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  1. Larsen Augur

    Anyone who can look at the current state of the Everquest community and deny that Encounter Locking is unpopular is someone whose opinion can be dismissed out of hand for being outside the reach of common sense.
  2. Lawyer Augur

    I'm going to sit this TLP out, but I will enjoy reading how everyone's beta testing of this idea is going. I'll be interested to hear how fun it is to experience classic, Kunark, and Velious while devs try to deal with a change to the fundamental concept of the game -- who gets the loot. But I see nothing to pull me back. A fresh free-trade server, without FTE; that would be interesting. This, not so much.
  3. Pumpernickel Lorekeeper

    he's pretty active on p99, been raiding with us for over 6 mos, doubt he'd return to live
  4. Lawyer Augur

    Oh, here's what ChatGPT thinks:

    PROMPT: Name some reasons why Everquest players may not like a change to the game which prevents players from competing over loot.
    1. Competitive nature: One of the primary reasons why players enjoy playing Everquest is the competitive aspect of the game. They enjoy competing with other players for loot, and it provides a sense of accomplishment when they win.
    2. Risk vs. reward: Many players believe that the risk of competing for loot is what makes the game exciting. Removing this risk could make the game less thrilling and less rewarding.
    3. Social interaction: Competition over loot can also encourage social interaction among players. Players may form alliances and work together to obtain the loot they desire.
    4. Game balance: Removing the competition over loot could change the balance of the game. Players may feel that certain classes or play styles are unfairly disadvantaged.
    5. Personal preference: Some players simply enjoy the current system and do not want to see it changed. They may feel that the proposed change goes against the spirit of the game.

    PROMPT: Why would some players like this change?
    1. Reduced toxicity: The competition over loot in Everquest can often lead to toxicity and negativity among players. Removing this aspect of the game could make the community more friendly and welcoming.
    2. More fairness: Some players may feel that the current system is unfair and favors certain classes or players. Removing the competition over loot could make the distribution of loot more equitable.
    3. More focus on gameplay: With the competition over loot removed, players can focus more on the gameplay itself, rather than just trying to obtain loot. This could enhance the overall experience of playing the game.
    4. Less stress: Competition over loot can be stressful for some players, particularly those who are not as skilled or experienced as others. Removing this aspect of the game could make it more enjoyable for a wider range of players.
    5. Encouraging cooperation: Without the competition over loot, players may be more willing to cooperate and work together towards a common goal. This could enhance the social aspect of the game and make it more enjoyable for many players.

    PROMPT: Given what brings classic Everquest players back, which seems more likely?
    It is difficult to say which option is more likely as different players have different preferences and reasons for playing Everquest. However, based on the known reasons that bring classic Everquest players back to the game, it seems that they are more likely to be against the change that prevents players from competing over loot. This is because the competitive nature, risk vs. reward, and social interaction aspects of the game are some of the primary reasons that keep players engaged with the game. Classic Everquest players are often looking for a nostalgic experience and a true-to-form gameplay, and changing such an integral aspect of the game may not be well-received by them. However, it is important to note that some players may also appreciate the changes, particularly those who prefer a less competitive and more cooperative gameplay experience.

    So there you have it folks. Even a piece of software can figure this one out.
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  5. Dmitry Elder

    I truly hope not. That guy single handedly recreated the entire loot sort for the first couple of Mischief expansions.
  6. Dmitry Elder

    I agree with OP this does not feel like a year that is going to bring back a lot of people. I'm having real trouble getting people who have played most years excited.

    Free trade seems to be the hold up.
  7. Seigq New Member

    It sounds like you don't know what you're talking about and didn't raid much on Mischief.

    Even with the extra generous loot in the early xpacs of Mischief, loot was just barely at an acceptable modern level. In Velious you were hard pressed to get 6-7 T1 items from raiding 3 days a week for all 8 weeks of Velious.
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  8. Vindar Augur

    What I see are a lot knee-jerk reactions from people that don't even know how it will be implemented yet. At least some people are willing to try it. Maybe it will be terrible, but then maybe it won't.
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  9. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    Everything I've said is exactly how it will work.

    Nobody can say "I can't know that." I've already shown you that I know it by stating irrefutable statements.

    Prove me wrong, any of you.
  10. Goomba New Member

    I see some good points

    In the free trade server, when I was there, there was 2 types of players/groups/raids

    When you joined a group, raid etc, very quickly the loot rules of the group would be laid out. Roll everything, Need before greed, or some variant in between

    Sometimes an item would be taken (FBSS) by a caster or something, and someone in the group got and left. However the caster needs the item as much as the melee, because he can sell it and get stuff for himself.

    Again, always the group/raid etc loot rules are laid out

    First to engage will crush the farmers who monopolize zones like deep in chardok. Which is good, I have personally been crushed by them over and over on the free trade server. Or our group getting kill stealed in the Efreeti Lord room by 5 mage groups, At least in FTE we have a chance to get the tag. In the bot wars you will always lose
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  11. Trident Elder

    Not only that, but I've yet to see any rational explanation from the pro fte crowd for the countless theorycrafted scenarios presented. The wait for more details crowd is just ignoring the elephant in the room that they obviously didnt have answers to most of these things or even thought about them and are attempting to figure them out on the fly.
  12. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    Just because you don't like something doesn't prove anything one way or another either or even that the "vast majority" agree with you. Running a poll among those you know have a similar opinion will give you the results you seek but it might have no bearing on reality. I have never said there are those who don't like the idea of FTE for whatever reason. I haven't even made any claim those for it, against it, or indifferent to it are the majority.

    Those who are dead set on any TLP after Mischief needs to be Free Trade will be against the announced TLP. However, that has no bearing on their opinions about FTE. They could be for, against, or indifferent to FTE, but you are counting them as against.
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  13. TheRealMuramx Elder

    Doesn't matter if it's knee jerk or not. What matters is if players are going to log onto it... And they aren't at least not many. Several years of feedback successes and failures and the general player base gets spit in the face. I expect people to not play it out of spite as they shouldnt.
  14. Vindar Augur

    I mean there's 5 guilds now looking for people and we're more than a month out, so clearly plenty of people plan on playing it. You don't like it, there's always next year.
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  15. Ainamaf New Member

    The only ones mad about FTE are those who are mad they cant KS anymore. all this energy should be spent on whats really needed to make oakwyn not be DOA... getting them to make it free trade.
  16. FranktheBank Augur

    So it's misinformed then.

    We have 100% of the details provided to us. We use that to base our criticism. Again, either the devs clarify or ignore, it's up to them (I don't even think ignoring is a bad idea). Saying we shouldnt make criticisms based on some imaginary things you invent in your mind is nonsense.
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  17. TheRealMuramx Elder


    That's literally what it means...

    Correct.. so if it was one poll then meh... When it's more then 1? Then what? When it's the Dev post, posts in the TLP and posts in the veterans lounge? Then what? When it's the official EQ discord? Then what? When it's the EQ Facebook page? What about the individual server pages and discord channels? Oh wait let me guess it's the same 25 people doing it all right?

    Fair enough. But think of you ran a business
    And your customer was happy with the product you provided, then one day you were like "This is the new one and it's going to be great." And it is and they love even more and more people start buying from you. Then the customers start giving feed back saying the same thing over and over what they would like to see improved and instead of that you go back to the original design which is not anywhere close to what they were asking for or as good as what they were getting. And even shave off some of the product but still charge the same. What do you think is going to happen? Do you really think customers are not going just roll over and take it? No they are going to voice their complaints and if you don't figure it out they are going to leave.

    All the people waiting for some great product have gotten slapped on the face on this. And if they don't figure it out they will lose players, because of their arrogance.
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  18. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I am not using WoW as a reason for this feature to come to Everquest.
  19. Obliteration Elder

    Its not a random, triple, tradable loot tlp, obviously some people are losing their minds since they cant raid groupable raid mobs for top end gear nor can they sit in the middle of as many random named as possible to pull insane amounts of tradable items.

    I would be mad too if my drugs were taken away and replaced with a lower dose
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  20. Obliteration Elder

    I am looking forward to this next tlp as it is currently set to be released, looks like it will be actual EverQuest but with less afk xping which is a massive win
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