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  1. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    There is actually a third group

    3. Bored live players who are having a blast going back and doing things they used to while waiting for new content on live. Live players are more than happy to stay on a server for more than a year and enjoy some of the mid expansions, but for a few months (December - March) play more on live than TLP.
  2. Jardad Journeyman

    1. why is a P99 type not here ?. thats lost $ ( lots of 's out there )
    2. why are FV and Mischief great? because no trade / b.o.e is lame
    3. truebox is factually unsound (only punishes single PC users ) because you cant stop VM's and mini pc craze, so the farmers that buy these rigs can always beat you.
  3. Slades New Member

    Still hoping they add randomize loot or something exciting. Encounter locking is not exciting but takes away the immersion. Randomize loot with the heirloom tags would be interesting, least better than nothing. I would prefer another Mischief server myself but that doesn't seem to be happening.
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  4. Zansobar Augur

    It seems most players want a Mischief 2.0, a server that where they work to improve on the random loot system they started with Mischief 1.0, but alas as you point out, DPG wants to give us what they want instead.
    However, if they were to add random loot to Oakwynd they would probably also have to add free trade because if you are fighting mobs that drop no trade loot that you can't use it would be kind of pointless, and with it being random loot that would happen on all mobs. Heirloom helps but if you aren't going to roll an alt that can use the gear then again it's pointless. Free trade pairs well with random loot.
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  5. Lugerweb New Member

    I was so eager to play this round. I put together a static, formed a discord group, and leveled 3 character to 60 on Vaniki for the Rat Illusion clicky, but I'm just let down by the ruleset. I love to 3 box. Even with Truebox rules, I was willing to splurge on mini-PCs to make that happen. This ruleset encourages single accounts so hard though, that not only does the ruleset offer nothing to players paying extra subscription fees, now guilds are asking members to make second characters (of the same armor type) to be leveled and geared to help gear mains faster through the heirloom system. I feel so burned by the devs for not listening to the immense amount of feedback.
  6. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I'm confused on what the devs are aming for with this ruleset. On one hand they are allowing Relaxed Truebox so players can player more than 1 account on a machine at a later date, on the other they are offering a bonus if you play alts on the same account.

    Couple of questions on possible changes to make having alts on the same account make more sense
    1. Can we play more than 1 char on an account at the same time?
    2. IF the legecy chars go to live servers, will we be able to transfer chars to 1 account to get the bonuses?
    3. Can we link accounts so the bonus applies to alts on our other accounts?
  7. Crackers Augur

    Still waiting on DBG...Imagine that...Here comes another weekend!
  8. Hekkthebank Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds

    is JChan online?
  9. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    1. Can we play more than 1 char on an account at the same time?

    This is never gonna happen, it would lose the game money.

    2. IF the legecy chars go to live servers, will we be able to transfer chars to 1 account to get the bonuses?

    See answer to 1 & the hundreds of times account to account transfers were shot down as a definite no already, most recently & most definitively by JChan herself.

    3. Can we link accounts so the bonus applies to alts on our other accounts?

    This one is a possibility but it totally depends on whether the devs think its worth doing & the back-end can support it affordably enough.
  10. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    If they wanted to add the ability to play multiple characters from the same account it would most likely be a paid perk and you would pay for that privilege and it would be a matter of deciding the price versus paying for a separate account.
  11. Litoeon Lorekeeper

    Crazy suggestion I know but.... maybe it's time to modernize the early era game into much faster respawn rates + more instances. Even crazier to allow mobs in early era to automatically trigger a spawn If you're in need of said spawn for a quest like your epic. Kinda solves a whole hell of a lot of problems
  12. YouDaGoob Lorekeeper

    Even crazier idea -- change the name of Norrath to Azereth or whatever the world in wow is called. Then, just reconfigure existing zones to better match the zone layout of WoW. Then, change the name of the game to World of Warcraft. This is a good idea. About as good as adding FTE. Or, make the game completely instanced, remove any social interaction because that could result in more CS tickets. Maybe add offline singleplayer mode as well.
  13. Goomba Journeyman

    So 58,000 views on the oakwynd dev post
    and 29,000+ on this

    if there was an oakwynd server announced
    Oakwynd + free trade / randomized, I would bet money that the free trade/random would crush the Oakwynd as proposed server rules

    So please consider 2 servers, or give us the one we want right out the gate

    FTE + Free trade + Randomized loot = big winner
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  14. Yliche New Member

    I had a group of people wanting to come back. This ruleset is still awful.

    100% tradeable gear at all times, period. New locking mechanic is bad. /yell to unlock it for power leveling? This has to be a joke.

    I personally think you need a heavier hand in multi-boxing or just allow people to have 1 multi-box on release so people that aren't cheating can still do it.

    REMOVE FLAGGING. One of the biggest nightmares of Selo's was flagging constantly. It's painfully awful. Get rid of it. It's such a pointless and tedious chore. Everyone has done those flags a million times. Never decrease raid lockouts. Only increase loot per boss. Otherwise, people are raiding 7 days a week.

    Balance changes on classes should continue to happen. I personally think casters need a massive mana regen buff. I've played on the top TLP guilds a couple of times and I can easily outdps people with mage and necro in pretty much every xpac I've played, but the mana regen makes it impossible to do that on every fight. Like PoP raids, you can top the charts one fight and then you're afk for the next. I'm not sure how this hasn't been addressed, but it is the primary reason that melee are extremely OP.

    I personally would be interested to see what it would take to get all classes available starting in classic so that people can play the class they want. I always want to play beastlord or berserker but beastlord sucks for a long time and berserker is too far out.

    Scale raid content in instances based on raid size so that you can start grouping to clear raid content. This makes it a much more enjoyable experience for everyone. The high-end raid community of EQ is extremely awful. Same group of people who are incapable of being good at any other game so they continue to play EQ for eternity and be horribly toxic people to everyone not in their clique. It's not like this is new content. This will also reduce the cost of gear on a free trade server making it easier for everyone to gear up and incentivizes people to play alts since it'll be much easier to get gear. It's fun to twink out and blast.
  15. Legion99 New Member

    Whats crazy is you making dozens of posts saying the same negative bs. Keep on hatin bra.
  16. Howabout New Member

    Have not read all of these yet but how about with the /yell thing make it so mob has to be like 98% health before it can be /yelled unlocked that should stop the training part of /yell. Then also put a timer on how long mob can be locked without being below say 98% lets say 5min for any group mob and 30 min for raid mob. Then with that timer unlock make it grey / so cannot attack it attached to character/group/raid for say 1hour. Make sure that timer on unlock lets mob have enough time to move out of Argo range of a camp. LoL may be hard to code all that but could prevent a lot of the potential toxic potential of FTE.
  17. Conceal New Member

    I think randomized loot could help assuage some of the concerns about FTE.

    And I am still fairly concerned about how FTE is going to impact mobs that AE.
  18. Nebby Lorekeeper

    So if the mob is locked to someone and its greyed out to another person. Can they still kill it?
  19. code-zero Augur

  20. Nebby Lorekeeper

    So will the mob be able to dmg anyone its not locked to?