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  1. Siah Elder

    Yeah, I feel as if there are so many problems with this. An enchanter can lock mobs forever and they will never be killable, bards can agro entire zones and there would be nothing that can be done about it, people can tag other peoples named just because they have a quicker cast spell then someone else. You will no longer be able to help someone lower level that you'd otherwise be able to help if needed. And many more scenarios I have yet to think up, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    IMHO if they were actually going to do this, they should limit it to just raid mobs, and leave everything else alone. Then, maybe it wouldn't be as terrible. This whole idea is going to create a whole new meta to the game and cause so many issue's it's truly going to be a miserable nightmare.
  2. Sweetkisses New Member

    Wasn’t this already semi enforced with rules against zone disruption?

    I mean, yeah I know it’s not enforced well but while we have gone from “play nice policy” to “might makes right” there were still some rules that were being enforced, like unattended camping etc.
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  3. Nuttmeg Augur

    Cleric channel: Hey all, that npc for the temperance quest, is it in a static spot or can it spawn anywhere in zone?
    Cleric channel: Fastest power level 1 to 33...
    Cleric channel: Fastest power level 34 to 65..
    Cleric channel: Fastest power level, xx AA per hour
    Cleric channel: Fastest power level 1 to 33...

    I hope we get class channels back.
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  4. Achillez Elder

    I'm sorry, but what portion of the EQ population is this suppose to appeal to? Most players that level more than 1 character to max level on the same server, do so on separate accounts so they can at least group together.

    Why not give heirloom items/mounts/bags/anything that get progressively better for every character that hits max level? Every expansion would have different rewards. I just don't see a "hey, the next character you level on the same account gets to go 10% faster" being something the vast majority of players would care about.
  5. coltongrundy Augur

    what are you talking about?
  6. Angered The Ogre New Member

    itll be great for casuals not so good for RMT and power levelers!
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  7. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Would be good on Live servers.

    For TLP I see this having very, very limited appeal.
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  8. Bewts Augur

    Encounter locking was frustrating in EQ2 20 years ago. Not really innovative borrowing your successors poorly conceived approach to managing player competition.
    • Understand that this is a "solution" to DPS races, but it is also a nerf to pay for PL groups or even the more legitimate OOG DS PL style groups.
    Legacy was a neat perk, but rarely necessary in EQ2 20 years ago. Also not really innovative borrowing a successor's perk.
    • I don't recall anyone asking to make more alts on a TLP, especially one that doesn't actually lock anywhere.
    You still got True Box wrong. It has been bad since implementation.
    • Doesn't change anything other than raise the barrier of entry to having more technology acumen than others to work around it, or requiring people to spend more money on MiniPC to run a legitimate box.
    Evolving is a quaint idea.
    • I don't recall anyone asking for permanent faction, coin or rare spawn bonuses on a new TLP.
    • Nor do I recall complaints that faction was too painful, coin hard to obtain, or rare / drops were impossibly hard to obtain on TLP.

    Is there a TLP reset button we can hit to try again? Seems like a hard no for me and a big miss for the next TLP.
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  9. Nenbiko New Member

    I can only assume FTE aka Encounter Locking was added in response to all of the people complaining about losing DPS races and being "KSed'. This solution will backfire. It will be as equally toxic if not more toxic. A lot of us already recognize this rule for what it will be, a massive failure.

    If we wanted FTE we would play P99. This is FTE without any GM oversight. It will be exploited to the max forcing your hands to constantly try and fix it.

    The backlash is about to be epic. This isn't your typical cry because you didn't get the rule set you wanted, this is pointing out how bad this rule will actually be.
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  10. Siah Elder

    This is essentially how all new TLPS are for the first few expansions.
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  11. Zinkeh Augur

    Where the F is my random loot? Lol.
  12. birdsong_pawn Augur

  13. YouDaGoob Lorekeeper

    I am personally excited to hard core tag and snag every frenzied ghoul, every ghoul assassin, every quillmane, every named mob. I can finally spread out and find that sleepy boxed char whos not fully there, and insta cast to lock it down. Its going to be hilarious, and I promise I won't feel bad about a single steal.
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  14. code-zero Augur



    If I fade and and all aggro drops then the NPC goes home, resets and then unlocks. Training will be impossible
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  15. Nessirfiti Augur

    You can tag mobs out of a bards kite currently, can't do that if they're locked to the bard.
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  16. Sweetkisses New Member

    Exactly, the purpose of this is to try to prevent some of the grief that’s already occurring.

    It would be poor game design to not immediately think about what detrimental effects or unintended consequences people will be able to exploit as a result. The player base saying those things aloud here isn’t to give people ideas, it’s to point out the flaws so they can be addressed by clarification in our understanding or corrective action before implementation.

    This is the time to point out all of those things.
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  17. TheRealMuramx Elder

    I have been around since beta as well, and never was there the amount of people running into where ever you were set up to kill stuff as there has been since the disbanding of the PnP. I don't know how it was on your server, but the Game would sit around for about 30mins and watch. The personn the was taking mons oh sorry the new lingo to make it less malicious sounding "DPS racing" would leave because sharing didn't provide enough. guilds would kick people that kept doing it and eventually they would get blackballed. There was even a list that was published when they would try to name change because no one wanted them.

    This was back when the community respected each other.
  18. Scruff Elder

    no shot this works exactly as written, that just makes it even easier to yoyo-drag a mob for eternity if it hard-routes back to its original position with an invulnerable tag bubble
    i hate this the more i look at it lmao
  19. Ruhi Augur

    It's a phinny clone with bonus percentiles to a handful of things.

    the legacy perk is a fine additive - people play alts - the people complaining about account wide raids and alts can't do them - legacy isn't to address that - legacy is just a bonus for folks who like alts. i don't understand the complaints on this one - it's literally free xp bonus if you like alts - nothing else about the game changes
  20. Nessirfiti Augur

    On my part? It's mostly that this is a terrible idea, and really poorly thought out, in my opinion, and the more people that point out how horribly this is going to go is a good thing.
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