Odylic Vial recipe

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Mukkul, Dec 24, 2019.

  1. Mukkul Elder

    The following ingredients are used in the pottery recipe to make Odylic Vial. There are a few anomolies that need corrected.
    item                           stackable   tradeskill flag   
    High Quality Firing Sheet      1000        Yes
    Water Flask                    1000        Yes
    Block of Clay                  1000        Yes
    Medium Jar Sketch              1000        Yes
    Glaze Lacquer                  1000        Yes
    Alabaster Beak                 1000        Yes
    Ivory Stormrider Canine        100         Yes
    Liquefied Earth                1000        Yes
    Shattered Crystal              1000        Yes
    Emerald Colored Mephit Scales  1000        Yes
    Oil of a Frog                  No          No
    Solidified Magma               1000        Yes
    Fiery Granite                  1000        Yes
  2. Velisaris_MS Augur

    All of those combines use a glaze mortar, which is not a tradeskill container. So having non-tradeskill ingredients for this isn't a bug. I know the recipe states that it's pottery, but the combines aren't. Stupid, but not a bug based on the container type.
  3. Mukkul Elder

    You saying they should remove the tradeskill flag from all the recipe ingredients? How about no.
  4. Velisaris_MS Augur

    That's not even remotely what I said.

    What I said is that a glaze mortar is not considered a tradeskill container, does not have a tradeskill tag, and does not use an actual tradeskill on the combine (even though you can use it to make tradeskill items). Therefore, you can combine things that aren't marked as tradeskill items. That means you can combine things like Oil of a Frog in it even if it isn't marked as a tradeskill item.

    That's why I said it's stupid...it acts like a tradeskill combine when it actually isn't. There are a couple of other containers like this (jars) that you combine things in, but aren't marked as tradeskill related.

    So, going back to your original post, Oil of a Frog not being a tradeskill item is not a bug that needs to be corrected because it's not used in any tradeskill recipes. Just because you combine something in a container doesn't make it a tradeskill combine.
  5. Shaantara Elder

    I sent a PM to Ngreth in August 2017 about this very ingredient and his response was "Thank You.
    Combine that are specifically for quests are often left out of the "tradeskill" settings. This is a quest combine (the container is a no-skill container)". So basically what Velisaris said. :)

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