wish anyone be fired. We can all agree poor decisions were made with regards to the LDoN lock, but any sort of attack will not help our cause. The hard facts are likely this decision was more rushed than Darkpaw wanted due to a variety of reasons, including Covid-19. Under these extreme conditions we can be more forgiving than usual.

    All that being said I truly hope Darkpaw and the powers that be see this thread, see the number of people interested in the server, and see that nearly no one wants a locked freebox server.
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  4. Overcast451 Augur

    I know I won't be playing on Rizlona for sure with the boxing rules - but it doesn't make any sense that it'll be PoP locked.

    Aradune.. with that ruleset, I can see it. I realize many people might be right about it becoming somewhat restrictive once a new TLP comes out and the population wanes there, but people know what they'll be signing up for there.

    I don't get why people whine about either one so much though - Mangler's still out there and might even stay somewhat strong with these being PoP locked. We'll see I guess.
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  5. jeskola pheerie

    If they really insist on a POP locked server, please make it Aradune, and leave Rizlona unlocked.
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  6. Whoops Augur

    Especially these two bits! And announcing from day -30 that the servers will begin severely maimed/hindered by being PoP/LDoN locked cripples the attempt at a great start for a lot of people.
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  7. Smallhands Elder

    In before DPG says they made a mistake & accidentally copypasta'd the Aradune ruleset.
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  8. Foaming I Drank Bleach IRL Once

    As awesome and hilarious as that would be I have a fair amount of faith Dreamweaver knows how to do their job.

    I really hope they remove the lock. I have wanted to be able to box without multiple computers on a progression server for awhile now. I missed the Ragefire/Lockjaw launches.
  9. Hdizzle Augur

    Alright how about this. Just Aradune this year. Do the memorial thing its cool.

    Next year. RIZLONA WITH NO LOCK.

    I really am struggling to understand why they can't make a nontruebox TLP with aocs lol. They only logical reason I can think of is that the company terrified that ruleset would destroy all their servers (yeah it would pull live players to full time TLP((fewer expansions sales)) and the demand would be impossible to manage. They'd probably have to launch two servers.

    /change my mind meme.