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  1. Zrender Augur

    I do agree with you regarding unintentional trains. I don't think it's game breaking to remove it, because it's not really all that common (maybe once or twice in a day if you play all day), but, I do agree that it's always been a consideration when you're leveling. So, strictly talking about the unintentional kind, yeah, it's not a terrible thing, adds a bit. Doesn't add a whole lot for me, but, I don't disagree with you. I guess Karnor's won't be serving any trains on Oakwynd :) However, intentional training and then /oocing "sorry train" is also a thing and many people quit or won't even play eq because of intentional training, which is rampant in early TLPs. I personally have friends that won't play EQ, expressly for that reason, and these are people I have played on PvP servers with, that were perfectly fine there. The problem is that there's no productive recourse, often the trainers are FD classes and just rinse and repeat.
  2. Zrender Augur

    Good suggestion. I'm not opposed to open tagging. LOTRO also uses it. I think GW2 does also iirc. Would also probably eliminate most training, aside from the most toxic people doing it. Why train if you can just join in and get loot. I think it would be a very fun and interesting server. I think for OW raid mobs it should require some kind of aggro threshold, though. Like just throwing a puny spell shouldn't get you raid loot but the top 50 players all get something, maybe several tiers of rewards depending on where your heals or dps,adps fall in the aggro chain.

    Edit: Can you imagine how many players would be at the early game and good named camps with open tagging? 25 people in that back cubby in UR BM, ftw!
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  3. Khanfu Elder

    Yes, many games have a reward level from contribution. That sounds reasonable as well.

    As far as toxic people, that will exist in any game. You cant control that and any system designed to do so is just a limitation on those who want to play fairly and have fun.
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  4. Khanfu Elder

    But everyone in that cubby is contributing and being rewarded for their time invested.. and maybe making a few friends.
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  5. Khanfu Elder

    Obviously some drops would have to be assigned a "% drop" chance so that the economy isn't flooded but the social experience is much improved.
    Maybe on open world quest drops such as epics the items can drop just as normal for every player.. the timers on spawns are epic enough for most. Its a system that could really be tinkered with to improve quite a few issues that EQ has and still maintain the core gameplay.
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  6. Zrender Augur

    Hmm.. That's a tricky one because it could introduce a negative to other people being in your camp open tagging. I mean if they weren't there, they would be somewhere else, possibly getting some other good item and plat that would be added to the economy anyway. Probably better to just allow the economy to end up where it may and just add open tagging to normal mobs without limitation and threshold loot from OW raid mobs. I mean piñata loot on Mischief is very loved and that economy is about where you'd expect at the expansion it's on.

    Edit: Tagging could have the potential to make the game far more social than it is. Could be exactly what the game needs.
    Edit2: I would make 1 exception to everyone getting full loot. Rich giants. Divide those by damage threshold :)
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  7. YouDaGoob Lorekeeper

    Dont turn everquest into a cheap wow
  8. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Some would argue for that because that is what happens each year, however in the case of a special rules server like the random loot ones there is a bigger argument to not repeat them until after the servers reach live to see how the ruleset holds up. The normal servers that repeat each year have been doing it for a while and they already know how they hold up over time.
  9. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Sure each new one sells krono and other items but that doesn't mean that they want to duplicate a special rules server before it reaches live and they can fully judge how the ruleset stands up over time.
  10. Bickle New Member

    I don't think I have ever been intentionally trained in EQ. Is it really that big a problem to partly warrant implementing FTE?

    As for stopping the mass afk power leveling using 3rd party software: read general channels, go to the zones, watch the toons present, ban those breaking the rules. I'd imagine that would use less person power than the hours spent coding in FTE.

    Regarding the rest of what this new server is offering, I am very underwhelmed.
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  11. Trident Elder

    It's really not an issue at all. It's mostly understood that if someone is recording and reports it then you more than likely are taking a 7 day vacation.

    No one has said man I really want to get in on this next tlp, but those god forsaken trains drive me away.
  12. TheRealMuramx Elder

    According to some apparently it doesn't exist at all. They used linked mobs on raid encounters but now it's being placed on trash mobs. The point being is they are pushing mechanics for EQ2 into EQ1 which shows their lack of understanding of something important

    People play EQ1 over EQ2 for a reason (or vise versa) because they are fundamentally different games. If EQ1 players wanted EQ2 mechanics then that's where they would be.
  13. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I am not sure how true that is as Everquest 2 was launched five and a half years after Everquest and not everyone wanted to move to a new game and learn everything again. Sure there are players who stayed with Everquest because of mechanics like that but that was far from the only big difference between the games especially at launch.
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  14. TheRealMuramx Elder

    That's not what happens though. The reports get collected and when a players name pops up a bunch then they take action but a single report or even a group reporting an incident... They won't do anything.

    Training really hasn't been a thing, well no where near what it use to be anyways.
  15. TheRealMuramx Elder

    No, training is not really a big thing anymore. It use to be a problem in the early years. This FTE is to stop KSing, or DPS race if your the one doing it, which everyone complains about. They don't believe in camps and now they can stop the petitions they get over that. That's all this is not to improve the game for the players but less work for them.
  16. TheRealMuramx Elder

    Playing EQ2 was/is like playing an entirely different game. It's like trying to compare Call of Duty to Apex. They are both shooters and have some similar aspects... But that's where it ends.
  17. Thatoneguy666 Elder

    You might be right but I have a hard time believing the devs are
    that incompetent to actually believe that. The griefing that will occur with FTE is much worse than any dps racing ever could be. There is no Play Nice Policy in effect. This is not p99.

    Previously, disputed mobs were decided by dps. Now it's decided by instant cast macros and ping. That is not an improvement. It actually lowers the barrier to entry for stealing mobs and relegates the ability to a couple classes.

    It changes the parameters of an existing problem and breaks a bunch of other stuff besides. If they go through with this the casual tears will be as an ocean.
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  18. Bickle New Member

    Yea, all it does is change how your mob is stolen.
  19. TheRealMuramx Elder

    Varant and SoE use to use one and even though camps even by their standards didn't exist, the community it's self held themselves to an unwritten code so to speak. Now it's just the wild west, where all the OG players are 40+ and either no longer play or just do whatever. Seems the people that were young and started in 2015+ cause all the problems, generational thing I guess.

    But without a doubt they are doing this because they don't have the staff to enforce anything. And guides have zero authority, when they have we to have enough back in the day to intervene, and escalate the issue of need be and people would get suspended.
  20. Trident Elder

    I've witnessed it happen plenty of times. Like anything with their cs department it depends which woebot ends up picking up your ticket.
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