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  1. Dmitry Elder

    Pet attack isn't any faster than any other attack. In fact it's probably a smidge slower than those aoe blasts that wizzys get later.
  2. Rapala Journeyman

    nope, too daunting, never played beyond PoP so I'd be super lost and overwhelmed jumping back into any of the TLP's now. I would like to go past PoP, almost did on thornblade but had life stuff get in the way.
  3. Sabra Lorekeeper

    Who cares about who gets the first shot, you should all be adults with jobs. Just buy krono and get the items you want
  4. Dmitry Elder

    Yeah I would say the insta sticks will be even more potent now.
  5. Khanfu Elder

    The biggest draw is Classic to PoP. Always has been, always will be...
    If people are leaving a server that they invested time on and leaving guilds and friends they have made, then they WANT to leave.. No one is forcing them.

    I missed out on Mischief with RL responsibilities, but I have time to play now. I want to play from classic. Its fun to me.. is that wrong?

    If your guild is strong and your all having fun why would anyone leave to start over?
    Unless they just want to because it FUN
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  6. Zendien New Member

    Yelinak is getting Gates of Discord in a few weeks and then relaxed truebox at Omens of War. Don't forget the boring little server that is in the middle of the best Everquest content :)
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  7. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    I still play on, and will continue to play on Both Agnarr (PoP/LoY locked) and Mischief. Both have many players and guilds who will help and getting current on both is a breeze really. Agnarr being level capped and expansion locked, if you're interested in farming enough Krono to float a couple few accounts, is very reasonable. and any character gains, if you afk awhile to play onlive or any other server, remain relevant as the server doesn't keep outleveling you.
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  8. Kunfo Augur

    How is this a case of player entitlement? Devs just announced a change to a core gameplay feature of EQ to make it play like WoW or Final Fantasy, and players are the entitled ones for not wanting the game that existed for 24 years to disappear? Sounds more like a dev trying to score corporate points by making it look like they are doing something imo.
  9. Herf Augur

    People who aren't yet boxers but become one later :)
  10. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    Devs gotta dev and devs who wish to work for Blizzard gotta posture methinks.

    This is WoWverquest
  11. Corvo Accidental Puller of Dracoliche

    This is as far away from WoW as possible. If everyone shared credit and loot from a kill, you could make the "WoW-like" argument, but this is just a mechanic ripped from EQ2.
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  12. RiplyAnklebiter Lorekeeper

    I mean does anyone on the team play EQ or any MMO for that matter?

    The one thing I've watched people ask for,, for years, a FV clone....you came close with Mischief, but apparently that was to successful.....better go in a different direction.

    Locked encounters? This was an huge mess in EQ2, everyone hated it, its going to be that much worse in EQ. We get it, there is an issue with people power leveling and KSing, blah, blah, blah, but putting training wheels on instead of actually policing the game is dumb. People like being able to jump in and help someone dieing, racing on equal footing for a kill, having a friend/box out of group helping dps/heal. Removing this alone takes away half the incentive to have an alt/box. This just became he who has insta cast wins every race.

    Increase exp for every character you get to max level.....+ locked encounters? I mean really, who is going to actually do this now? Typically we level alts and boxes to help out the core group, kinda killing that to some degree from the above change.

    Want to actually give us something people have actually been asking for? Free trade and open up race/classes earlier. It can't be that much more of a code change then all the BS changes no one asked for.
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  13. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    This idea of shoehorning dev hubris into a game where nobody asked for it? Totally WoW

    Using paid subs as Test server? Also totally WoW

    Any minute now they'll make flying mounts you purchase for cash (get this) NOT fly in any new content unless you've beaten it 100%

    WoW things...

    are why I play EQ.
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  14. Schwifty Journeyman

    If it removes training on camps and OW raids then it will remove one of the biggest toxic behaviors in the game, yet remove the charm of unintentional trains.

    With a timer of 5-10 minutes on the lockout, it would remove much of the exploiting that the trolls are already planning.

    I don't see a problem with out of group power leveling, and I would think the company makes some money on it, so I think they should allow spells to land and lock the loot instead.

    I don't think they should do this on all servers, as every once in awhile you get real OW raid competition between guilds, like at the open of Selo.
  15. Lejaun Augur

    You mean you can't wait to be banned for disrupting the zone.
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  16. Lejaun Augur

    Nope. Not thinking about going to another TLP or live server at all. This ruleset just confirmed that I wish to play this year on this server. I will enjoy it for what it is and embrace the rules. If I don't like it after a year, I'll play on the new TLP or hit up Mischief and grab all the raid loot I need to twink my character to catch up.
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  17. Nuttmeg Augur

    Agreed. If we're play testing a new feature set, this should be a free to play server. Although I love the concept I don't think I should pay you to test it.
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  18. Lejaun Augur

    I will. This server encourages me to play the game more and try out new characters because the more that I do, the higher the next character's XP bonus will be.
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  19. Brazy Augur

    Please give us Free-Trade!
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  20. Makin Apprentice

    Because the approach the OP took that trying to present their statement as factual and not as an opinion by opening with "Lets be very clear about this"