Oakwynd Information and FAQ

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  1. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    You can still petition but you petition for harassment not for KS. It is still in the Eula that players may not haras others.
  2. Trox2010 Augur

    Pretty much plan on Oakwynd being the only TLP this year; at most we can hope for is for them to add a other carrot or two to the server, but highly doubt it will be a Mischief 2.0 style change. My guess would be alts get an extra XP boost (maybe 25-20% per max alt instead of the 10%), and maybe a small streamlining to VP keying.
  3. code-zero Augur

    One takeaway that I'm seeing is that they're probably not planning to do a second server as they can see some of the bigger crews are claiming they'll stay away.
  4. code-zero Augur

    learn how /report works and use it along with /petition
  5. GodsFavoriteAnt New Member

    I want it gone because it accomplishes nothing of any worth while hurting classes like magicians on raids. It rewards mass numbers over smart tactics and skilled play. If a skilled group of 36 can do what a disorganized group of 72 can, I see no problem. MoTM just drags out content, makes some encounters far more difficult than they should or need to be (Venril Sathir with and without MoTM is a good example). It allows for some really dumb exploits (which you should know, and I am not going to outline here).

    What was the goal? To stop boxers from farming raid content? You failed that mission.

    This along with FTE are just attempts to automate customer service. Won't work. Customer service requires someone with a brain that can make a judgement decision. FTE is going to cause as many, or more, customer service issues as it solves (which will likely be ignored, but the issues will remain).
  6. YttriumF New Member

    To those claiming that classic EverQuest is too easy ... I would like to see you "Solo Self-Found" all the way to 50. No 3rd party apps either, unless you're streaming via Twitch.
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  7. Vlahkmaak Augur

    When does this hit test?
  8. Monkeychunks Augur

    Will it go thru test? Since its part of the features of the new server
  9. Trox2010 Augur

    Yes the FAQ states it will be on Test. I think the current plan is the first or second week of May, and the ruleset will then be disabled when Oakwynd goes online.
  10. Ayar New Member

    Same. This forum is just full of people talking about what if situations that won't occur enough to even matter. Mischief was by far the funnest "normal" TLP we've had imho, but the current rules for Oakwynd seems like it will slot in second place which sounds great to me compared to a regular Mangler clone.
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  11. Larsen Augur

    All you really get out of throwing it on the test server is testing the mechanics of the feature, and since we've already been told pretty much exactly how it works, I doubt it'll lead to a lot of major new findings. It'll confirm exactly how long it takes to unlock after you feign and stuff like that, that's all. It's like testing the population's willingness to commit gun violence by getting ten volunteers to stand in a room with guns in their hands. It won't be representative of a live environment. It won't show us how much people on Oakwynd will KS each other because there's no real leveling population on Test, no economy for the drops from earlier expansions, and no incentive to try and steal mobs from anyone.

    Then people will be like, "look! It wasn't a big deal at all, I had no problems with it on Test!" Then Oakwynd will launch and suddenly there'll be a bunch of players who do it because now it's profitable.
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  12. Trox2010 Augur

    A lot of what will be answered on Test is how the FTE and /yell will fully work as intended. I'm planning on doing a lot of testing with my box out of group just to see if I can intentionally train it or get things like healer mobs to social heal mobs it's fighting while being immune, and things like that.
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  13. Go Take A Nap Augur

    Just pop a few discord messages . Everyone test buff to 25 and go to sol a. Fight it out or try to grief each other. Whatever your into.
  14. Zrender Augur

    Yeah, those are key. Also, if it's 51% total damage or 51% of damage after /yell that determines kill credit. The way aggro list works is also important, i.e. can you heal someone that's locked in an encounter without getting aggro from the mob, that would need to be changed. And little misc things like credit for dots placed prior to yell but ticking after /yell.
  15. ISmellLikeInnySwamp Augur

    I'm not playing on a dead server, so either Daybreak needs to change the ruleset or the playerbase needs to change their attitude. I hope that the test server will give us all a definitive answer soon.

    /shout WTB port to gfray/bb
    No one is online to port past supper time.
  16. Crashdummy Elder

    Can anyone explain why so many people want a Free Trade TLP every year.
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  17. demilich New Member

    I actually think that TLPs target two very distinct player bases:
    1. New players, who did not play the original EQ and now want to have an experience which is close to that. On TLPs it is much easier to get into the game than live, because new systems as well as your abilities/spells slowly unlock over time.
    2. Seasoned players, who view TLPs similar to the concept of "seasons" in ARPG like Path of Exile or Diablo. Those might still prefer the older expansions over live, but they have played through it so many times, that they want "fresh things". For those players speeding up the cycle by combining expansions, increasing leveling speed or making it easier to obtain loot is very welcome.
    While originally TLPs were created for player type 1, I think it is reasonable to assume that player type 2 is actually the majority now. This is no easy situation for DBG, because those target groups have very different needs.
  18. KronoCatcher Journeyman

    And FTE applies to neither :)
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  19. wade_watts Augur

    Free trade is okay - seems more like what a game should be.

    Mischief was a whole new dynamic with free trade, random loot, and some extra loot. They also removed the most terrible bottlenecks for some epics and quests. As a result, people got loot they never knew existed, tried new zones since they could still get some of the better loot from zones typically saturated. The randomness also added a diablo-esque kind of mode to killing nameds - it was exciting to see a named just to see what it would drop.

    I don't care about free trade and I'd prefer a mischief ruleset. Mischief was a new way to play the game that made it fresh and interesting again. The phrase "I don't think I'm going to play traditional EQ anymore after experiencing this" was used a lot by folks that I know in friend / guild groups. I also have a lot of folks that don't enjoy the later game but enjoy the first ~12 months of a TLP, essentially all of them are waiting if/when a new Mischief comes out because thats what they now want to play.

    I stump for Mischief because it's a better EQ TLP experience in virtually all ways.
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  20. Jontrann Augur

    Kinda crazy that they still haven't updated us with anymore new information and im sorry but if this is the best they can do i'm still not interested.