[Oakwynd] Pixel Therapy is recruiting!

Discussion in 'TLP Guild Recruitment' started by Nozraku, May 10, 2023.

  1. Nozraku Lorekeeper

    We're currently filling the last few spots of an amazing raid roster. Our current raid force needs are:

    Bard: High
    Cleric: Low
    Druid: High
    Enchanter: Medium
    Magician: Closed
    Monk: Low
    Necromancer: Low
    Paladin: Low
    Ranger: Low
    Rogue: Low
    Shadow Knight: Closed
    Shaman: Medium
    Warrior: Closed
    Wizard: Medium

    We're a DKP based single raid force guild raiding Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 8:00 Eastern.

    Check out our charter and if we seem like the place you'd like to hang out, come join the family!

  2. Mandalore93 Elder

    lots of cool folks in this guild! Mostly me, but some others too I guess.
  3. Mandalore93 Elder

    Yes - yes. We all need a lil therapy every now and again
  4. Mandalore93 Elder

    So, tell me how that makes you feel
  5. Mandalore93 Elder

    Well doc, it all started when I was 6...
  6. Mandalore93 Elder

    My grand father was at the computer...playing this game
  7. Mandalore93 Elder

    He showed me this game...this damn game!
  8. Mandalore93 Elder

    The doctor is in
  9. Mandalore93 Elder

    Come join the PREMIER guild that has therapy in its name on this server
  10. Mandalore93 Elder

    I often need therapy when I don't get my pixels
  11. Mandalore93 Elder

    To [Plane of Sky] and beyond!
  12. instaports New Member

    25 druid interested - I'll be 50 by early next week, started yesterday
  13. Mandalore93 Elder

  14. Aidox New Member

    What is your current class needs ?
  15. Mandalore93 Elder

    We're running a nearly full raid most nights. I'd say the classics would be our biggest areas of need are bard/cleric/wizard but we recruit the player over the character generally speaking.
  16. Mandalore93 Elder

    Really? A man of my talents, here?
  17. Mandalore93 Elder

    The doctor's office has been full for quite some time but we are now accepting therapy appointments for bards, clerics, and wizards
  18. Mandalore93 Elder

    I hear these guys are pretty chill
  19. Mandalore93 Elder

    The doctor will be in tonight from 8-11 Eastern
  20. Mandalore93 Elder

    The doctor is out of the office tonight but will be partying it up