Oakwynd - First TLP to dip to medium population within first week of launch?

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  1. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    Almost everything is tradable on FV and Mischief. You can buy and sell raid gear that is or will be Heirloom on Oakwynd and No Trade on all other servers. You absolutely cannot compare the economies of any other server with FV and Mischief.
  2. wade_watts Augur

    Yeah, try to converse without getting so personally frustrated. This is just a game and it's good to not let your passion get the best of you. FYI - Oakwynd was at medium population for about 3 hours yesterday. The good news is that for almost 90% of the time it was able to keep some players online. Very successful, so nice. Extra crispy. Very good. Much good successfulness.
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  3. Triconx Augur

    Yes, let's compare FV to other non FT servers. That makes sense. One server has people looting raid gear on alts on their non FT server, transferring, selling the gear to flip into krono and bring back to their normal server.

    Great economy. Great server to strive to be like.
  4. Lynada Journeyman

    I think some people here are trolling and or possibly in denial. Let me tell you from someone who plays off hours, the population is already pretty low considering the server's age. I'm not the only one in my timezone noticing this.

    I had a guy sit on our named position to steal fte with his charm pet, so there are definitely toxic people among the server population. It's not just nice people like some like to portray it. IMHO fte can not be considered a success.

    And it's the only server this year, are people ignoring that on purpose? Lol
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  5. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    According to EQ Resource it is still showing as high most of the time and it is the only TLP at high right now.
  6. Bullsnooze Augur

    Those who are personally frustrated seem to continue to create population threads (or Diablo 4 threads) with data that contradicts their arguments. Snarky comments are another cup of soup.

    You should be happy for Oakwynd's success and not such a Debbie-Downer. I'd think with all the high population ticks that EQResource is reporting it must be pretty boring waiting for those 5AM 'mediums' to show up so you can post here again.
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  7. Lineater Augur

    Every new server is going to be high pop on launch (except Vawanki lol). And since Aradune, pretty sure every server (except Vawanki lol) has stayed 100% high for weeks.

    Even boring old Yelinah maintained 100% high for two(?) weeks before it finally logged a single medium tick. And it was competing against Vawanki and Mischief's OOW launch/100% high server pop one week later.

    Mischief is in a trash expac right now and there is no new server competition for Oakwynd. The guy who tracks server pops posted somewhere that Oakwynd had about 20% more players than Yelinak on launch. I expected that number to be higher.

    BTW I'm not rooting for Oakwynd to fail. (Play where you want, how you want, when you want - whatever makes you happy.) I'll be curious to see how Oak's pop holds up when the launch honeymoon is over and SoF launches on Mischief.
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  8. Lineater Augur

    Update: I was wrong about Yelinak staying 100% high for at least two weeks. Went through some old discord messages. On 6/3/22 Yelinak was logging 14% medium pop uptime for the week. Which would have been the seven days spanning 5/28-6/3. Yelinak launched on 5/25/22.

    So to answer OP's original question, no, Oakwynd isn't the first.
  9. code-zero Augur

    Do you even know how Krono trading works? If people are buying Krono to trade in game to the so-called "Krono Lords" they aren't doing it because they figure that they're going to quit in a week. Do you really think that the casual TLP re-cycler is a drooling slack jawed buffoon? Currently on my main server the Krono buyers spamming to buy are offering 4.5 million pp/ Krono and before Oakwynd launched the price was only 3.2 million. Since Krono are account based I can pretty much be certain that those are either going to Oakwynd of Oakwynd has effected the Krono trade that much.
  10. TacoTime! Journeyman

    Auction during the evenings basically gets close to maxed out - and even during slow times it's in the 200's.

    And mind you this is the first server with a mechanic that encourages making 2-3-4th characters on accounts, I know for me, I'm maxed on my main, but working on set 2 and 3 of characters now to max out bonuses - that I'd otherwise be playing EC games 24-7 with the alts on any other server.
  11. Muramx Elder

    I enjoy how you casually glossed over the Povar and Luclin part...
  12. Muramx Elder

    I know exactly how it works... Why... Because I made a bunch on the last couple of TLPs and on Oakwynd... The economy is drying up. People bought Krono and sold them early on to do Tradeskills, to make plat. With EC and the Auction channels running at 25%. Anyone with a basic understanding of economics can tell you that's a bad sign, especially this soon. They are buying in bulk to move to where it will be profitable again. What is being seen is them dumping plat for Krono before there is barely any market on the server. I haven't even seen our resident TLP hoping casino in EC for a couple days.

    The 6 groups I was in yesterday all had the same topic of discussion multiple times when people were coming and going. They were all hoping people were making low level alts for the bonus, because it was getting hard to fill up groups post 35.
  13. Muramx Elder

    I never see more then 200 in either EC or the Auction channel. I would figure a little t of them are in both. Which again is very low when the start til about 4 or 5 days ago I would join an auction channel and be in the 3rd one.
  14. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    No gloss, I know nothing about them. I have been playing on FV since shortly after it launched with a gap between. I know personally how much the Free Trade affects the economy both in positive and incredibly negative ways.
  15. Critt Augur

    I’m trying to think of a negative impact of free trade and can’t think of a single thing… please list the incredibly negative ways it effects an economy, I’m truly interested.
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  16. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    I'm sure you don't think they're negative at all.

    The economy is incredibly inflated.
    New players have an incredibly difficult time affording anything.
    Players get pressured to buy in games items with real money, now it's Kronos but in the past it was real money with 3rd party sites.
  17. Critt Augur

    I would think the high inflation is more due to the many plat dupes over the years as well as Krono manipulation.. Free trade creates more supply lowering demand making things cheaper.

    I started on Mischief back when TSS first dropped, I was amazed by how cheap gear was and how friendly the people were, complete strangers giving noobs 1000’s of plat…

    Not sure where this “pressure” to spend real money is coming from within a month on mischief I was max level and geared enough for TSS plat raids…I think if someone feels pressured to pay real money for gear it is because either they rather spend money than time or they’re just terrible at a really old game…either way I don’t see free trade being the cause of that as people buy loot rights on other servers.
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  18. TacoTime! Journeyman

    Complete made up nonsense...
  19. mcsleezy Elder


    Let me ask you this though, how would a new player even begin to catch up on a regular no trade gear server?

    It's basically impossible, unless you have about 50 friends willing to run you through older content so you can gear up to be relevant.

    At least with a free trade server a new player has the chance to become relevant, even if it means buying krono from DBG, guess what that's income to the game if people want to spend their money for enjoyment why does that matter to you? You should be happy if people buy krono it helps the people who run this fine game after all!
  20. kizant Augur

    It would hurt the tradeskillers who make all the money in the current system.