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  1. coltongrundy Augur

    If /yell is used to unlock, will the mobs be able to aggro onto nearby players who have not yet attacked them?
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  2. Grummle Journeyman

    Listed what I see are fixes to the obvious issues with Legacy Characters (other than the perk xp for them being not nearly good enough to be worth while as an incentive to have alts if you don't just want alts...(

    And nothing else fixed. Some more explanations on FTE which doesn't really seem to resolve any of the concerns of abuse.

    And actually, with the /yell thing, it seems FTE isn't going to stop AoE power levelers either, since they can freely unlock mobs.. that may be a yet-to-see scenario, but it sure seems this whole thing is built to just fix one specific scenario, of people getting KS'd by being out-dpsed.

    Meh. My opinion, as of now, seems to be unchanged.
  3. Majecka New Member

    Since it seems we are pushing very hard for single account owners to get a bunch of perks for leveling alts, can AA xp be made account wide?
  4. Jontrann Augur

    Still not good enough for me to play as i don't roll alts and that seems to be the main push for this years TLP.
  5. coltongrundy Augur

    There is absolutely no reason to put the puller in the PL group. The puller will be the owner of they lock, but they said they person/group/raid that does the most damage will receive the exp and loot.
  6. Guffspeak New Member

    Hi. Can we get account wide flagging?
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  7. Thewiz Augur

    Will there be a 2nd server launched with Oakwynd that has a different ruleset?
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  8. PhantomRogue New Member

    Is DBG trying to kill the TLP experience? Because these are steps in that direction. Lost Ark tried this, "every character on your account gets to raid" thing, and this Heirloom change is just another Lost Ark 'account currency' ripoff.
    It is changing EQ from an Open World game to one where quite literally, no one will be grouping anymore. Why group when I can have (realistically) 5 attempts a week for a specific loot drop from a raid mob. And that raid mob will be heirloom, so my SK alt can loot it and give it to the Wizard I want it on...
    Its just mind blowing on who wants this kind of thing? Is it Live players who use Third Party Applications to 18 box content?
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  9. taliefer Augur

    I really like the heirloom and AoC changes for this server. it opens up options without being free trade.

    still lots of questions about FTE I'd like to see answered, in this thread alone.

    It still seems like you can train people with the /y command, so I am really struggling to see the point of FTE.
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  10. Wyndar Journeyman

    The FAQ basically covered the technicalities and answers we've literally already assumed or discussed. The ruleset is still garbagio, no one wants alts on the same account except if you are rerolling. Add free trade and folks will be happy. FTE... No one wants it but I'm willing to give it a try.. If anything just to deliberately train people MORE than usual
  11. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Will NPC assist on FTE locked mobs?
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  12. Lamberduim Elder

    Add random loot and I'll be a happy little camper
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  13. Zrender Augur

    No thanks. No free-trade. Heirloom loot is superior. You have it, you earned it. Server is great as is. And, wow, you actually think that people don't have alts on the same account? Wild. Half the people in every guild I've been in on the last 3 TLPs have had at least 2 or 3 alts on same accounts. Many times alts on each of multiple accounts.
  14. Drencrom Beimeith's Supervisor

  15. Komodon Augur

    You clearly never played on p99 and spent any time socking insta-kill raid mobs. Once it reaches the autofired attack stage of play auto-attack melee can be just as good as that staff in what plays out to be a crapshoot battle.

    Being able to add people to the engage, as opposed to not being able to, should quiet at least some of the outrage coming out of the server's one expected mega zerg now though. As even if it's more work involved the grab and stall without having to transfer agro latter methods will at least keep more of the grubby non-tracking guild paws off their OW raid loot drops.
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  16. Skrem Journeyman

    Your proposed solutions arent solving anything. Stealing mobs will still happen and trains will still happen. Your team literally just changed the flavor and is calling it something new.

    I was going to give this a shot but FTE changes nothing, just complicates it more for the average player and makes it easier for automated players.
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  17. ForumBoss Augur

    Posting my feedback from the Oakwynd Feedback merged thread.

    Post-FAQ Feedback under the assumption that FTE is staying:
    • Reduce respawn time in open world zones. People are going to be very bitter when their named are sniped, and they have to wait 20+ minutes for another shot while sitting in camp. FTE is less of a problem in games where mobs respawn in a minute or less, but it will be infuriating if this happens and you have to wait 20 minutes to hours.
    • un-nerf XP in Agent of Change pulled DZ's and set the replay time maximum to 20-30 minutes or so to limit server load from DZ spam. Prior to the XP nerf, they were a viable way to earn XP without all of the drama and toxic behavior that FTE and early TLP in general promote.
    • players need a an alt-O option toggle to disable "yelled" mobs from being dumped onto them to prevent being the victims of trains, since this was stated as one of the reasons for the new mechanic.
    • to reduce spam, a "/yell all" command to prevent a bunch of spam when people are pl'ing friends or simply need help killing a cluster of NPC's.
    • 10% character bonus is not quite enough to make multiple characters worthwhile, consider raising to 20-25%.
    • please merge POR with DODH, or at least reduce POR to one month.
    • please merge TBS with TSS, or at least reduce TBS to one month.
    Corner cases not addressed by latest FAQ in case they aren't already in the works:
    • Healing players in locked encounters was not addressed. This leads to the issue of keeping out-of-raid clerics on the ready as mana reserves or rez backups.
    • Will detrimental AE spells from encounter locked mobs land on players not able to kill the mobs? If so, someone could be killed by caster NPC's on purpose, with no recourse of killing the offending NPC(s).
    • If someone is offtanking a healer (CH casting) mob near you, will it heal your encounter locked mob?
    • If a mob is running due to lack of snare or fear in a dungeon, will it then create a train of mobs that is encounter locked, tying up much of the zone?
    • How can we prevent people from kiting NPC's continuously and holding them for ransom?
    Simplest fix to most of the above issues:
    • remove FTE in it's entirety. I realize as a developer, it can be very frustrating to work on a larger feature and be told it isn't making it to production. However I truly feel that the unintended consequences, resulting work, and massive changes to this very mature game people here are passionate about is not worth the investment.
  18. Zrender Augur

    100% sure they will make any changes needed to prevent trains from still being possible. Remember, this is going on the test server first. As for KSing, yeah, it's hard to say how much difference they could make with any mechanic. Not sure any game has ever had a great system for encounters that's not a form of open tagging. FTE is arguably better than dps racing but we'll see. Actually, I'm sure of one thing. FTE is less annoying than DPS racing because in dps race, if you lose, you actually helped the other guy get the kill.
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  19. ArtificialSoul New Member

    So now people will want to run mitlple box crews... warrior account has the main warrior and 5 feeder warriors etc for the other boxes. Sounds horrible. I personally can't play alts because it makes me burn out on the game. But most raiders only raid 2-3 nights a week. So it will be very difficult to see any material improvement on the main toon from the feeder characters unless they join miltipe guides with different raid days and essentially take that guilds gear. Marginal gains for twinking toons on the same account as it is already easy and cheap.

    As I don't understand the desire to play alts as the game pushes players towards boxing.... it's like playing your main and alts at the same time. I'm not saying not to do this with heirloom. Just that there is little difference between having it and not. Similar to Mischief guides will need to monitor that their players have the gear they are supposed to have.

    Question. Does /YELL unlock it so the standard DPS race? Can we have an option for grouping leaders to select FTE or DPS? I still would rather be trained then not. I have made many friends over the years from bad situations.

    Also can we get a clear Yes or No on free trade. It is what will determine if this server has a population or not.
  20. Zrender Augur

    They made no-trade heirloom. How much more clear can they get? Server will be very popular.
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