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  1. bartolomo Noxious Iksar

    I appreciate your attempts at trying to fix some of the issues. I am dont with Everquest for now. With much regret, I played every day for years and this was just what I needed to hang up the accounts. I was just hanging on with the slim hope that DPG would release a second server to run next to this one. It didnt happen.
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  2. Prayer New Member

    If this is the ruleset going through can I please make one simple request?

    Please add a /raidsplit <coin amount> command into the game to split plat across a whole raid

    As a guild leader this ruleset makes me shudder at the thought of the amount of alt raids that will happen for GDKP and thinking about the amount of spreadsheets I'll have to reference as I spend all day parceling the plat splits to everyone. If I can just split the plat immediately after an item is sold to a player it would make my life much easier. There will be a lot more GDKP raids if people are incentivized to make alts, and it's a logistical nightmare to manage.
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  3. Ownanat Journeyman

    Random loot
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  4. Kahna Augur

    Unless they make it like EQ2 /yell, which I hope they do. In that a /yelled mob is worthless. It doesn't give loot or exp to anyone. Also, /yelled mobs don't aggro random people in EQ2, once they have murdered their victim they go back home, even if another person was standing right next to them. I dunno if they are even capable of doing that with what they have to work with but who knows.
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  5. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I don't see how this change will fix either of the problems it is supposed to.

    KSing will now move to whoever has the best ping and can tag quickest, at least prior to FTE you had a chance to out DPS whoever ganked your mob.

    If the NPC is unlocking prior to returning to it spawn spot (as previously announced) how is that going to stop people training?
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  6. filthytlpplayer Elder

    I find it pretty concerning that a purpose of encounter locking is stated as being to eliminate trains, and it was immediately pointed out that based on the specifics of the mechanics that were posted that it literally does nothing to stop trains. Instant aggro is just the new kill stealing/dps race. I'm losing faith that the people running the game actually know how the game works.

    I like the removal of the account wide AoC lock. It should be paired with keying and flagging being account based per server as opposed to locked to the character. You should also update the VP key in line with how you've updated other keys for things like VT and BoT. Part of what I enjoy about WoW is being able to raid on multiple characters while only having to do time sinks like flying mount achievements once.

    Leveling in your game takes way too damn long. I'm intrigued by the idea of raiding on alts on a TLP and it kind of sparks my interest to some degree, especially with the heirloom system if that can benefit my main with gear. Then I remembered I barely have time to play one character per account and can barely stomach that time commitment to the point that once I get to max level, I tend to choose to spend my time not playing EQ as opposed to roll up an alt. Fix leveling. Make it fun or make it fast. It's unnecessarily time consuming as it stands.

    No Drop loot being heirloom is fine. I've seen tanks swap around on their classes in a raid environment a fair amount before, and it always sucks when a super geared knight wants to start playing warrior as far as lost raid loot goes. This mostly fixes that issue. The archetypal nature of a lot of the best loot means that loot would be interchangeable between classes of the same archetype on the account. Which is fine if you're a tank and always a tank, or a melee dps and always a melee dps, etc. It is kind of pointless if you have alts of different archetypes outside of picking up some rots and streamlining that process. As much as I'm not a super-fan of Mischief rules I just think that free trade is more flexible and a better solution to open up more possibilities as far as trading raid gear goes.

    Obligatory let me play a beastlord or berserker at launch request for next year. Obligatory get a better auction house request. Obligatory fix class balance request. Please start trying to get the basics right.

    Ultimately, I don't see any new information here that really convinces me that I should play on this server. Good luck getting all the details ironed out and 100% working in the 1 month before the server launches. I'm not going to pay to beta test it for you.
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  7. Vindar Augur

    Please change the way the exp bonus works. Who's going to level 10 alts and then level them every expansion? Ridiculous.
  8. Bickle New Member

    Very underwhelming FAQ. Did the people writing it not read the feedback? Or not play much EQ? Many questions have been asked, and issues raised, the FAQ completely ignores or only part answers.
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  9. code-zero Augur

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  10. code-zero Augur

    Also, if you think that FTE won't stop training then create a character or testcopy on Test which is free to play and give it your best shot. You don't even have to put your money where your mouth is since it's a free to play server.

    Just do it! It's your chance to show the devs how they messed up!
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  11. Trance Lorekeeper

    Please do this. I'm not running GDKP or DKP this time around because the spreadsheet burden just saps all of the fun out of it. If you gave us a /raidsplit we could run GDKP guilds and not have to alt tab or live in excel/google sheets.
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  12. PathToEternity pathtoeternity.pro

    Will Locked NPCs still be able to attack/otherwise detrimentally effect players who don't own the Lock?

    eg ((((((((((((((((((FANSY))))))))))))))))))))
  13. Dartaniun Augur

    I'd be willing to bet we are acting as beta testers for this FTE concept to eventually be put on live servers. I can't see the legacy thing being a thing on live servers as that much of a change, but they said they wanted to do something new on this TLP that they want on live servers. The FTE seems like something they would want on all the live servers. Just a hunch though
  14. Hdizzle Augur

    I'm excited to see next year's 25th anniversary TLP with Random loot, Day 1 relaxed truebox and no trade Heirloom changes.
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  15. WeCameWeConquered Elder

    Its not about alts - its about krono farmers. On a standard loot server, krono farmers try to sell no drop loot in auction but some potential customers are cut off due to lockouts. Now, that customer can make an alt, get piggied in, pay & loot, then transfer to their main. It is all about the krono market. That is why it was asked for and why Daybreak implemented it.
  16. Rezador New Member

    I’m not even overly concerned about FTE other than it doesn’t solve the issues its designed to solve, and it actually just creates new problems. If you all are so excited to test FTE on a TLP, at least provide something in return that players are asking for. I think if you do not want to do free-trade, at least add in increased loot and random loot. This will help spread out the playerbase and allow for drops in various areas. I feel like this TLP is the most lackluster TLP announcement possibly ever, and it’s a large disappointment.

    Here’s to hoping either a change is made or 2024 brings an exciting anniversary TLP.

  17. Slades New Member

    Add free trade please.
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  18. Zansobar Augur

    Any chance we could just get a Mischief 2.0 server as the second TLP server this year, without FTE? You can include the xp bonuses for max level alts and all the various bonuses per expansion if you want to test those, but FTE is going to be troublesome over time.
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  19. Magician9001 Augur

    It's a "soft lock" DPS race for loot/xp if someone with the lock /yells according to the Staff post. Any AE/heal/social agro is gonna cause the train to agro on a group if someone /yells for help.
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  20. uk6999 Augur

    I see they have doubled down on the FTE ruleset. I understand investing huge amounts it anything that you want to see in accepted and not admit that it could have faults. I do hope they don't abandon FTE after the constant stream of petitions hit a month into the server then leave the server in a state of flux/hot mess. Or maybe I do hope they abandon FTE on this TLP so they don't shove it down other servers throats. I would of been a lot better accepting FTE if it would would be been slowly introduced over time in a test environment instead of "surprise, here is the ruleset no one was asking for but we know needed to be implemented on a live server" ( I do realize they are pushing this to test but in reality that should of been already done months ago for player feedback before they pushed a TLP ruleset on it )