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  1. TheRealMuramx Elder

    You do know their is a whole science behind polls right? That's why there is a margin of error on the bottom. The higher the margin the less people polled etc etc. I recommend you look ok it up, because I am not going to explain it.

    But anyways there is always an excuse by the "Oakwynd fanboys." Someone even mentioned a system wide poll to put this to rest and it was met with the same criticism. "But people will troll it." "What if the people that are waiting for Oakwynd aren't playing?" But but but, what if what if what if.

    I think deep down you know the server as it stands will flop. You know that a disproportionate amount of people are displeased. But your hanging on to that thread of denial and hope that they won't won't change the server rules that your so passionately want.
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  2. Larsen Augur

    Well, don't you see, er, the very concept of polling is fundamentally flawed and therefore it isn't possible for there to be anything wrong with Encounter Locking, and therefore people have to stop providing feedback about it!
  3. Koniku Elder

    No we cant stop until theres 100 pages of baseless speculation and kneejerk reactions
  4. Esote New Member

    Lol kiddo, please. Please go read up on that science you're claiming to know about before you comment on it whatsoever. You'll quickly learn that it is completely manufactured and any competent person can set up the polls/etc in such a way to not only expect an outcome, but also guarantee it. Go find me some polls/questionaires/etc in regards to FTE on the new server that have a "margin of error" outline on the bottom, I'll wait.

    I couldn't care one way or another what the ruleset is going to be. If I like it, I'll try it out. If I don't, I wont. As I mentioned, it's an incredibly simple concept. Please go find some posts or replies or something where I was "passionately" wanting FTE. Again, I'll wait.

    You're just participating in recreational outrage over the most inconsequential thing in the world, don't get too worked up over a videogame buddy. You'll probably be okay if you have to skip one TLP.
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  5. Thatoneguy666 Elder

    We post because they don't talk to their customers. Don't explain reasoning, don't explain their thought process, don't engage in a dialogue about massive, game sweeping changes such as these.

    It's almost like their ashamed of it. It's kind of hilarious. What's this server called? Oh yeah, the "Evolving Ruleset Server!" Woo-hooo! Evolving ruleset, meaning generic +bonuses that stack each expansion. Awesome. What's the feature that 95% of the discussion regarding the new server focuses on? Oh yeah, those 3 little sentences they tried to sneak in there:

    "This will also be our first attempt at Encounter Locking, etc etc"

    Literally like 3 pages of text, multiple paragraphs talking about some waste of time Legacy Character bonus that 15% of the population will use and 2% will care about. Detailed explanations of all the sweet bonuses we'll be getting 18 months down the road, when most people have stopped playing(cool...)

    And smashed between all this info, "Hey guys, broad sweeping changes to the entire combat system! Gonna test it out for live too!"

    They would rather we don't notice. Don't talk about it. Don't ask questions, just nod and grin excitedly about 10% bonus per alt on the same account.

    So here we are. Posting into the void because maybe 100+ pages will cause someone at DayBreak to say "Ummm, maybe we should reconsider."

    They won't engage in any other manner.
  6. Demetri Augur

    The point is that Aggro alone isn't the ONLY thing, yes, aggro needs to be part of it - that does not mean that Aggro is it alone.

    Horses and pigs are both 4-legged critters, just because they share that commonality of being 4-legged doesn't mean you can't be more precise and state what they are, rather than just saying "Oh it's some 4-legged critter".

    That's what boiling it down to "Aggro" does. Sure, aggro will be a component, but is it JUST aggro or is there more to it? TBD.
  7. sadre Augur

    Does Daybreak have an official statement on the Jack Teixeira situation yet?

    His online discord group is pretty troubling re: online gaming communities and roleplaying. Puts a bit of a crimp in my interest in this upcoming server.
  8. Demetri Augur

    I don't use such things and never have, but it's been my understanding that far taunt nonsense hasn't worked in multiple years.
  9. Demetri Augur

    For how Guides, like myself (in the past, not been one for a long time now) were used to the term being used, no, Engage meant a serious active attempt at a mob.

    When the PNP was in place regarding KSing, you couldn't just say you were engaged with something because you were kiting it around endlessly or tagging it first, etc - you had to actually be making a serious attempt.

    So no, "engage" doesn't exclusively mean that, not remotely.
  10. Braelvenae Lorekeeper

    Nice! Now they just need to code that "actually be making a serious attempt" into the game to make this FTE stuff work just as well as the PNP did that they removed it.
  11. Demetri Augur

    Misses still aggro, have you even played EQ?
  12. Thatoneguy666 Elder

    Well they have certainly banned more people for it in recent years...But as a general rule, you probably shouldn't make blanket statements about subjects which by your own admission you know absolutely nothing about.

    Rest assured every conceivable exploit imaginable is alive and well and many people are working diligently to make them difficult to detect. It does seem like DBG is sort of winning that battle though, at least among the few people I know. DBG has banned and suspended a lot more people blatantly cheating than they used to, at least on Mischief which is where I've played recently.
  13. Demetri Augur

    You seem to understand some basic concepts of polling but not others.

    Take a statistics course and learn about "push-polling" online nooks and crannies are even MORE susceptible to skewing because they're entirely voluntary and neutral minded folks won't tend to bother trying to get extra votes from others, while zealots will tell friends and family to help them (or multi-account in some cases).

    It's possible it's an accurate read, it's possible it's not. Realistically the margin of error on polls like that are damn near +/-50% (for example notice political Twitter polls where you can make the exact same poll under a right wing talking head and it goes 90%+ one way, but do the same under a left-wing and it goes 90% the other way, entirely due to the exposure of it)

    At the end of the day, it's what you BELIEVE - it could be true, could be false, but the only absolute is your belief in it.

    (I personally do hedge that direction for my own guesstimation, but again, that's MY opining, not data)
  14. Demetri Augur

    Well first hand I know there's a distance check attached to taunt now, because one of my old favorite tricks for pulling Velks was to stand under and taunt to pull - seems odd if something literally on top of me, but 20 feet above is too far to taunt that something on the other side of the zone would not be without using a warp to get over there and then warp back.

    Which inherently would be a different hack all together.
  15. Trident Elder

    I really look forward to this mythical form of engagement, that no one can actually explain, is laid out for us.

    You do understand that a programmed mechanic doesnt have the luxury of making a judgement call, right?
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  16. Thatoneguy666 Elder

    .....no. It's not bro. It's the exact same thing it's always been. That's why it's a hack, and not clever use of an ability. Fun fact, clerics also don't get taunt, you know, by default.
  17. Demetri Augur

    Which they may already be, no one knows yet since they've only given the vague statement.
  18. Demetri Augur

    Interesting, when I'd seen it used it was by taunt classes. And mind you, on the topic of clerics pulling though, the ones doing AE PLing with obvious software on Yelinak all seem to run around and pull manually, perhaps it wouldn't be wise in a PL setup since you have witnesses potentially right on hand, but seems odd I've seen zero try it.

    Seems the efficiency would outweigh a single account ban here and there.
  19. Thatoneguy666 Elder

    All sorts of levels to cheating. DBG has to their credit been pretty good from what I've seen of banning the more blatant and biggest abusers of 'that which shall not be named'. But that always ebbs and flows.

    And there are always some subset of the population willing to risk it, or even they do it for the fun and challenge of avoiding detection. It's a game within a game to some.
  20. Larsen Augur

    And half a dozen weirdos telling us that it's wrong to provide feedback. Don't forget them. Not only are we to accept that the developers try to sneak this kind of garbage into the game without any sort of dialogue, we're also apparently wrong for voicing our opinions on that. We're supposed to WaIt FoR mOrE dEtAiLs (where are those?) and/or blindly assume that the feature itself does not actually do what the developers literally announced it does. It's so baffling.
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