Oakwynd guild recruitment

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Kobin04, Apr 6, 2023.

  1. Kobin04 New Member

    Any guilds rolling over to this server? Everyone I've talked to has absolutely no desire to play on this server.
  2. Zansobar Augur

    I'm not hearing anyone wanting to resub on my end either.
  3. Thatoneguy666 Elder

    My would-be guild is stillborn as of yesterday's big reveal. Still holding out hope. Decidedly not optimistic though.
  4. AttilaTails New Member

  5. Stune Augur

    Really like to know why anyone would want to play on this server? the concept is horrible. The more I look over the ruleset the more i will never play on it.
  6. Domniatric Augur

    OK, so don't play. What is the point of flailing around like a toddler having a tantrum?
  7. Ragnoruk Augur

    There really isn't much new for this server besides FTE, which is what it seems most people have a problem with. I know that many people like to power level or purchase it but it's not something I, or my group of friends do, so we're not negatively impacted by it. My friends and I also like to play certain classes and it's not 6 Necros, so i'm curious to see how the FTE works out. Maybe now we will stand a chance of keeping our camp instead of being forced out by all caster groups.

    FTE could also be abused in unforeseen ways that might suck but I will give it a try.

    I am a little disappointed that relaxed truebox at the start, all classes from the start or random loot didn't make the list.
  8. Thatoneguy666 Elder

    Jchan will prove her suitability as a leader I think with this decision
    If she shows wisdom and reason and kills FTE then big respect. If she just goes with the plan she's a failure and a pushover. Hoping for someone at DBG to make a good decision
  9. Servers_are_Down Error 404: Server status not found.

    It's crazy how hard the degenerates lurk in forums :D.. I've been viewing it the last couple days, and it's crazy how one-sided it feels until you realize that it's just the same turds posting on every thread spewing anger and sadness lol.

    TL;DR -> If you don't want to play on the upcoming TLP, You don't have to.
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  10. internalprime8 Journeyman

    If any euro/daytime guilds decide to come here, hit me up.
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  11. Kunfo Augur

    I think most people are trying to convince DBG of 2 things: 1) if they change a core gameplay mechanic with FTE and apply that to all servers, it will severely hurt the game for everyone; 2) if they released an alternative second server with free trade or something else fun, a lot of people will be able to enjoy a TLP this year who otherwise wouldn't. Noting for DBG that their guild wants a different ruleset is a way of doing that.
  12. Dominate Augur

    You've gotta think big picture like she has to if you want to understand the motivation behind this TLP. Darkpaw is using it as a beta test for future Everquest endeavors to try and guarantee viability for their product long term.

    FTE testing (for every server going forward)
    Battle-pass ish stuff (account wide perks)

    These are just two examples of more modern game systems. They get to double up on using their TLP staff to test stuff for their live game going forward. Efficient, no?

    Somewhere along the line they realized they need to create new experiences on TLP's to increase customer retention, because gamers exhibit cyclical behavior (think AoC's being added). There are an insane amount of options for gaming compared to when the first TLP's came out, and gaming culture has evolved along with younger players. They need to increase marketshare and capitalize on the nostalgia gaming boom that is happening right now with the first-ish gamers having disposable income. There are quite a few games having a renaissance of sorts right now because of Everquest's TLP success. WoW Classic, Runescape, Ultima Online, and even Dark Age of Camelot (to a lesser extent) are examples. This is happening either officially or on private servers.

    Their goal, as always, is to make money. This is not an isolated thing per server either. Jen is looking at all servers as a whole. Increasing playerbase.. as a whole. For whatever reason they think this is a good idea to help that.
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  13. Sakuraba Augur

    The problem is, why does it HAVE to be a Free Trade ruleset? A lot of people want this specifically and will not compromise. I bet even if this server had been "BST and Zerker" at start or some of the other requested rulesets, there'd still be an uproar if there was no Free Trade. Look at a bunch of the ruleset speculation posts -- nearly all of them without fail are the same few people reposting "Free Trade but with this extra little bit of meat to look different"

    Ultimately, people are being obnoxious for their own personal gain because Free Trade is amazing for krono farming, and they don't get to relive the first four months of Mischief again.

    Should also note, unless someone is completely enamored with PLing and selling characters, I don't see FTE being a huge issue. Then again modern EQ is basically a glorified stock exchange to some people so maybe that IS the point.
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  14. Kunfo Augur

    The problem is fundamentally changing core game mechanics to remove many mechanics, such as basic Druid PLing, Monk FD pull, tagging mobs for faction, is not a way to capitalize on nostalgia. It removes player freedom and parts of the game a lot of people enjoy. Lots of successful games capitalizing on nostalgia do not change core gameplay - WoW classic and Diablo 2 Resurrected are cases in point. Those are both games people brought their full clans/guilds to.
  15. Dominate Augur

    I agree for sure. I was trying to point out that Jen is game director for the entire game, including modern. She prioritizes the viability of the game going forward, not the health of one TLP. They are going after the p99 crowd with this TLP not the Mischief crowd. They are trying to increase overall marketshare, not pirate players from their already existing smashing success of a TLP that is Mischief. I HATE it, because I missed Mischief and want to give it a go from the start :(

    In short they are thinking big picture (entire game and the future) and we are being selfish (small picture) because we want a server for the next year or two that we will enjoy.

    One of my favorite things that classic WoW brought was the #nochanges discussion. As it went on, it turns out that people wanted #somechanges. What they didn't want was changes to the core mechanics that made their game what it was in the first place. FTE/tagging fundamentally changes Everquest at its core so drastically that it will literally be unrecognizable. I can think of so many things that this modifies every second I am engaging with NPC's. Mischief added bonus loot when you got a named to spawn, and randomized it so you could hunt in Paw and get Guk loot (both positives). FTE makes it so (depending on the mechanics of it) you literally cannot play the game in the same way you have been for your entire EQ life. I think that Darkpaw is going to find out that people like Everquest BECAUSE of the old mechanics, and not because we like staring at 1999 graphics.
  16. Kunfo Augur

    I just disagree fundamentally that FTE is a good big-picture change. I think the opposite of you, I am happy to sit out TLP for one year (small picture), but FTE coming permanently ruins the game for me. I also don't see how it goes for the P99 community. If there's anything I know from that community, it's that they don't want the game to change. Having a play nice policy of not KSing is WORLDS apart from changing the way the game is coded to prevent any interaction with mobs someone has engaged.
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  17. Dominate Augur

    I am not sure how, from my post history, you thought I liked FTE. I think it is garbage. I am simply pointing out why they chose it, IMO.
  18. TheRealMuramx Elder

    FTE was added for 2 reasons.

    1) so they don't have to police their game. No PnP, and this stops KSing in essence and since camps are recognized everything is FFA and nothing you can do about it.

    2) And another feature from EQ2 they are trying to bring in. The two games are different and people play here because they like it better so why change the game to play like EQ2? I feel like a majority of their staff works on both games simultaneously.
  19. Thatoneguy666 Elder

    Well said and of course you are correct. However with any progressive changes there is always a bridge too far. A line that should not be crossed. Where you are basically throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

    Maybe this isn't the end of EQ as we know it. But it's bad. Killing PL is not really okay because there are eras it's the only viable means of catching up. And regardless you're killing a part of EQs soul. A big part of it
    For me it's too far. And I'll admit I was not a fan of AoCs either. Or a lot of changes to modernize.

    But did I come ranting and screaming on the forums about it? Nope. I was just disappointed but I understood. Here's I believe it's DBG that doesn't understand. This idea is cursed. It must die a tyrant's death.
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  20. Fideles Journeyman

    Because that's what they want. And if they don't get it, they will just skip this years TLP and probably keep skipping until DB give them it. Or just not come back.

    From the disinterest so far, Oakwynd looks like a bust already for a lot of people.