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    A little late to the server we have about 31 members so far <Oakwynd Tavern> is a leveling guild. Members are currently level 1-40 range, anyone can do invites, and we have a discord incase you would like to use voice chat.

    The whole purpose is to level, group, help one another learn about the game or with tradeskills, quests, epics, etc , we realize a lot of people will level to 40-50 range and drop the guild tag for a raid guild thats okay!

    We would be glad to have you join us !

    Please Send a Tell or in game email to Dragonscale, Dagmar, Leafburn, Severous or any member in your zone with our tag to get an invite. Please remember you have to be in the same /pick.

    No Requirements, All Classes, & Levels are Welcome

    We look forward to meeting everyone. Thanks for reading the post!
  2. Bruteforce New Member

    Update still looking for more members most of us are EST but we accept all time zones!