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    This ruleset is lame. I don't care if you wanna test something new like FTE, hell maybe people will try it and actually enjoy it. But it's basically vanilla with random perks for each expansion and slow unlocks, nothing new. MISCHIEF 2.0 LETS GOOOOOOO ((If u wanna do mischief for the 25th anni and thats why you dont wanna do it this year, screw that, just do it next year too with another server if you want. Why wait, we are an aging community, some of us might not have another year to wait.))
  2. magikarp Elder

    hope you're preparing your poopsocks boys

    variance + first person to take an action = poor souls sitting on contested raid bosses waiting a long long time
  3. Esote New Member

    I think the point that he was eluding to with the quotations around "vast majority" is the same issue that basically happens in every community, everywhere across the internet in regards to a specific topic/hobby/game, etc. Even political polls in our country suffer this problem. You're only getting the information from the vocal minority of people who care to answer polls/reply/etc and most often the vocal minority is only vocal when they are unhappy. So the information is skewed even further from the truth.

    You seem to equate that because the posts on this forum, FB, discord, etc reflect a certain way that the "vast majority" of people do. But what I think you're failing to realize is that a HUGE majority(I'd wager 80%+ but theres really no way to actually tell) of people who play this game still today literally never read or post on these forums, never use the official discords, never use the FB groups, never use literally any of the places where you are gathering your data. So you're basing your information off an incredibly small user base and even then you're only gathering data from the vocal minority of those people in that incredibly small user base that bother posting/replying/answering polls/etc. Think about why you see the same names over and over in these threads, the same people who have thousands of posts, etc. I guarantee you if you went back through their post logs to every TLP announcement for the past few years you'd see the exact same types of posts except instead of it being about FTE, it would be about randomized loot from Mischief. Or if it wasn't randomized loot, it would be about faster pacing from Selo, etc. Rinse and repeat, every time something new is announced.

    It's simply manufactured outrage and people turn it into a sport/passion, regardless of the arena it takes place in.

    To be incredibly clear, I'm not saying that people actually ARE in favor of FTE. All I am saying is that you actually have no real data to figure it out at this point. Once it gets released and people either decide to play on it or not play on it, then we will have data. If it is as unpopular as you think it'll be, then they will likely take notice of that and not pursue it any further. It's pretty simple overall. If it isn't your cup of tea, check back next time for the next ruleset to see if that suits you better.
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  4. Thatoneguy666 Elder

    Amusing, but let's please not treat ChatGPT as some thinking, super-human intelligence. We're not quite at the level where we just let it make all our decisions for us. It's often wrong and can only know what it is given. Also it lies when things get uncomfortable lol.

    Although I did enjoy the well-reasoned points that it put so succinctly.
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  5. Kazzuk Elder

    Just got a whole lot faster, out of raid pull group distracts all of the clear mobs, raid safely moves in to kill position maybe clearing a few mobs, kills boss, pull group drops aggro (either before encounter and joins raid or sometime after pull/kill of boss, hell after COTH pull group could be ANY class grouped with a mage that knows how to kite.). Sure pull group may need to be alts/boxes if you cant rejoin main raid before boss pull but this tactic could knock hours off in era VT clears for instance and would be viable for nearly anything open world where you had to clear before.

    I also predict raid leaders hating to have to deal with even more raid drops/readds and group shuffling.

    And I can think of a few ways to even make a variation of this viable in instances.

    I don't know, I am not for or against this since we don't have all of the detail's yet, I just see a ton of ways to exploit this just like it has been in lesser games.

    Also, imho this wont kill AE PL groups, it will just make them a little less efficient and zones with more raid xp better prospects for them later in the game. Either way it will still be tremendously better than solo xp.
  6. magikarp Elder

    the assumption that FTE will reduce competition for raid mobs is more than a little naive, chatgpt

    you have the very same people to compete with. we're just all going to be playing a different style of game now. good luck competing with the army of tflux staffs and throw stone macros who have been all night. although being an AI, you're probably not worried about those things as much as we humans are
  7. Captain Video Augur

    I would be interested to know if Google Bard concurs with ChatGPT's assessment. Bard was the one who said Google (its master) was a monopoly and that the government should break it up.
  8. Zrender Augur

    Some good ideas in there. Not sure how they would be taken on live.
  9. TLP Addict Augur

    People should probably wait for a detailed FAQ to be posted before all the rampant speculation, but I guess TLPers gonna do their thing. We really don't know how the mechanics of FTE will work exactly
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  10. Zrender Augur

    You are completely right about that. Not only to avoid confusion. They should have announced the "why" in the feedback thread because how can you get legit feedback if people don't know what the change is designed to solve. As I've said before, I'm pro-FTE because I assume it will greatly reduce afk AE PLing efficiency, eliminate AFK AE PLing from disrupting whole zones and eliminate the intentional training that RMTers and extreme toxics use to clear groups out of named camps that they want (abusing mechanics to PvP in a PvE game). I haven't seen any solid rebuttal of my assumptions regarding those and it's pretty obvious that mechanically it accomplishes those things (which is why I'm guessing that those are the reasons it's being added, guessing because no "why" has been provided). However, there are clearly valid open questions about the "why" regarding kill credit, OW raids, aggro locking blocking content and the ever present "why isn't this Mischief 2.0?"

    Without the "why" we just go back and forth with various nonsense. The most valuable feedback this rambling thread has provided (at least to me) is that Mischief's existence has probably eliminated the possibility of ever getting solid legit feedback about any other ruleset again. With Mischief being the most easy-mode server and fully pay-to-win, that does concern me for the future of the game.

    I think the only suggestion I can make for Oakwynd, based on the posts here, is to add half of the Mischief ruleset to Oakwynd (extra loot and random loot but without free-trade) and see if that is enough to placate the large Mischief 2.0 crowd while still not making it the default ruleset and destroying Mischief 1.0's population completely.
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  11. Captain Video Augur

    The Mischief 2.0 crowd doesn't need to be placated, they need to get a clue. They aren't nearly as large a % of the EQ player base as they think they are. And they were told months ago via Discord that there wouldn't be another Mischief-rules server this cycle, but they have refused to listen, insistent on derailing every single thread on general ruleset topics (including this one) with their demands. The company isn't going to turn the entire EQ franchise into super-easy mode because 2% of the population thinks the game is supposed to be "fun" rather than "challenging". I expect they will get something to their liking next year; in the meantime, they can either play the game as it is now, or suffer.

    I'm also not convinced that Mischief itself is in that good a shape. The economy there is being increasingly dominated by whales, and that hasn't worked out well on other servers.
  12. Moforyguy12345 Augur

    LOL ummm FTE is exactly making EQ super easy mode. They are removing trains. Please tell me how that isn't super easy mode? I doubt Mischief 2.0 people are in the minority when you have multiple threads and some with 20k views and 2000 posts. They've only have this kind of response when they tried the terrible TLP ideas of Selos and mangler.
  13. Zrender Augur

    Were you actually laughing? Quite odd since his points are completely valid and you're completely wrong. In all my years of EQ I have never considered trains or intentional training to be a challenging aspect of EQ. I have considered intentional training to be one of the most toxic aspects of the game because it lets people PvP on a PvE server via exploit. The most challenging content of EQ, raids, are mostly run in AoCs so trains have absolutely nothing to do with them. Even in OW they are meh because they are ineffective vs a raid force. Normal non-intentional trains happen maybe twice in a given all day weekend xp session, even in places like KC or Chardock. How does something that happens that infrequently have anything to do with challenge? How does some toxic dragging spectres around NRO killing level 8-15s for 2 days straight (causing multiple people to quit the game entirely) make the game more challenging?

    On the other hand, the Mischief ruleset lets you buy (via $$ kronos) max raid gear within 5 minutes of your first login and then pay a few more kronos to have someone else level your toon to max level. Tell me again how that's not maximum easy mode. The only way Mischief could be any easier is if DPG gave you a maxxed out char on login.
  14. Koniku Elder

    Removing trains also removes all tickets relating to trains, which is alot of them. You aren't going to forum warrior the devs out of that course.
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  15. Moforyguy12345 Augur

    Well you are just speculating that they won't remove FTE. They haven't said anything since responding to the overwhelming complaints about it initially.
  16. Demetri Augur

    FALSE - other metrics exist like the 98% and 100% checks for summon and call of the zero.
  17. Koniku Elder

    I am speculating that they are going to do an experiment server to test the viability of the system with the playerbase to avoid a gamewide rollout of a new system, regardless of how many uncle ricos demand another mischief clone.

    I don't have strong opinions on FTE either way, I will wait and see. It is what it is.
  18. Demetri Augur

    And we wonder why conspiracy theories find such lengthy lives online where people like him can validate/invalidate any random data point's veracity at a whim based on presupposition rather than weighing the quality levels of the sources.

    /sigh, this world today
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  19. Arclyte Augur

    im putting together a crack team of pipe-hitters straight outta cabilis to take down some punk dragons

    are you a bad enough dude to save firiona vie?
  20. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    Sigh, you didn't read the whole thread. I already explained how you're wrong.