Oakwynd may have Finally done me in.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Shaidin, May 28, 2023.

  1. Mashef Augur

    It's almost like intelligent life on these forums warned everyone that another Standard TLP with a bunch of nonsense for alts that no one actually plays (people box) and a broken mechanic to beta test was going to be a fail.

    Until they pull head out of behind, the TLPs are going to stink. They need to pool some community resources and drum up ideas. I personally offered up 5 or 6 stellar ideas that would have resulted in mischief level popularity. Dozens of others submit GREAT ideas all year long. Then they ignore the players and do what they want in an effort to sunset the game. Clearly the devs hate TLP and generating money. Maybe they need a new leader who will listen to the players.
  2. Obliteration Elder

    Took an hour or so to figure out how the FTE works, game is overall much better with it than without.

    Couple tweaks here and there could help, but overall I am happy with it.

    Oakwynd is a very fun time so far for myself and many, many others
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  3. Moforyguy12345 Augur

    So far it actually feels like the nostalgia of what EverQuest was is gone. Much less dangerous never random trains happening. Like I said before launch its a system that will make EQ stale and boring even faster. FTE mostly encourages being less social and that is something that made early EverQuest a huge draw. People had to socialize. Now this server I've seen so many people die and no one attempting to help like previous servers. /yell is a joke and hardly works. If FTE moves to be permanent going forward then I'm finally done lol PARTY TIME!!!
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  4. Ruhi Augur

    i never would have guessed anyone would hold the position of: "if i'm not getting trained then the game isn't fun and i'm done" - roflmao
  5. Moforyguy12345 Augur

    Its not about GETTING trained its about the element of surprise that will never happen now. There is a big random element without FTE and with it makes it a boring 24 year old game. facts.
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  6. code-zero Augur

    I'm afraid that my suspicions that there was way more deliberate training going on than was being dealt with has been confirmed
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  7. Shaidin Journeyman

    Actually I (the OP) have started having trouble with keeping my camps recently. Mostly with lvl 50 mages. As an example had a lvl 50 mage walk in on me camping in Perma and sit exactly on the Alchemist spawn point and start winning all the tags. Last I checked he had been there about 40+ hours. I haven't checked this morning but he might still be there.
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  8. Shaidin Journeyman

    I gave FTE a shot and it just Isn't working for me.

    Ultra slow xp, people camp stealing just by sitting on your spawn point, people pull half a zone and FTE yell dumping them on people to grief.

    Lol when I say Im not enjoying myself and might go play something else, White Knights get all up in arms and say stupid things like "Go touch grass, baby girl"... umm dummy that's exactly what I said I was going to do.

    I have unloaded all my gear on my toon for nice sum of 9 Krono and I am currently downloading D4.

    Those of you who are enjoying themselves I am truly happy for you. This one just didn't work for me.

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  9. Shemak Journeyman

    I would agree with you but for the bunch of box armies who used to train and KS people out of camp, they cant anymore and this is worth anything else we lost. As a side bonus we can now enjoy they delicious tears everywhere on the forum.
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  10. Madae Elder

    This is a good point, and it really does seem that way.
  11. Voraxia Journeyman

    It went fine for pc launch, so you would be wrong. It didn't go good for consoles, but I got in within the same time i got in to Oak, but they didnt kick me after letting me in. I played for a few hours with zero lag, problems, or anything . So yep I am glad everquest kicked me and put me back in a hour que so i quit, cause i would of never bought diablo, my plan was to play everquest and everquest 2. Also unlike here Diablo told you how long you would be in que, and it was pretty accurate, unlike everquests garbage que time 1 min=70.
  12. Doze Augur

    Lol, my post was meant as a joke (as is the "Francis" character in the video - he is not really like that).
    Good to hear that the Diablo IV launch went mostly smoothly.

    Now ... if only DPG would learn from and copy the techniques and procedures behind such unproblematic game/server launches ...
  13. Muramx Elder

    I am curious, I remember a while back they announced they were going to pick people to be "representatives of the community" and get feedback from them to kinda get away from all the "bad ideas" people put on the forums. They were going to pick new people every couple months.... Anyone know what happened to that because... That went nowhere real quick or they silently picked people that were "yes men."

    Found it...
  14. KrishnaRamChandra New Member

    Don't Shoot !! :) i love you
  15. jeskola pheerie

    That is happening behind the scenes, it's Captain Video and mark.
  16. Ruhi Augur

    prime example of needing instant gratification

    there have been 0 ques since day 2 of oakwynd.
  17. Ballzz Journeyman

    I have actually been saying this for years. I never would have guessed at the time that trains (in general) were a positive thing but seeing how MMOs work in the post-EQ era has made me realize that they were. Not that getting trained was good but that the nature of getting trained presented a "problem" that players had to figure out how to deal with and how it was dealt with helped to establish the community.

    If you had to train the zone did you shout "train left side" in KC so players could move to the right? Did you train on purpose or was it an accident? Did you log in your cleric to help people rez after a train? Did you narrowly derail a train with your badass group? If you trained people regularly on purpose did you get blacklisted from guilds thanks to your bad server rep?

    All of these things were sanitized from MMOs after EQ and quite frankly it has sucked. The leashing and encounter locking mechanisms that have been implemented to "fix" trains has inadvertently homogenized MMOs into a boring and stale place where you always know what the outcome is and the community aspects have all but faded away.
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  18. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Seems like a pretty lame excuse that it went fine for one platform and the platforms it had issues on don't matter.
  19. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Because being able to be griefed by others who can prevent you from doing what you want to is so much fun.
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  20. Ruhi Augur

    it's QoL - there's no challenge to a train - either you got the cc and dps or you don't and you whipe/run.

    to base the entirety of your fun on not being able to be trained is so weird. if you're an avid trainer, then your statement makes more sense.