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  1. Tranced Elder

    Bro who are you paying for PL? Even if you had a full PL group pay FULL PRICE for 12 hours a day, that's 60 krono. I can assure you people aren't always PLing a full group, nor are they getting full price from every customer.

    There would need to be 10-20 full AOE PL groups active at one time for more than half the day at once to bring in 500-1000 kronos a day. Most I've ever seen is 3 going at once. It is a problem, sure, but it isn't a $20,000/day market lol.
  2. Trident Elder

    I honestly didn't know there were people out there that irrationally hated PL services so much. This thing is an absolute monster that they have created in their heads.
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  3. Tranced Elder

    The (software assisted) AoE PL should be banned but it shouldn't require FTE to do it.
    When you have an army of enchanters stacked in a corner chain casting for hours on end it's pretty damn obvious there is cheating and third party software at play.

    It would literally take ONE employee a couple hours a day TOPS to clean up this issue.
    There is no difficulty at all in discerning 10 regular players from a cheater.
    Until we have octopus people, if there are 8 enchanters spamming in cadence let's just issue the ban.

    Like, a single dude could pretty much squash 95% of disruptive activity by just checking the popular bot loot spots and AE PL spots like the deep.

    Edit: You could also just remove enchanter's ability to INFINITELY SCALE. They still have the best haste, amazing slow, the best CC, the best DPS/TANK in the game in many eras with charm, the best mana regen, etc.... Do they really need to be able to stun infinity targets?

    Wouldn't that be an easier change than this convoluted FTE garbage that is guaranteed to be exploited by cheaters with a software advantage?

    Come to think of it, in the last decade of TLP's almost every issue can be traced back to the enchanter class being completely imbalanced.
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  4. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    If it was that easy why is it still a problem?
  5. Trunch New Member

    Great idea! Let's change one of the core mechanics of a class, cause this guy doesn't want the core mechanics of the game changed. I feel where you're going, but punishing another class to bandaid bad design isn't it.
  6. bigzzz New Member

    What? So the instant cast illusions being able to warp through doors, the mount glitch that could get you through doors, and the taunt changes to the taunt ability itself (just to name a few) all are because of the chanter being imbalanced? Weird.

    Let me ask you this, I know it isn't TLP related, but bare with me...

    Have you ever played on a live server? Let's say your live character is level 100, say you use the new heroic character thing, so you just saved yourself weeks of leveling, right. So you get on this level 100 character with the intent to get to level 120 and find a raiding guild to raid with.

    Do you realize how long it would take a level 100 character to get to level 120 and grind over 30-40k AA in order to be on par with others that are currently at raid level? If PL services and friends that were able to help you through that grind no longer exist, that grind as it stands would take you well over a year to complete (and this would be playing every single day 6+ hours on week days and even longer on weekends, so realistically probably closer to 2 years). Then you have to remember they add a new expansion every year, so even if you get caught up to where the server was when you joined, you now have a whole new expansion you have to go through and get even more AAs, taking you even longer. You know what that means right? NO ONE would ever go back to live to play, it would essentially kill the live servers even more than they already are.

    There is a cause and effect chain from this, and hopefully you are able to see that given the starting point I just laid out, if not then you don't understand why what you said doesn't make sense for this game.
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  7. Zithax Elder

    This ruleset is pretty garbage.

    tlp legends wont be returning for this :(
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  8. Tranced Elder

    That's the million dollar question isn't it?
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  9. Tranced Elder

    You really think the live servers cannot exist without cheaters selling AE PL? Well I don't. But if that was the case, burn the whole thing down.
  10. Toraman New Member

    Just drop 2 servers, one experimental and one bringing back Mischief rules of some kind. All I see is people wanting a Mischief return, and I'm disappointed I missed it so satisfy both the crowds for something new and different and something that's reliable and worked.
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  11. Moforyguy12345 Augur

    They probably wanted to do experimental this year because 25th is next year and Mischief is a for sure success if cloned. But boy did they make the wrong choice to experiment with. Bring back Focus effects and launch in velious or Kunark.
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  12. Pigskin Journeyman

    Would it be possible to pin any dev posts in this at the top with their post number

    can't search through 77 pages

  13. Cylian24 New Member

    This please
  14. Magician9001 Augur

    Click the staff post tracker. top center of your screen
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  15. Seev New Member

    I would think they just need to add a carrot or carrots from the START of this ruleset to get more people to play.

    Double Loot
    Free Trade
    Mischief random loot (maybe just group loot this time)
    Double Rare's
    Lower respawn time
  16. Captain Video Augur

    There are no dev posts in this thread. Only a note from the CM that several overlapping threads were combined into what is now one mega-thread. Any red-name post will flag the thread as "dev" in the forum index.
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  17. FranktheBank Augur

    Selo was also called the casual server to mangler's hardcore. Take what Daybreak says with a grain.
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  18. UltrawideGameGuy New Member

    The reason I loved random loot is that it stopped a few players from controlling loot on the entire server.

    It feels like a lost opportunity, but I'm fine not playing for another year while these experimental servers change EQ forever.
  19. Pizzanomicon Augur

    Devs don't communicate with players about real issues. They're either gonna hammer this thread or ignore it. It's Sunday remember.

    Even though Holly wasn't the best producer in a nutshell, at least we got a bit better communication with the team then, but she is sadly the best producer this game had in it's current form.

    We miss you Dreamweaver !!!!
  20. Zrender Augur

    In the deep, in all of 5 different picks, I've seen 2 full PL groups in each. That's 1 or 2 PLer wizards and 4-5 PLees paying anywhere from 1kr/hr at peak right after expansion drop to 1kr per 2 hours or other discounts later in an expansion. They were all the usual "afk AE PL deep pst" RMTers. They operate in shifts. If you've ever used them you'd know they even do shift changes. It's very likely that most of their operation is software automated. 5 PLees x 2 camps x 5 picks=50 PLees paying kronos on some hourly basis x 24 hours in a day, can be up to up to 1kr/hr for new expansion drops so that's up to 1000 right there and that's JUST the deep. That was just a single sample on the deep and that's a reasonable estimate of 500kr-1000kr a day. Of course there will be 4-5 hours a day where there are only 2-3 picks but there will also likely be times where there are more than 5 picks. Let's lowball that and call the deep 500kr a day after expansion release. The deep is NOT THE ONLY AE PL zone. Other PL groups are setup in poi, velks and several other zones where it's efficient. So, start with the 500kr number for the deep and go up from there. If you think AE PL is small time money, it's you that's naive. Feel free to check my math on the next server that allows this, you can see it happening live, no need to take my word for it. It's not a difficult calculation.