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  1. magikarp Elder

    nah, you're going about this all wrong. if you want a feature added to a tlp, you have to never ask for it or mention it ever
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  2. xxar Elder

    I want to make a unpopular suggestion , the dev's just need to go the full version of eq2.

    I understand the why , there trying to appease both sides and I get it.

    The suggestion I make is , why not just make it where if the encounter is broken via /yell just keep the mob as grey , no exp , no loot nothing.

    This prevents all the ks concepts people keep screaming about , fills the intended goal that was the initial reason for the change and prevent's all the issues people have presented including out of group power leveling all in one swoop.
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  3. Kazzuk Elder

    It has been explained in this very thread why that is not a feasible solution, sure on its face it sounds like a good solution. But, EQ2 was designed with this from the ground up, its encounters already take this in to account, to shoehorn that into EQ will break much more than the current implementation did. This would require the devs to redo so many raids to accomodate this that it is just not going to be something they will look at. Not to mention, opens a whole new door to griefing..... "oops, sorry guys, I accidently hit /yell, no loot for you, bye bye!" so to speak.... would really suck at the tail end of a major boss fight too and just takes one disgruntled person, or just one fat finger, we have all seen someone accidently blow their discs, etc before a fight too.

    No, go play EQ2 if you want that style.
  4. KobalWR Lorekeeper

    No mechanic can manage toxic people and cheaters. We need GM to enforce the rules, period.
  5. xxar Elder

    I can tell you have never played eq2 or seen the system in work , encounter's can be made to only allow the leader to break the encounter.
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  6. Tachyon Augur

    Can you lock up a whole crowd of mobs with AE mez or damage?
  7. Dalyrina Elder

    Pretty sure at this point yell isn't the issue. No one is ks'ing due to yells. People will attempt to ks by forcing other people's mobs to unlock.
  8. xxar Elder

    That prevents it. The downside will be no oog healing , unless the encounter is unlocked.

    If the encounter becomes unlocked , the mob becomes grey and there is no loot.
  9. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I think /yell would only be used in cases that people want outside group support such as AE PL'ing
  10. Vlahkmaak Augur

    TBH I don't know anyone who regularly uses encounter lock in EQ2 either. I think I have used it 2-3x in all these years when an overly aggressive player/group was nearby. As you noted the choice to use/not use was much better implemented in EQ2 though as it was a core mechanic feature of the game.
  11. Kazzuk Elder

    Read what you just said... NONE of the EQ encounters or grouping mechanics take that into account.... because FTE didn't exist when they were designed.

    Also, I agree, I am not sure I ever saw it work because I don't think I ever saw it used on EQ2, ever, beyond a newbie zone where someone legit needed help.
  12. xxar Elder

    I was speaking of EQ2 , I do agree that a leader only command needs to be added. This can be no different then leader decided loot.
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  17. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Yeah, there was because I read through it. Did Daybreak remove it because it breaks their narrative of a working FTE mechanic?
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  18. kenmei Augur

    test server is free to play, as it should be.
    the experimental server you expect to not work be full of bugs, requires a monthly fee. you are paying for that abuse. you're a pretty sick puppy. prolly main paladin.
  19. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    This isn't the first time they have pushed experimental rules to a new TLP server granted it is probably the biggest impacting change.